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  1. SXScarecrow

    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    So I return to the community after a LONG break, and once again I. HAVE. NO. IDEA. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. (No seriously, since when was KJ resurrected?)
  2. Apparently, I'm a Dummy now. Woop woop!

  3. Wondering: Will Technic ever fix the constant 502 errors, or will the Platform only be accessible 1% of the time?

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    2. CanVox


      We're making some server conversions tonight that will improve behavior.
    3. CanVox


      We pull in enough money from ads to pay for the servers to serve our users, our historical problems have been that in Platform 1, we were using a framework that did not scale well enough to make it a fixable problem.

      With the new platform, we can scale up to match users, our main problem over the past few days has been the manpower to adjust things to handle the bandwidth.

      So over the first 3-4 days, we've improved caching at both the launcher and the website, rebu...
    4. CanVox


      Haha welp I posted a lengthy description of what we'd been doing but it was too long for the shoutbox and so it got eaten. We've been doing a lot of fixes for the platform and tonight the largest one is going through.
  4. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    It goes without saying that I've had to remove the links in the OP because they link to Cauldron and MCPC+ files, which have been subject to a DMCA takedown notice. I will replace them shortly with standard Minecraft Forge server zips, but they will not be have Bukkit on and thus plugins will not work. I strongly suggest people go out and find alternatives to Bukkit, or wait for 1.8 and Sponge.
  5. can you help me please? I left a full message on the custom server tutorial post pinned to the top of platform pagoda. thanyou :)

  6. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    Updated the OP once again. Now includes libraries and required minecraft_server.jar for the MC version (Cauldron calls minecraft_server.jar during loading). Also includes link to Cauldron website and the Cauldron version for each file.
  7. Hey my name is jeremy and im absolutly in love with fantasies and medevil times. I was wondering if you could just create a medevil modpack where you can eb king and order people to do what you like minecolony or the kingdom one, because i cant find any modpacks with such things and ive tried over and over to create one but my computer is too slow (some wierd ass virus broke it i will have it cleaned soon by a proffesional) but i fyou could create one with medevil monster the weaponmod and m...

    1. SylverTiger


      more I would grea;y appreciate it
    2. Kalbintion


      You could just make your own.
  8. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    I've updated the OP to include Cauldron (the successor to MCPC+) versions of the 1.6.4 and 1.7.2 server files. I've also added a Cauldron 1.7.10 server file download, enjoy!
  9. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    It's a Class Cast Exception. Basically a java class file (in this case Obsidian TNT) cannot be cast to another class file (a mob it seems). Try running your server on peaceful difficulty and see if that helps.
  10. Eloraam is BACK! Check her Twitter!

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    2. SXScarecrow


      Meh, it looks like she's having a hissy fit about the EULA change regards mods we got involved in over February.
    3. planetguy


      RedPower was awesome, but frankly I don't trust Eloraam's update cycle. With ProjectRed coming along, now I don't have to, either.
    4. Sabakugaara8


      Personally, I hope her return will bring on a new era of RP.
  11. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    It's a scala issue, I had it on my modpack. Download scala-library-2.10.2.jar again and place in the appropriate libraries folder. For good measure, update your java to Java 7 Update 51.
  12. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    So I return to the community, sorry for the absence guys! Also, big thanks to plowmanplow for helping out people in this thread in my stead. You have earned yourself a cookie!
  13. Hi SX! Would you mind checking your messages? I have some questions I really need answered and I feel like you're the guy who could answer them.

  14. SXScarecrow

    Custom Server tutorial

    Added 1.7.2 to the base server files downloads.
  15. Hi, i was wondering if you have skype or anything? im stuck on making a modpack server (custom)

    Could you come on teamviewer or anything and help me make it?