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  2. The best remedy I know of is VTL Male Enhancement. It seems like good luck has caught up with us. Unless you are somebody who has a considerable amount of it and it, you cannot afford this game plan. It's been somewhat high pressure recently. I wanted to take in everything from start to finish. Using it is a practical tool this is readily available to everyone. This is probably one of the most troublesome things you can run into. I had a few nifty results. We should dodge this bullet. VTL Male Enhancement isn't what really makes them happy.
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  4. So my Friend just updated his java a while back and before that his minecraft was working fine then once he got a newer version of java modpacks wouldnt load up and they would just white screen so then i helped him get a new version of technic and java and now it doesnt load up at all not even in task manager could someone help please Link to video showing whats happening
  5. it's just folders. Copy - paste them I don't know if the login will work.
  6. What motherboard do you have in this new PC?
  7. My mac has also started doing this, I can't find a solution. Please help!!
  8. jjo Was a solution found to this? My mac has just begun doing this
  9. So I recently bought and built an actual gaming PC, since I've been using what amounts to a budget laptop for most of my gaming the last few years. I've been slowly transferring over games and programs to the new PC, but here's the issue. Because I didn't have a lot of money to build the PC and I wanted it to have the best CPU and graphics cards I could buy, I didn't buy any network parts, which means I can't just connect to the internet and download Technic. Is there a way I can move it and the packs I have to the new PC on an external hard drive? Secondly, if I decide in the future to get another Modpack, is there a way to download it onto this laptop and use it on the PC? Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. Actually, scratch what I said about how to increase the RAM usage on Technic. I had to download and install Windows Offline x64bit Java which allowed me to increase my RAM. Either way, it solved my problem and I'm able to install modpacks now. Thanks for your help!
  11. Okay I re-downloaded Java 64bit because it was the same Java that I had before (version 8) but how do I up my RAM on Technic Launcher? I tried doing that before I made this post but it only allowed me to go up to 1 GB. I tried Googling this but everywhere I looked it said that to increase the RAM in Technic you have to have a 64bit OS because the 32bit OS can't go up more than 1 GB which doesn't help me because I DO have a 64bit system so I was at a bit of a dead end. This is what my Java Settings tab looks like in the Launcher Options panel: Thanks in advance!
  12. ore

    Thank you for informing me, I've provided an alternate link, though I really don't expect anyone else to use it, Its Minecraft so I thought I would share anyway.
  13. Download 64bit java and up your RAM usage to 3-4 GB. Your issue is the game running out of resources when it is processing the textures. The reason I asked for the age of your pc is because this happens more often to old pcs. Just verifying it isn't a XP to Win10 computer (yes we get those).
  14. ore

    Just for your information, no one can access that attachment.
  15. Great server and honestly one of the best minecraft servers iv'e ever played on, minimal lag even though i live in a different country.
  16. I basically got tired of mining silver, thinking it was tin, and tired of having to mine a block to see if it was tungsten or coal. SO I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a texture pack that very simply changes the ores to me more distinct from each-other, it also makes caves, quarries and ravines a lot more vibrant! This 'pack' was make exclusively to compensate for my inability to distinguish ores and its been working out great for me! So even if literally no one else uses this pack, I personally love it and it is for filling is purpose very effectively. So if you have the same problem feel free to download. From left to right we have: Copper-Tin-Silver-Lead-Ferrous Now embedded in stone: Uranium and Tungsten: Servant's Strikes me as silly and to be honest its a little bit frustrating that they would let up upload but let no one download... Here's an alternative link.' I do not wish to use Planet Minecraft because I don't want to look like I'm jst adversizing and also because I can't stand the way that site makes you log in again every like three clicks
  17. I just started up messing with technic and have run into what seems to be a common issue, but all the common solutions I've seen haven't helped. When i go to launch a modpack it loads up, the launcher disappears, it continues loading for a moment and then the launche reappears like nothing happened. I got the logs here.
  18. Ign:Emerald_Mystic Awesome server. Loved
  19. Also if it helps, the model is this: I'm still on Windows 10 ^ Thanks in advance!
  20. Last week
  21. I just got technic launcher and downloaded attack of the B-Team. I try to run it with no other programs open and it says I need at least 2GB of ram, I have 8GB. Then when launched the launcher disappears then reappears about a minute later. I have reinstalled the launcher many times. Console Any help is appreciated!
  22. Could be me, but that modpack is an absolute mess...
  23. Update your version of Additional Pipes. While you are at it, update Logistics Pipes itself as well. Btw, why is there Rei's minimap for 1.6.4 included?
  24. huh, there actually is a modpack with the name Nightmare Invasion. Moving to Platform Pagoda.
  25. Moved to the correct forum section.
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