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  1. can u check my whitelist app plz i would really love to get back on your server

  2. Check your inbox

  3. check ur forum for the server please

  4. One thing to note....deployers will soft crash your server when using forgebukkit (unless the newer versions fix it). At least if a deployer is used to fill a bucket with something. I did not test with any other use of a deployer. Load on the server also skyrockets even with minimal plugins as more machines are built in world. It's a great way to help bridge some of the missing pieces with forge right now but there will be a tradeoff. I'm very happy with the bukkitforge team though constantly updating and trying to make this a success for us. Once it gets a bit more stable my server will definately use again.
  5. When you say towny advanced works...does it actually work as it should or is it just not giving you errors when you load it up? Are normal players able to use towny commands effectively?
  6. I have a test server running -74 without issue at the moment. I updated FML though so that might be what's causing you grief.
  7. I don't think the problem is with group manager or permissionex....I think the issue is vault. It seems most plugins grant OP powers fine but I think vault isn't hooking the normal plugins with the permission plugins causing non-op people to not get flagged for anything. Also, every creeper block damage prevention method I could think of doesn't work. Essentials (2.95) will however properly disable creepers from spawning which is at least something for now
  8. 74 works perfectly fine with tekkit lite. You just need to delete all the files in the /lib folder of your server first so it downloads the most recent ones.
  9. Following his instructions with the raw download....essentials is operational with 0.5.1 ...it's not perfect...for example /heal will not work. I'm still going through all the commands but it looks like a lot of the important ones work (tpa, sethome, home etc) More importantly....this gets group manager operational....so permissions are now not so much of a PITA to make happen. This was done on my FE disabled build. I would assume having FE still operational will cause issues
  10. I have managed to get residence working. I had to disable forge essentials to make that happen. Although my guess is if there is a way to disable just the zoning api/world guard component for FE it may not need to be disabled...but since FE is mentioned have have a full release coming out soon I'm not going to play with it too much.
  11. Plugins that do not work properly: GriefPrevention UltimateCommands LogBlock Lockette You mentioned you got Swatchdog to work. Did you have to do anything special? It doesn't load up for me