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  2. You stated that making a modpack was easy. Making a server is kinda the same really. You just need a minecraft server jar and the forge server jar (as opposed to just forge universal renamed to modpack). The minecraft server jar needs to match the MC version of the modpack, while the forge server jar needs to match the forge version number of your modpack. You need to do this manually, but you can keep reusing these files. As for clientside only mods, think of things like CustomMainMenu or ResourceLoader. These are things that the server doesn't understand. The server has no main menu. Some minimaps are clientside only too.
  3. Why do you have MicDoodleCore included when you are not using it?
  4. Hello, I made a modded server & when I launch the server with forge everything seems fine. After about a minute or two it closes the console. Is there a fix to this? Crash Report:
  5. Thank you, and I have looked at these instructions, but I am unsure of what steps 2 and 3 mean exactly...How am I to know what kind I need? Which of many versions is better? Do I match the mods to these files, or make the pack then download these files to match the mods? Also how can I tell what a client only mod is? And where exactly do I put all these once I have them figured out? As I said, I'm none too intelligent when it comes to this kind of thing...when I've got it, I've got it, when I don't have it, my brain is a jumbled mess and I make mistakes.
  6. You should be able to follow directions just fine.
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  8. issue

    Three days ago, I started creating a modpack. So I downloaded some mods, uploaded them on server and did the modpack creating stuff. When I was done, It was time to click the Install button (in the launcher). The Launcher downloaded all the .zip files to cache folder, as normal. But then something Strange happened... The launcher started extracting contents from jar packages to the root directory. I Really don't know what is happening. The log looks like the installation was successful. I tried to restart the launcher and reinstall the modpack several times but it did not helped. I hope someone could help me to fix this. root EDIT: Only mods whose name contains (1) are correctly installed.
  9. Hello. I would very much like to create a modpack and start a server. The modpack is the easy part. I have no idea of how to start a multiplayer server, however, and I am not that technically minded. I also have Aspergers syndrome with a learning disability. If someone could kindly provide step by step instructions on how to create a multiplayer server people can use with the modpack I wish to make, that is clear and easy to follow, I would be very grateful.
  10. I am trying to set up a new modpack for a new server i wanna set up but when i think i am done with the modpack and i try to launch it it gives this error: ------------------------------------------ Error downloading a file for the following pack: (Modpack name) failed to download (dropbox link) please consult the modpack author ----------------------------------------------- .anybody got a idea what is wrong?
  11. Hello i just got this server crash and i have tried to fix it for a bit but cannot find out whats the problem. Maybe one of you guys could help me out thanks. crash-2018-08-16_16.44.55-server.txt latest.log JUST FOUND THE PROBLEM I DONT KNOW HOW TO DELETE THIS POST SOO.....
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  13. I've had it set at 3gb since I installed 64bit Java.
  14. can you increase the RAM for the launcher now?
  15. Believe it or not I had done as much. That's why I'm confused.
  16. when you're on the launcher and the Modpacks window, click the Launcher Options up top right and the Java tab. Make sure that the launcher uses the 64-bit
  17. I installed and selected 64bit java alongside the 32bit, so should I uninstall the 32bit version? Didn't seem to help when I tried it ealrier.
  18. unless someone is psychic, we can't help without looking at the pack content. Post the dropbox link to your pack custom pack issue, moved to Platform Pagoda
  19. if you finded how to put a skin can you tell me
  20. my skin dosent show in game but show on the launcher can you help me
  21. You do not have the 2 GB RAM available which you tried to allocate. This is also likely due to you using 32-bits Java. Download 64-bits instead.
  22. I create a modpack and i test it in minecraft launcher and it worked and now i uploaded it to technic launcher and it loads without the mods
  23. techniclauncher_2018-08-14.log
  24. you can ignore the Staticlogger error. It's common and irrelevant. What are you trying to do, make your own modpack? play someone elses modpack? or Technic's official modpack? posting your log will help logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link If nobody responds for awhile, consider joining us on Discord then, as we have a bot that automatically reads logs
  25. I looked in the console after trying to figure out why Technic would try to launch a mod it had supposedly downloaded a mod without issue, only to immediately stop and flash on the screen before resetting to the mod list screen. I've been trying to figure out where to put one f the needed Jar files, which is apparently missing? All in all I'm in way too deep and have no clue where to go. Anyone have an idea of where to go from here? Also, I've tried removing all of my installed mods and deleting the technic launcher, and then downloadinga new Technic launcher EXE twice, to no avail. After posting this, I'm going to try again, and remove all of the appdata as well.
  26. So i made a modpack uploaded it, downloaded it using technic and there is no minecraft sound, i checked the modpack folder and there is nothing, is there a fix for it?. (Minecraft 1.12.2)
  27. If it is a 1.7.10+ modpack, just add it to the mods folder. If its a lower mc version, well, that's going to be pretty painful to explain.
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