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  2. Now you zipped the folder that contains the all the modpack files. You just need to select all the required folders (bin, config, mods, resourcepacks), and use "add to zip" on those, not the folder holding em. Also, get your mods from Curseforge or Minecraftforum, not from the crappy rehost sites you got them from now.
  3. a modpack doesn't ask you for a password The Technic Launcher asks for a password and it's the same password you enter when you play Mojang's launcher. They both do the same thing, which is pinging the Mojang's authentication server to check if your Mojang / Minecraft account exist. So yes, you can reset your password. But you need to do that with Mojang, not us. Furthermore, this is not a bug with Tekkit Legends, where you posted this. Infact, this isn't a bug at all. So I'll just move this to Cafe Lame
  4. sounds like modpack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  5. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  6. So there was no topic for my modpack so i chose technic launcher.. In steve's galaxy modpack my fps is 165 and 3 seconds later it goes to 0 then 165 4 seconds later 165 REPEAT I really want to play it but the lag is stopping me so please help I'm on version 1.4.4, i think it's the latest version for Steve's Galaxy Modpack BUT i always go to 1.7.10 it says it when i play and all the mods are for 1.7.10 so i dont understand please help ;-;
  7. Hi, I'm oogieeater, and I played the Tekkit Legends pack about a year ago. Tekkit asks for a password upon entry, but I forgot my password. Is there a way to reset the password?
  8. I did do the new link, its still vanilla.
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  10. read that. Same issue
  11. Hi there! When I try to launch a modpack (ex Pixelmon Generations) it does not open and returns to the launcher screen. Does someone know how to fix this issue? Thanks! Here is the error log:
  12. What were the changes made to the 1.7.10 pack?
  13. Actually get your mods from sites like Curseforge or Minecraftforum, and then we talk.
  14. The resource pack itself works. I tried removing MapWriter as someone said that could cause issue and without it the game won't even load up. I tried inserting JourneyMap instead. No dice. I think the issue might be with the patch itself. When I run it without MapWriter/with JourneyMap instead, the game just cycles through "Not Responding" and stays on the Mojang logo. Here is the log when I actually get the game to load up and it crashes.
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  16. Hi, im just going to lay it all out. First, I made my server with Forge and I tried connecting to it thru technic but it did not work, it crashed as soon as I got into the server, sent me back to launcher. I found MrCrayfish mod causes problems, deleted it, then it worked. Then, I OPed myself after a minute of being in server, it crashed in a few seconds after that, back to launcher again. Crash log will be at bottom of this post. When I go to the server console it says my connection was forcibly closed by the remote host, to add. Then, my IP that I gave my friends (my IPv4 or whatever, works for me but the only friend that tried joining got this message "io.netty.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection time out: no further information:" I thought because this could be a private IP, that I needed to use my public one, (which I know what It is) but the server I made is linked to my Pv4 not that, and making the port 25575 as I saw someone do didn't help... Here is the crash report for me here is the end where "server stopped" or something started repeating here are the list of my mods (all 1.12.2) (I heard Damage-Indicators could cause problems from being "client side" but then I saw someone say that didn't matter, so Im not sure but ill try removing that Any help is GREATLY appreciated, I have 5 friends and me that all want to play so Im really frustrated with all these problems. Please reply for any other screenshots or logs you may need.
  17. Platform Pagoda is where custom modpacks are discussed. Your modpack not working is not an issue with the Launcher. Pretty please a new link to your updated modpack?
  18. What is Platform Pagoda I took out one jar, but its still vanilla!
  19. Ok, so this is a doozy to explain. The main issues are 1. I cannot delete a modpack, it just says that there is an issue deleting something(usually Baubles) and it won't go through with it 2. I cannot launch a pack. I can press the play button and it starts loading, but before the loading bar reach 100%(or even 95% tbh) it just stops loading and goes back to how it was. Note the launcher doesn't close, so Minecraft doesn't even appear. So both issues seem to stem from 1 cause, and that is the modpack crashing. The pack in question is the 1.7.10 pack, though the whole mod list was modified so it technically isn't that. After a crash on a friend's server(client crash), it sends me back to the launcher(like its suppose to) but also activates issue 1 and 2. I tried bypassing Issue 1 by directly deleting the pack from my folder, but that did not work either. For some reason, the folder program believes that the modpack is still running. Which is odd, because it does not appear in my taskbar. Checking Task Manager shows that Minecraft(java binary program, as its called there) is still running. forcefully ending the program seems to allow me to delete the pack directly from the folder. So far this seems to be a temporary solution to both issues. To be honest, I have no idea if this is a launcher issue, a modpack issue, or a server-caused crash that is affecting my computer. As I have no idea, I decided to post it here in hopes of someone, literally anyone out there being able to answer that question + (if its a launcher issue) fix the issue. permanently.
  20. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  21. Potluck is for modpack advertising. Moving this to Pagoda. Can't answer your questions... because I don't know how to
  22. bin folder has a modpack.jar.jar. Just name the forge file modpack instead of modpack.jar.
  23. So im coming back to tekkit classic after getting a new pc and when i go to install tekkit classic i cant find it anywhere and when i go to copy/paste the API link from the technic website it says that the api link is broken.... have i been living under a big rock or is there something wrong with my instance of the launcher?
  24. How a technic or other platforms' modpacks run? How forge universal tweaks the minecraft client? And if I want to build a modded server with a custom launcher, how can i launch a modpack in my custom launcher? Thanks for your answers
  25. we have a section with modpacks and there are people who post their modpacks there. We also have our Discord server where people advertise their modpacks on #platform-pack-ads channel The least you could do is stop being lazy and go look.
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