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  3. Server WIPE is Complete! New map seeds and fixes. Read more here:
  4. IGN: FalconGunner75 Great community! Staff is friendly and people are always kind, helpful, and treat players with respect. Also the rules must be confirmed to help prevent spammers/bots from talking in chat without confirmation.
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  6. Suggested TexturePack: A modpack based around Reika's Chromaticraft, along with many other mods. The focus here is exploration and finding all the cool structures, and progressing through Chromaticraft. No PvP, griefing, use common sense. Land claim via FTB Utilities. You may set up to three homes. Chunkloading is allowed. Long-terrm map. ae2stuff ancientwarfare appliedenergistics2 BluePower Carpenter's Blocks Chisel ChromatiCraft dimensional-anchor ElectriCraft Fastcraft Galacticraft-Planets GalacticraftCore GraveStone Mod IguanaTinkerTweaks InventoryTweaks ironchest journeymap MicdoodleCore neiaddons NetherOres NotEnoughItems RandomThings ReactorCraft roguelike RotaryCraft RTGr TConstruct Waila WailaHarvestability Wawla
  7. remove all your Java's reboot install that one
  8. Server Address : Discord : Website: At Hermit Universal we pride ourselves on simplicity. You won't find an overwhelming spawn with millions of different commands here. We have what is necessary to provide an environment of fun! We have minimum of banned items (EE not being banned). Cant find a server that has it. Look no further. This is the server for you. We have only banned items that will bypass World Guard or Protections. We are also a non-griefing servers, so you dont have to worry about losing your items. You will have access to a resource world. With custom plugins built for the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. This has been tested a few times before opening the server. Other Information, Helpful commands ************************************ /land : Protect your Land. /tpa : Teleport to your friends. /goto : Teleport to other worlds (Use /helpme teleporting). /food : Gives you food every 48 hours (Apples, Steak, Bread) /gift : Gives you something to get you started. /sethome : Allowing you to set 4 homes. /energy : Gives you a free Energy Collector MK1 every 48 hours. /Commands : gives you a list of commands. Teleport Commands ***************** /Nether : Teleport you to the nether we have made. You can still create your own portals. /Mining : Teleport you to our mining world, Here you can use your quarrys and so on (Dont build your house here, as the would gets reset). /Main or /spawn : Teleport you back to spawn. /Voteroom : Teleport you to our vore room, where you are able to use your vote keys /Wild : Randomly Teleport you out of spawn. Server Features *************** Land Protection Voting Rewards (Change weekly) Player Economy Discord (Join us and have a chat) Mineral World (Mining World) Low Latency (EU based server.) Custom Plugins Voting Information ****************** Every time you vote you will be given a "Key". You can use that key on the chests at spawn labled "Vote Crate" Left Clicking: Can view what you can get, Updates every week Right Clicking with key: To open the crate and get your reward. Banned Items ************ All of Remain In Motion Dolly & Diamond Dolly Fire Stones Nova Catacysm / Nova Catalyst / Nuke / Industrial TnT Zero Ring Dynamite / Stickey Dynamite Destruction Catalyst All Chunk Loaders All Anchors Mining Well Filler Builder Networking Cable Lan Cable Black Hole Band Void Ring TnT Cart Ring of Arcana Banned items : Unbanned *********************** Deployer Mercurial Eye Volcanite Amulet Mining Laser Evertide Amulet Note: People caught abusing or using items that are not banned for pvp, griefing and so on will be punished (Most likey just removed from server - Banned! ) Other Note: Think something should be unbanned? let us know and tell us why
  9. It actually says I still have the same version when I obviously don't I'm confused as hell
  10. IGN: blootomarto Would love to join a chill server where aussie lag won't matter.
  11. IGN: blootomarto Age: 19 Reason: Want a chill timewaster where I don't have to worry about Australia's 5000ms ping and can just build stuff in peace.
  12. IGN: Nekrro Fun server, nice staff.
  13. Im getting an error when trying to download a pixelmon modpack called pixelmon reborn 5.1.4, the error says it failed to download and to consult the modpack author, ive already downloaded many other pixelmon packs so this is new to me, I've tried deleting the pack and reinstalling it multiple times and logging out of my account and back in to no avail of fixing the problem, does anyone have any suggestions to getting this to work. P.S: When trying to download from the launcher it likes to show negative percent then gives me the error, maybe this info is useful Thanks in advance, Grant
  14. Last week
  15. IGN: kslayer0great server very friendly staff very friendly players exelent rewards system not pay to win
  16. Amazing server, friendly community and extremely helpful staff. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this server!
  17. I was wondering if anyone could help me solve a problem i have came across recently that will prevent me from starting one of my saves or creating a new one. I've found that in the first screen of the game (Main menu screen) and the first options menu, my mouse will work as it should; however when i access any other menu the use of the left and right mouse buttons is restricted and will not work at all withing the game until i use the escape key to return to the first menu.
  18. I tried it on Discord and it was quickly done! Thanks for help
  19. AtherPirate, I'm having the same proble, yet my credentials are correct on both Mojang and the Minecraft Launcher.
  20. I have the same problem, so far I've found no fix. Sorry, mate.
  21. IGN: True_Wins Great Server and friendly staff
  22. Hello, Whenever I want to launch the games, it closes the launcher as if it's launching the game. But it relaunches the launcher. I have tried to reinstall the Game and Launcher. Crash report in the attached. crash-2017-08-21_23.16.52-client.txt
  23. IGN: Sazick Great server, lots of friendly people!
  24. IGN: True_Wins fun server and great staff
  25. there are only 2 people on our Discord that has any power on Platform, with the exception of the admins. But they consider name changing a very low priority, so try asking in Discord and cross your fingers that you'll be noticed
  26. take into account that there are hundreds of thousands of people playing with the launcher, ever since it launched back in 2011. The launcher was open source to the public from day one. There were plenty of programmers back in those days as there are now. If they had seen anything that would seem suspicious, Technic would be under the gigantic magnifying glass of the Internet.
  27. Hey, can you maybe read the title of this section? It says "Discuss Hexxit Gameplay". Custom modpack discussions does not belong here Contact the modpack dev of Tekxit if you want to give him your opinion, he will not be here
  28. Try this Java
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