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  1. all 3 slots are taken! no further replies. whitelist on, join with this IP:
  2. So, this is a private server, no admins, only legit survival. We won't accept many people, and will be surviving together. the IP is no stealing from each other of killing, only rules. If you dont obey these two rules, you will be banned. no mods removed, or plugins, or anything like that. vanilla tekkit classic survival. you CAN record, and I do not have skype. uptime is 99.9%, There is noone playing YET, this may be subject to change. I want nice people to just put your MC name, and I will whitelist you. this is basically a usual private server, here is where you start off: So... the app for whitelist is: name: age: why you want to join: EDIT: sorry for the messed up text.