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  2. Why is this happening? I'v tried to change the dedicated ram from 7gb to 500 mb and everything inbetween. When I try to play the game firrst takes a while to not be frozen, then it goes to like 50-60 fps, and then boom. 0 fps and f3 shows this. I'm currently at a loss, no clue why this is happeneing.
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  4. Alright. I did everything, and when the launcher is finished, it crashes. I looked in the crash logs and it looks like theres a problem with a mod called Alchemical Wizardry. I looked it up and and apparently that is Blood Magic. I don't want to remove Blood Magic, would updating it help? Here is the updated modpack. Thanks for your help!
  5. Please provide a screenshot of your main server folder.
  6. net.minecraft.util.ReportedException: Registering texture Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  7. 32- bit restricts you to 1gb ram. 64- bit does not. Keep it to 64 and make sure you allow between 2 - 4 ram to the launcher. That's all the help I'm gonna give, as we dont support Pixelmon here. And Off topic is neither for custom pack or technic launcher bug reports.
  8. Hi, Recently installed the complex gaming - pixelmon pack on Technic and realized I can't launch it when the java version is 64-bit but I can launch with 32-bit. I'm using a new laptop so I thought it may be because of Java 8 so I tried to change it to Java 7 but it still doesn't work. I have also tried to delete the .technic file and reinstall but it still doesn't work. The launcher basically runs it and when completed, it doesn't do anything. Is it a common thing or am I the only one there with this issue??? Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. I'm trying to play a modpack called Technik for version 1.7.10. It loads all normally, except for when it gets up to LanguageManager, then it stops. How can I fix this? I've heard that I need to attach my latest text docs so, those are attached. latest.log I can't add my fml-client-latest because it's too large for paste bin or here.
  10. I have this exact same error. Could you please share what yml file you got that made it work for you?
  11. Yes, well, how do I fix this? I installed forge for the server version normally, and I have the batch file running off of the Minecraft 1.7.10, when I tried to use the forge one it didn't work.
  12. Actually grab the 64-bits version?
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  14. Even though this server thread hasn't been posted on in a while, the server is still up and running fine. If you're looking for an amazing kitchen-sink style modpack, this is the one for you. The pack is massive, so it's got something for everyone. I had this pack installed a while back and was pleasantly surprised that not only did the server still exist, but there were people active on it. Don't be fooled if you get on and there's nobody online, I've seen 3-4 people other than myself online fairly regularly, but what I think this server needs most is more players. So if you are looking for a server on a modpack that has pretty much everything in it, join this one. See you all there!
  15. Got into a nightmare from a Brew of Sleep, but I can't find any cotton. Is it an issue because I got into a nightmare, or is it because of Biomes O'Plenty?
  16. I repeatedly re-download Java from Firefox Quantum, but the Technic Launcher refuses to recognize it as 64-bit java. I tried several steps across this forum but nothing has happened. Any ideas?
  17. Hello! I have started a custom mod pack with these mods and whenever I load into the server I cannot craft or spawn non-vanilla objects and only vanilla mobs spawn. I have the gravestone mod installed, yet on death, I drop all items and no gravestones appear. Despite this, I can use NotEnoughItems for recipes and all items show up, vanilla and modded, when I use the /give command I cannot TAB and get other mod items through that. Whenever I attempt to spawn in a non-modded item it gives the error 'Item XXXX was not found.' I have looked up countless other places and all I can find is the configuration files are not the same, yet this error still occurs after an estimated 5 trials after copying the configuration files to the server. I have tested the exact same mod pack in survival and it works. Does anyone have any idea how this happens? This has to be an error with something server-side, maybe something is messed up in how I set up the files. I can also see the creative tabs and all of the item textures and even place the item in my inventory, but when I attempt to place it the item disappears from the inventory and does not place. I have the start-up batch file run off of the 'minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar ' file, but also tried running the forge file using my script file, which does not do anything, literally. I even attempted to run the 'minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar' file directly without a script file, same result. This is the script I have for my start-up script: Thank you in advance.
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  19. I was down with the flu around that time, couldn't even sit at my pc. I missed some posts around that time, saw it now.
  20. custom pack issue Moved to Platform Pagoda
  21. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda. late reply to this, Jaari. this was 4th of june
  22. MinecraftDonalds is a clientside only mod.
  23. Which of the servers are you trying to play? I know that the GTNH official server is running (as of 10th of June) and likely soon.
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