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  2. What's your Discord tag (User#discrim)? Your account isn't banned. Did you happen to get banned on an alt account, perhaps?
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  4. Yeah, i fixed it yesterday and forgot to update it, now I'm just working on a server. Thanks anyway!
  5. Having the same issue. I never did/said anything bannable in the Technic Discord. Username is Catpan#0683, yet I can't join
  6. When I try to download a modpack it says failed to download "
  7. Build the longest water slide
  8. Last week
  9. I have a little modpack for myself and my friends. We're finally rebuilding it from 1.4.7 to 1.12.2. We don't want to lose all the buildings and skyscrapers and factories we made. I figured a majority of it could be ran through some sort of block ID converter, and the rest of it patched up manually. When going from 1.2.5 to 1.4.7, i used MIDAS Gold, but that seems to not work properly, or with data values. I also tried MC Edit 2 (which is a pain because each block has to manually be added to the list which I'm willing to do) but it seems to crash when trying to convert blocks that are added to the game. Does anyone have any ideas? We put a heck of allot into this server and we really want to at least carry over the buildings. I appreciate any suggestions. Example of a couple buildings made in survival (my friends and I had nothing to do back in HS lol) MTA HQ in development (left) - World Trade 1 (Center) - Public Workshop (right)
  10. Modpack: IP: Rules: 1. Don't grief the map, don't spam chat, don't try to crash the server. Mods Included: Pixelmon, ProjectE, Industrialcraft 2, AdvancedRocketry, VeinMiner, and much more! Description: I made this fun mod-pack for me and my buddies to play, and we would love some more people to join! Different Pixelmon are found on different planets, so in order to get certain Pixelmon you will have to travel to far away planets. This mod is the perfect mix between industrial mods and fantasy mods all with Pixelmon. Up-time: 24/7 If the server does get big enough, we can add voting rewards, weekly tournaments, scavenger hunts, and a lot more!
  11. Dunno. Modpack loads, 13 mods loaded (of which 4 are Forge).
  12. "This" implies that the user has java 8, not 9, 10 or 11. Guess why people have issues.
  13. So my friend and I have a private server setup and have recently taken on a new project. Draining an ocean (because why not). We have 10 pumps setup with a combustion engine running on fuel powering each one (the water we drain is also acting as a coolant for the pumps). So far we have about 2000 tanks full of water and we don't know what to do with all of it. Any ideas are welcome!
  14. Hello there, I'm here to ask you guys if anyone knows a solution, either through config or through a new mod, to make the Redpower's big rubber trees spawn in clusters in their specific biome just like they used to before Minecraft version 1.2, which implemented the jungles and pretty much made them only spawn singularly in that existing biome.
  15. Whenever I open up let's say, Dragon block c Apollo, it loads up fine but afterward, it pauses and doesn't respond for like a minute, and my computer just restarts. And I've tried reinstalling the mod pack and technic but both don't work I need help!!
  16. try following this if you are on mac
  17. What he said if you want a video check
  18. Try doing this
  19. Try following this
  20. Try following this
  21. Try following this
  22. IS yours mac if so try following this
  23. Try following this
  24. I changed the link to: v1/Thology and there are still no mods Please help!
  25. I am able to open up the technic launcher and load a modpack once, then when the modpack loads and everything, I click single player and the world, then a couple seconds later it kicks me back to the Minecraft home screen. After I close Minecraft, the technic launcher won't even load that modpack anymore until I restart my computer. Any help?
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