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  2. modpack creation

    It may also be that you zipped the "modpack" folder, while you should zip the contents of said folder. So it should be like ( -> bin/config/mods) AND NOT LIKE ( -> modpack -> bin/config/mods).
  3. No, the launcher has a cache and it takes a while before the new update is synced with the launcher itself. This should take anywhere between 2 minutes and ~55 minutes.
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  5. Great server, although the land claiming system is somewhat glitchy. legoindiana21
  6. Yeah. It works now, but the issue still persists whenever I make a new modpack. Is it not downloading the modpack because I made too many modpacks recently? Should I wait a while before testing the modpack?
  7. My sincerest apologies. This was my first post, so the etiquette is new to me. Removing Fastcraft instantly solved my problem. Thank you very much.
  8. Works for me
  9. 1) Don't spam logs, use pastebin 2) Try removing Fastcraft.
  10. I have 12GB of RAM allocated to Minecraft through the Technic Launcher. I have a far more than sufficient GPU/CPU/RAM setup to run this game with everything maxed out in buttery smoothness. The game launches fine normally, but when I put Optifine into the mods folder it crashes about 5s after startup (don't even get to the Minecraft loading dialog), every single time. Log results: REDACTED
  11. Ok thanks so everything is all good?
  12. modpack creation

    custom pack issue. This belongs in Platform Pagoda Moved
  13. @rambo1218 the script is ok, you could check that by yourself by visiting the Discord server
  14. hey buddy, you alive?

  15. modpack creation Ths guide should help. It sounds like your Bin folder does not have the forge universal, renamed to modpack.jar (or perhaps you don't have "show hidden file extensions" on, and the name is really modpack.jar.jar and you don't know it.)
  16. No, the batch file I provided is from the Technic Discord help forum. You could also disable IP6 on your computer, I read your error after having some coffee and realized your fix makes Java use IP4 instead of IP6 anyway, the thing I provide would not help anyway.
  17. NEW Server IP: . Server website: Rules: No Griefing: Don't be an idiot, we can see the logs. Don't place your buildings too close to other players existing building: Someone may want eventually to expand their base, and the world is infinite ! Go explore! No Hacked Clients: There's not much here to explain,just no hacked clients and thats it. Respect Staff: Staff are there to help you but,you must respect them. If you just ignore them then you will be jailed. Don't ask to change the time or to get admin rank/items: You can indeed pm me with your mod application,but you may only be admin when we think you are ready to. Use of adult language is not allowed: This is a server for all ages,if we find you using it, you will be muted. No harassment: Same for the rule above, you will be muted if you don't follow it. PvP is only allowed in certain areas or events: This is a mainly PvE server as of that, you are only allowed to hit other players where it says you can do so. Have fun! Yes it is the end of the rules
  18. Okay, this issue is resolved. It started working this morning. It's probably an issue on dropbox's end. Edit: Scratch that, still not working.
  19. Hello. Just yesterday, I started learning how to make a modpack. This morning, about 14 hours ago, I got my modpack working with just Advent of Ascension, NEI, ChickenCore, and Chisel mod. Everything was fine and there were no problems with the download. The game launched and I was able to play the game. However, just a few hours ago, after I added a few more mods, the modpack stopped working. At first, I was okay with it, as I might have screwed up by adding mods without their necessary libraries. So I tried to remove a few mods at a time until I find the problematic mod. But even as I got back to the list I started with this morning, the modpack doesn't work, showing "Error Unzipping A File". I am very confused as to why that is. I made sure the compressed folder is a zip file, changed the dropbox link from ?dl=0 to ?dl=1, and the correct forge version. In fact, just to make sure that I didn't screw anything up, I made a new folder for the modpack. The modpack only consists of the forge file and Advent of Ascension and it still wouldn't download. I even when as far as to delete the .technic folder and reinstall it. Please help me, I really don't know what I did wrong. I read somewhere that Carpenter's Mod might be having issues right now. I did download the mod but never load the game with it. Might that have messed up my modpack? Is there anything I can provide that can help determine the problem? Please and thank you. Forge Version: forge-1.7.10- This is the link for the dropbox: This is the link for the technic platform:
  20. Yesterday
  21. Look, I'm not the only one with this problem. I need this mod fixed, I shutdown my server because you can't play on a server on Mc 1.2.5 at 5 TPS. I will pay someone to fix it for me, please.
  22. I am trying to create a modpack and I have the file for the minecraft files in a zip file. It loads fine, but when I load it up, instead of having mods, its just vanilla. It is version 1.2.5. Please help thanks!
  23. @Munaus Well everything seems fine now seems like it fixed itself thx for taking your time to reply to this post.
  24. Idk why but it seemed to have gone away I haven't downloaded the link you posted yet but I think it fixed itself I'm so confused maybe the setx _JAVA_OPTIONS in command prompt that a admin posted in a forum fixed it idk but if it all says offline again ill be sure to download that and give it a try. Also for typing things into command prompt and downloading the thing you told me to is it somehow possible to get banned for that? I'm pretty paranoid so I'm just making sure.
  25. It is worth a shot, it sounds like something is setting Java environment variables that are messing you up.
  26. So you think by clearing the data in all the files will fix the issue? Idk much about all this.
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