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  2. IGN: DeJustinHD Amazing server, almost no lags and a very helpful/friendly staff!
  3. well i what to disable this because i die A LOT
  4. MC username : hayden1232 skype: will give if needed later on Why do you want to join: Just cos i have been looking for a server for quite a while What aspects will you bring to the server: I'll be online a lot,help someone How often can you play and timezone: I can play alot,it's the summer vacation, no idea what my timezone is Anything else? I like helping people if i can,but since i forgot most of the stuff,i gotta get back on track myself
  5. IGN: coneyaw This server is awesome. Staff rule, players are great, and its stable. 5 stars!
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  10. IGN:Ryan0427CMH A good server,awesome server. IGN:joneschanA good server,awesome server.
  11. IGN: kamathalmighty Great server. Staff are friendly and helpful.
  12. Pack is built, testing and building a basic spawn now. Here's a peek at what I've been up to. PvP Yep, you can thwack each other to death now. But not in the Overworld. The Overworld is strictly NOT PvP. It is turned off in that dimension, and FTB Utilities is available for you to claim land and build large, sprawling bases with no worry of griefing, stealing, or raiding. A builder's paradise. So where can you PvP? EVERYWHERE ELSE. Any other dimension is open season on players, .There is even a special 2nd Overworld dimension where you are encouraged to build a base with your faction and attempt to defend it. FTB Utilities will not help you here, you cannot claim with it. Instead, you must use the tools Territorial Dealings ( gives you. Claims blocks have an upkeep now in the form of diamonds, emeralds, and gold. Fail to place payment in your Vault and those blocks aren't yours anymore. Upkeep happens every Minecraft day. What mods are new?: DefenseTech, Modular Powersuits. Most of the rest of the mods from the old pack are here too, and have been updated. When will it open so I can play? Soon -- with luck, perhaps later today. I need to make spawn, eliminate duplicate ores, and test some things, perhaps tinker with some recipes. Removed Defense Tech for now, and waiting on MFFS to become a bit more stable. Will be adding back soon I hope. Meanwhile, come play in the safe Overworld and build cool things.
  13. Mc username: hayden1232 How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? I have alot of experience,but i stopped playing for almost 2 years,so i kinda forgot all the stuff How often do you plan on playing: as much as i can Anything else we should know: friendly,helpful if i can help...and that's about it
  14. Perhaps you could try updating mods in the old pack, using the versions in the new, and update forge as well. If you really want to put time into this, backup your world, and start walking it into the updated mods, one-at-a-time.
  15. That really does suck, I don't want to have to start over again with a new world, I couldn't care if we lose the blocks or items from the previous pack but I really need to get this world to work.
  16. I really don't think so. Firstly, you are going to lose whatever blocks were in The Crack Pack that are not in The 1.7.10 Pack. It also looks like the Crack Pack was running much older versions of the mods that it had in common with the 1.7.10 Pack. Unless your world is a long-term labor of love, and you *must* get it into this pack, I would not burn time trying to make this work. Perhaps you can save blueprints of some structures with BC Blueprints, if Crackpack has that. But that is all I can think of.
  17. Yes, we were using The Crack Pack and we're switching to The 1.7.10 Pack. Is there a way to bypass these checks by 'ModTracker' and still load up the world with this new pack? Wouldn't want to lose any progress that's been made.
  18. Are you trying to load a world from another modpack into the 1.7.10 Pack? If that is the case, I really doubt it is going to work. Make a new world.
  19. Hey, we are HyperGaming an up incoming gaming community that needs builders!! We are a community of mature gamers who are looking for responsible and dedicated people to help us learn and grow. To apply just hop on discord, go to the applications section and leave your application. Also note that this is a modpack server and you need tekkit classic. We hope that you have some fun building XD!!! And feel free to register on our website. We are looking for… -Builders -Terraformers -People to help develop the server ideas -Age 16+ -Mic required Application-- IGN: Age: Timezone:: ---------------- How long have you played Minecraft? Are you respectful of others? Will you consistently help this server grow? Are you willing to learn now techniques and building styles? Why should we pick you over the rest? ----------------- Website: Discord link:
  20. Unable to get The 1.7.10 Pack to work as I recently switched from another modpack to it. Everything loads up fine, the mods, the configs etc but there's a lot of problems when it comes to loading in the world - After that, the server completely freezes and doesn't do anything, rebooting the server just ends up frozen again. Is there anyway to fix this? Cheers.
  21. SilverKytten
  22. Run this Something is trying to force an allocation of 10GB to Java
  23. In order to get your logs, please go into the Launcher Options (upper-right corner), then on the bottom-left corner of that screen, click "Open Logs". The logs are all called techniclauncher_YYYY-MM-DD.log, with YYYY being the Year, MM being the Month, and DD being the day. We need the Logs from when you were/are having your issues. Use pastebin, and paste the log. Then post a link to that paste here. Though it may be a lot quicker and easier for you to just join the Technic Discord
  24. Is that your name on Discord?
  25. I was banned over a year ago for asking too many questions to try to understand why certain rules were made and trying to get a clear answer about what I was supposed to do about a post ... I'd like to be unbanned so that I can send invites to the server for people who're having launcher issues.
  26. Thanks! It works now
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