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  2. Do you see that new world up ahead? That should be New_Epoc....

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  4. I just got my new 2017 mac and decided to install the technic launcher. I have Java JDK 9 installed. the download is fine but when i open it it just lingers on the blue Technic Launcher logo and nothing happens. Not even for hours. Can anybody help me?
  5. I cant Play with my friend with LAN Connection, did you kwon the problem? PS:sry for the bad english
  6. IGN: Jiahao2002Good server!
  7. This is a nice server everyone is friendly and willing to help. There is lag occasionally but that is with any server. Frog_Josh
  8. Is it just me who has experienced weirdness. I can not delete my own status updates and also comments on my mod-pack. Am I the only one who experiences this problems or is it someone else as well. If so, when will it be fixed? Kind Regards, COLDYY1
  9. Today i'm advertising a new modpack called EclipseC (it has a server , just click on multiplayer), this server is a dragon ball server where you can battle with other players and be the strongest ! At the moment the server isnt fully ready ! btw you can join and help us building our server ! modpack: server ip (just if really needed):
  10. IGN: TheDumAmericanGreat server, low lag, terrific community, good staff, quick responses.
  11. Hello. Been on Bukkit servers for a while now and yesterday got asked to try and build a server of mine using Tekkit. Tried Tekkit Lite and a few others but had trouble bringing over a map of Tatooine. The map has the latest blocks in it and Tekkit Lite was built against an older version of MC it seems. Managed to get a modpack together with 1.12.2 mods in it as well as built a 1.12.2 server. The Bukkit server I'm running now has 1.12.2 plugins for it and it seems there used to be options for running Bukkit plugins on modded server like Cauldron, Thermos and MCPC+ was it? Is there anything still going for 1.12.2?
  12. IGN: kslayer0great server very friendly staff very friendly players exelent rewards system not pay to win
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  14. Have played this server for a few years now and continue to love it and its staff! 10/10 or 5/5 starts (What ever xD)
  15. IGN: LucidiousXIV Fun amazing community with awesome staff members!
  16. Is there a way I can share map pins with all players? For example, if player Bob makes a town, can I make a map pin that everybody can see on their maps that says "Bobtown"?
  17. Whenever I try to launch any mudpack, for example AOTB it closes like normally and opens back up again instead of launching Minecraft... pls help this is the report.
  18. Does anyone happen to know if in Tekkit-Lite the Builder can be used at all?
  19. help

    [B#353] Error occurred during initialization of VM [B#353] Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size [B#353] Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512m [B#353] Analytics Response [runModpack]: 200 [B#353] Starting download of, with 3 tries remaining
  20. Explain what the title of this section means
  21. iirc the author asked the original team about using the name and got permission, it happened on live stream.
  22. Complain to the modpack author. Their server is misconfigured. On top of that they're violating the Modpack Terms by using the name of an official modpack which could lead to deletion in the future.
  23. IGN: TylerM2000 NAME: Tyler AGE: 17 FAVORITE MOD: Witchery LEAST FAVORITE MOD: I don't really have one TIME ZONE: Eastern HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN PLAYING MODDED MINECRAFT: I'm quite new to it. I played a little while back but didn't stay for long WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU?: There really is no reason why you should accept me, I just would really appreciate it if I could join. this would be my first whitelist server and I'm hoping it would stop a lot of trolls, griefers, and generally rude people.\ SKYPE: I don't really use skype, I don't really like it. my GMAIL is "[email protected]" if we could discuss if it's ok not to have a skype, or if there are any other ways of getting a hold of me.
  24. I got back into Yogbox a while back, but after trying to add one mod to the list (NoMoreRecipeConflict), my game would no longer start and would give me the message that you can see in the image. After typing in the given link, I received another error message. I tried deleting the modpack, and possibly lost my entire world in the progress unless there's a server backup or something, and I still have this issue. Any ideas?
  25. IGN: Earowiel I'm in love about this server <3
  26. help

    Logs? Any other information? Computer specs and/or software versions so someone can figure out the issue from that? "It doesn't work." isn't a bug report.
  27. Want to try out a new Minecraft Modpack? Britcraft is for you! A server with its own custom modpack, perfect for a group of Youtubers looking for a server. To join the server you will need the Official Britcraft 1.7.10 modpack, this can be downloaded via the technic launcher. Its mods include; Tinkers Construct Immersive Engineering Big Reactors Ars Magica 2 Thaumcraft + Addons Hats Growthcraft and more! Rules: No Griefing, Stealing or Abuse of Players Server IP: Server Up 24/7
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