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  3. You do not have the 2 GB RAM available which you tried to allocate. This is also likely due to you using 32-bits Java. Download 64-bits instead.
  4. I create a modpack and i test it in minecraft launcher and it worked and now i uploaded it to technic launcher and it loads without the mods
  5. techniclauncher_2018-08-14.log
  6. you can ignore the Staticlogger error. It's common and irrelevant. What are you trying to do, make your own modpack? play someone elses modpack? or Technic's official modpack? posting your log will help logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link If nobody responds for awhile, consider joining us on Discord then, as we have a bot that automatically reads logs
  7. I looked in the console after trying to figure out why Technic would try to launch a mod it had supposedly downloaded a mod without issue, only to immediately stop and flash on the screen before resetting to the mod list screen. I've been trying to figure out where to put one f the needed Jar files, which is apparently missing? All in all I'm in way too deep and have no clue where to go. Anyone have an idea of where to go from here? Also, I've tried removing all of my installed mods and deleting the technic launcher, and then downloadinga new Technic launcher EXE twice, to no avail. After posting this, I'm going to try again, and remove all of the appdata as well.
  8. Last week
  9. So i made a modpack uploaded it, downloaded it using technic and there is no minecraft sound, i checked the modpack folder and there is nothing, is there a fix for it?. (Minecraft 1.12.2)
  10. If it is a 1.7.10+ modpack, just add it to the mods folder. If its a lower mc version, well, that's going to be pretty painful to explain.
  11. Y'know, except that one reply where I told not to use Java 10, but java 8. Oh wait, multiple posts over the past few months.
  12. 9/10 Becuase of good staff and most things allowed. would be 10/10 if used a regular claiming addon
  13. So I made a modpack, and it works, however, I also made a server package, that doesn't work. I followed some tutorials on the internet and none of them fixed the issue. Here's my log
  14. I downloaded the latest release version, and it works now! I made sure to run it twice incase it was a 1-time thing, but it seems to be completely fine now! Thank you so much!
  15. Is this better?
  16. Please try a release version of Constructs Armory, instead of a beta version:
  17. ...Don't use Java 10, use Java 8.
  18. I increased it to 5GB, but I'm still getting the same problem. Here's the recent crash report: If you need the logs, let me know.
  19. It is located under Launcher Options -> Java Settings. You are still limited by the amount of RAM in your pc. 1.12 modpacks usually require atleast 4 GB, while the max for a 1.7.10 modpack tends to be 4 GB (as an example for increased RAM costs).
  20. Oh, thank you for responding! (Sadly I don't have Discord) I don't think running out of RAM is the issue, though I'll definitely try seeing if it is. I had my brother test the modpack on his computer which would definitely have enough for it, and he has the same issue. (We're both running Windows 10, if that helps.) Do you know how I can make sure it doesn't run out, maybe increasing it at all? I don't know where to look. Thank you!
  21. Modpack discussions do NOT belong in Modding Central moved to Platform Pagoda
  22. If you want a quicker answer to these things, use the Technic Discord server instead. #tech-help channel, and don't forget to read the #rules channel. As for your issue here, Model Baker issues usually point to running out of RAM during the startup process. It is MC 1.12 after all, and RAM requirement went up considerably for such modpacks. #thanksMojang...
  23. Hello, I have this problem trying to start Minecraft using Tekkit Legends. Logs: I have to say that all my drivers are updated, the last java JRE is installed, and Vanilla Minecraft starts correctly from the Technic Launcher, so it's just the Tekkit Legends that doesn't work. Can someone help please? I think the error is shown in the logs at the very last lines but I'll leave it to you because I can't understand a thing honestly. Thank you.
  24. don't make triple posts of the same topic All modpacks are designed for one, or a few, specific MC version(s) Attack of the B-team is for 1.6.4 and has not been updated since. You can see what version on the Platform
  25. You've got a mix of illegitly obtained mods, 1.7.10 mods and 1.12.2 mods. That's going to be a problem. Your bin folder is empty, which should contain the forge.jar renamed to "modpack". You currently have that file named wrongly in the top folder (sickcoolradpack). Also, remove all the excess folders: asm, blueprints, crash-reports, logs, resourcepacks, saves. And remove the botaniavars and usernamecache files.
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