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  1. Hi gen. It is Lowcorpse coming to tell you that your trustworthy friend loffrendo87, has just demoted me because he thinks I cheated in the solar arrays on the day of the reset. Can you please tell him that you did this and that this is your choice, not mine? When you respond, plz tell me if you took them all away but 6, because loff is being very oppressive right now. He does not trust me, and in result, he demoted me for false accusations. He does not believe u gave me them. Can u plz have...

  2. Hi my in game name is Darkened_Echo I don't see anything in the way of a template so I'm just going to use this. I would like to be a moderator on Genericland. I'm experienced with MFR, ic2, Buildcraft, AE, and thermal expansion and have been playing on the server since genericland 1 on my friend's account (22craftman). I enjoy helping people in-game and have never been banned or kicked for any reason. I am active from 4:00pm to 8:00pm (eastern time UTC -5:00 - Ontario) almos...

    1. Dapotato


      Never use this forum so I hope I can figure it out.
  3. Generic-Land is now reset, Please tell your friends and hop on for some fun. Also check out my other server, running a custom modpack.

  4. Jacobmb spoke with you! And as he said! Im sorry for calling loff an dickhead! I was just mad and i was thinking he used his power wrong! But again im sorry for what happened! Please give me a chance more


  5. Hey Gen, I was wondering if I could be a mod. I have been griefed before and I am willing to help as much as I can to try and stop it. I always try and help others as much as possible and I have asked for mod before but you denied it. Please consider my request please.


  6. if you have skype you can then send a copy of you server to me over skype my skype name is casperfjensen1

  7. hey generictag can i be mod

  8. Hey Generictag can you unban me?