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  1. I for one welcome our new bot overlords.
  2. Issues with the wiki should be resolved. Accounts are no longer linked to forum accounts and registration is open again. If you already had an account from xenforo you can request a password reset on the wiki.   If you need a new account just create it on the wiki as per usual and verify your email address.   Sorry for taking so long to fix this!
  3. Please use the new issue tracker for any bugs and crashes you may find. Issues and bugs posted in this forum will be deleted and you will be warned.   You can submit issues for Attack of the B-Team here: Please read and follow the [rules coming soon] when making your report. You'll make it easier for those who help you! Also please create your report according to the Bug Report Template! Thank you!
  4. Time for a well deserved nap

  5. Hey sct I accidentally deleted my activation link to register on the technic forums i'm using someone else's account could you help me resend it.

  6. When ever I try to play voltz on an online server I get this error " .SocketException: Adress family not supported by protocol family: connect" if u have a solution i would appreciate it. Thanks.

  7. Saw you on the Minecon panel, congrats.

  8. Hey sct, I have tried to contact you via message and you haven't responded.... I genuinely need help with this, I cannot rename my pack, it won't let me.

  9. My dog died today... WHY YOU YELLOW BELLIED COWARD!

  10. hey sct can you please make my thread public after checking that? ty. :/

  11. Wait a second, waaait a second WAIT A SECOND,

    1. Mooseman9


      I posted about that several times and no one seemed to notice.
  12. I just love how the idiots with tech problems expect a response from you by posting here.

    There should be a sign here that says: "Luncher management three toasters further."

  13. Why not kill the fish and not the dog?

  14. I love the month old posts on your Profile that you never respond to. Now to add another post to them!

    1. sct


      I respond... sometimes.
  15. It's finally happening. An official place to centralize all the information this great community has. An official wiki! Awhile ago we were sitting around wondering why we don't just throw up an official place for people. They are using all these other sites with information scattered across the internet and it is probably a pain in the butt to find a complete wiki or a wiki at all for some of the mods. So, we decided to start our own! What we need though is your help to fill in everything! The Wiki will have many purposes. Obviously documenting mods is an important aspect but the Wiki will also have information about our modpacks, guides, server tools, whatever! There is really no limit to what can be useful. So if you are interested in helping (please be!) then we could really use your help. You can find the wiki here: Your account on the wiki is linked with your forum account. As long as you are logged in on the forums, you will be logged in on the wiki!