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  2. Heyo, I'm a total newbie on Technic and I recently just downloaded it to get the Project Ozone 2: Reloaded Pack. I was excited to get it, until the error below popped up. I've tried everything about my antivirus, uninstalling it, etc. Still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. This Server drew me apart from the others instantly, very low lag, and restarts its self automatically often, saving progress and reducing the lag to nothing. though not to often enough to become annoying in my opinion. Definitely recommend this one.
  4. IGN: remco1271 server always uptodate, Helpfull Staff
  5. voltz

    Ah, could you please use either or for that log? Even moderators cannot view attachments here. It IS quite the annoyance.
  6. Have you read that? custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda, so moving this. If nobody replies here, try our Discord. It will also help if you described in detail what part of making a modpack you don't understand. What have you tried? What is failing?
  7. custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda Moved
  8. use the email you gave Mojang on the username field
  9. Name: Ginny IGN: _ProbablyGin_ Discord: Gin#4057 Fav mods: dont really have a fav, just go with whatever is within the pack Age: 18 What are you best at: i build for other servers, maps, housing, spawns. gathering and such Timezone: CTZ what can you bring to the server: cool builds, help with newer players when needed and help with some mods. i love settling on a server so i hope i can join this one
  10. I'm getting this error, I can't read code, and I can't even load my modpack, which is just a bunch of already made mods combined. crash-2017-03-26_21.18.03-client.txt
  11. IGN: _ProbablyGin_ AGE: 18 why should i be accepted: i miss the days playing with friends on private servers and making big communities with eachother, hopefully can do the same here. strengths: i build for servers making PVP maps, or just houses for small clients of server owners. so building. helping people with as well i have been an admin, mod, and a server owner, co owner as well before experience with mod 1-10: 8 (a little rusty atm) contact: i dont use skype but i can make one. i use teamspeak, and discord "Gin#4057" how active: afew hours a day depending on schedule
  12. IGN: _ProbablyGin_ Age: 18 Skype: i dont really use Skype it lowers CPU but i use team speak constantly or discord. recording: if i adjust well i will maybe start recording on twitch "probablyGin" my account has run into some issues
  13. so i updated my old minecraft account to the new mojang account and now i can't log in to the Technic Launcher anymore with my minecraft username, if anyone can help me with this i will gladly accept it
  14. can someone please show me how to make a mod pack, i have been trying for a year to make one and i am still having trouble, i have tried youtube and everything i can think of, if anyone would be willing to show me how to make a pack i would be very greatful
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  16. Download and view more pictures and complete mod list here: Download For the music soundtrack in game Join Discord: Server IP:
  17. It seems the file didn't stop the messages from coming up.
  18. voltz

    Sorry about that. I attached the log here. techniclauncher_2017-03-26.log
  19. IGN: Keithman203 Great server and amazing staff!
  20. I'm wondering about this too ^^^
  21. "tried to reinstall 12 times" sounds like you've been rate-limitted. Also, I was able to load your pack after removing optifine just fine.
  22. tekkit

    That moment you see that someone actually copypasted it from the .log file over to a .docx file and attached it to a forum post... ;-;
  23. Uh yeah, sorry about that, please download again... Looks like it was the same file after all, should've removed the offending line now.
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