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  1. will multiverse core EVER work??????????????????????????? waiting months now
  2. is a new build coming for bukkitforge????? will multiverse core 2 ever work with tekkit lite????? pleaseeeeeeee
  3. everything above 253 chrashed the server for me
  4. problem solved , i switched to build 253
  5. my cpu use is thru the roof all of a 99% on an i7 4x3400mhz, thats not right anybody else have this problem?
  6. igarant , when a new release comes out, its best to rebuilt your server from scratch...... click the jar, wait for the extraction.........then run the server, stop the server. insert your own world.put your banplayers +ban ips+ops files in keep making backups of the whole server folder (with winrar for example). then you can always go back to a working version of your server then put the build 250 in coremods and see if it makes a plugins folder.
  7. ok. bukkit forge build 250 working plugins on tekkit lite 0.6.1 : i have: -world edit -worldguard -automessage -simply vanish -rotate things and a few others , enjoy, probuilder creative
  8. heej guys. put 250 in, server doesnt chrash im going to test waht plugins work now........ At least its progression
  9. do you have a 0.6.1 client? i cant select it in manual build selection....
  10. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee somebody implement multiversecore 2.0......................
  11. krosscut: page 17 , post 326
  12. multiverse: mv create seems to tp doesnt seem to work
  13. rollback works,and co /i on block breaks works
  14. make sure to backup your entire server folder (when the server is off) ,it might break down or stop working again with new updates i use winrar.