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  1. I looking for some Players (2-4) for testing my Tekkit-Lite 0.5.9 Server. The Server is an PVE/PVP Server and use Custom-Mods (Jammy-Furniture,Flying-RIng, Mo-Creature). Location of the Server and his owner (i am 40 Years old) is germany. I speak and wrote not perfectly english. Please send me a pm, or skype (ststeppat) me, when you want to play. I send you a Password and the location of the customzip and you can join.
  2. PEX dont work, after change to #129 ->#137, my server comes up with message: You have no permission..., with #129 it has been worked. Why with #137 loads my Server faster then #129 ?
  3. I test all this with a fresh 0.5.3 Server, i removed all entrys from the mysql Database
  4. It works for me too, lockette works! User can open the Door, but he can move on my building. Great job ! Edit: serversigns works
  5. First a big thx for your great work. I start my Server with your new Version #80, then the server create the Folders, but there ist no world data. All Data's are in the old Folder World. Must i copy the World-Data into the new Folders, or must i delete the folder World and create a new ? Edit: After installation, all my warps, my homepoint is not avaible, the message allways is: wrong world.
  6. Can you please post, which Versions of the Plugins you are running. Essentials und PEX dont work at me.