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  2. You know that button you clicked to install the modpack? Have another look at it. You'll find it won't say "install" any longer. Click that.
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  4. I try to load v2.0.1 and when I click play, the launcher closes, then just reopens with no sign of the game attempting to load, any fixes for this?
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  6. OrakoCraft Tekkit Classic! Hello There! Thank you For Reading My Post! I know no ones is really playing tekkit classic, if there is interest in this server we will keep it going. However we may move this over to Monster FTB. We currently are running a few plugins, which allow players in the world to be able to treat tekkit classic such a business game. You can save up your money by selling items and renting land, and also taking part in events. Once you have enough money you can claim a plot in the Plots world. We are running a plugin called chest shop which will allow you as players to make your own shops, and there is also a AdminShop. We also have games such as MobArena and other events. The server is playable and does not lag at all, all plugins are configured correctly and tested for maximum performance. I am aware that tekkit classic is not as popular as FTB as it stopped updating such a long time ago, However it is still a really fun modpack, and I urge players who have had a break (such as myself) from tekkit to come and try to keep the community going! Plus we also have no banned items! Here is the Server info OrakoCraft Tekkit Classic: There are 30 Slots available on the server! Thankyou OrakoG Plus: We will also be looking for Moderators, and eventually admins, to help manage the server.
  7. I have downloaded the launcher & run it (on mac) I installed "attach of the b team". There is no button to launch minecraft. If I start minecraft from the minecraft launcher, the mod is not there. What am I missing?
  8. IGN: Luard Great server, with interactive community!
  9. Hey, I recently started playing tekkit classic again and asked myself if there is an shader mod which is working with newer graphic cards? I tried several pre patched modpack.jar's but none of them worked. Someone has an idea?
  10. MC username: beanboy10 How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? Moderate experience, but very rusty. How often do you plan on playing? Every other day or more initially; Once or twice a week later Anything else we should know? First of all, clean record (0 bans, mutes), and I've played on another whitelist server that unfortunately slowly died (as far as I can tell, R.I.P). Second of all, I have this habit of playing a game for 3-6 months, then vanishing for another 3-6 months to another game. If I am whitelisted, I will try to make it more official when this happens and announce it. Third of all, no microphone. Sorry. By the way, are there any pluggins or plans to add any pluggins? I know this form is the grief protection, but /home and shops would be cool.
  11. It would be better if you used the technic Discord server for this.
  12. First Minecraft Online Server, without a bad experience! Feels very good to play on, would recommend! 10/10
  13. I have attempted to install the launcher on my 64-bit windows 8.1 system at least half a dozen times now. Each time I have had this screen display ad infinitum. i have inspected my specs and i am running java 8, with update 151. If i need to install an older version i am unaware of it. I would strongly appreciate any advice towards this matter. Thank you.
  14. Would be really nice if someone on the forum would help me out here. I'm sure this issue has been solved somewhere buti can't find it.
  15. back from the DEAD. Somehow just as inactive.

  16. IGN: LlamaGamesThis server is very good and has great staff and member interaction.
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  18. IGN: Shydowsong Good server, friendly staff for the most part, still playing after a month, so we are good!
  19. Can you reach the Mojang screen after you clicked Play on the Launcher?
  20. IGN: nanneh My friends and I don't play minecraft all year long, but when we do we always check to see if the DevCo servers have the modpack we want to play. The staff is goes above and beyond to not only be helpful but also friendly. The servers are insanely convenient and easy to use. There's enough freedom to do whatever you wish and good alternatives for mods that cause too much lag. I recommend these servers for anyone looking to have a good first and repeated modded minecraft experience!
  21. OutOfMemoryError. Do I have to spell it out for you?
  22. Kind of an old post, hopefully this server is still open. Anyways, here is my Application. ====================================== Name: Bill IGN: DJComputerguy Discord: Rick Sanchez#4768 Favorite Mods: Computercraft, Tinkers', Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, Flan's Mod Age: 17 What are you best at?: Working with a good portion of the mods, especially the ones listed above. I am not top builder, but i can design something quite nice if i am feeling it. Time Zone: PST (West coast USA) What can you bring to the server?: A well mannered respectable player that can help others with mod related stuff be it in game or client side if needed. I generally keep to myself most of the time, but i will be friendly as long as no act of aggression is expressed. =========================================
  23. IGN: Voidfulqt Overall a decent server with a welcoming community. Staff is prompt on issues, there's a ticket system and it's family friendly.Only issue is that from time to time there are lag spikes of 3-5 sec at around 1-2 min intervals.
  24. i have started playing on this server 4/5 days ago and im really enjoying the time i spend on-line because the server is realy good,fun and the comunity is even better always helpfull. i'm loving the time i spend on thanks!!! keep up the good work!!
  25. JaariAtmc That doesnt tell me anything. So why not just link/tell me how to fix that?
  26. I literally just spammed enter until it let me on which was after some researching and internet restart 30 seconds.
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