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  2. Hey I'm noy able to play some mod packs because It says I have 32-os but I have 64-os and it says I have 1 gb ram and I have 8 gb ram and also I cant open up the link in the technic launcher.

  3. Whenever I try to download a pack it says I don't have a good enough OS or Ram which I check and I have 8-gb ram and 64-os and I cant open up the link to download some mods thank you
  4. Is the server down atm ? and can you create a discord and send us the link so we can discuss together and see who are the active players
  5. Well, tell him to get legit minecraft (and thus allowing a legit techniclauncher) or tell him to sod off. No support for crached launchers.
  6. Last week
  7. Your Java install is corrupted. To reinstall it please go to the link below and download the version for your computer. If you're using Windows, please use the version Windows Offline (64-Bit). After downloading the updated version of Java. Please click on the installer to install it.
  8. Error ocurred during initialization of VM java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object
  9. Just the latest log will probably be better. I don't know of anyone that will want to download a .rar from a source they don't necessarily trust. No offense.
  10. Sounds like a chunk replacement glitch. That usually happens with power failures or software crashes, and typically relies on backups to fix.
  11. 1.) In the Windows search bar in the bottom left of the screen type "command prompt" 2.) Once the command prompt has opened type "java -version" 3.) Show the results here.
  12. 1.) In the Windows search bar in the bottom left of the screen type "command prompt" 2.) Once the command prompt has opened type "java -version" 3.) Show the results here.
  13. IGN: MKellerBR Great Server! No Lag! Low banned list!
  14. Sorry I cant yet post a log becouse he just moved. However a tought came to me.(This could be silly) but isn't the error's there becouse he has cracked techniclauncher from hackphoenix? Edit: I have original and I remember that some time ago my other cracked friend had this error too. xxx joined the server. xxx left the server.
  15. Make a proper ad for it and post in the correct forum section.
  16. Upon opening my technic launcher a couple of minutes ago, i noticed Tekkit Classic had deleted itself?! So I redownloaded it, my worlds still seemed to exist. But when I opened one I noticed half of my house ( which is built inside a hill) was dirt and stone again. So half of my house glitched away. Can anyone help me out please?
  17. Need Bug testers for a Mod-pack I'm Making to play with it and find problems with it then fix it and send it back. Thx Ben Ring (Dubstep_FX)
  18. I downloaded the Technic Launcher, but when i try to open it (and say that it can make changes to my pc), it refuses and doesnt open.. ive been trying to fix this but i can't find an answer. please help
  19. Hello, I've a problem. I've downloaded the launcher but it doesn't wants to open.. I can't even install it ! I've Java 8 and i've tried to desactivate my antivirus but it doesn't works.. (Windows 10) Please, someone help me to fix this issue ?
  20. All of those crashreports show things that won't get you that error. Add an actual log or something.
  21. Remove Java 9. Install Java 8.
  22. i recently reset my imac and tried re downloading the technic launcher but when I launch it, it gets stuck on the logo. Please help.
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