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  1. Maxis010

    The Official Technic Wiki needs YOUR help! Search Then if that fails, make a new topic
  2. Maxis I have a question, you seem knowledgable on these things. Read my last post in this:

  3. Maxis010

    Update Failed

    Ignore M_badran He is distributing the minecraft jar to bypass buying the game
  4. That may be a byproduct but is not the objective AFAIK, the objective is to provide standalone frames
  5. Minecarts are entities, so you would need an entity that is attached to the frames to not jitter the player AKAIK So...add a chair?
  6. Maxis010


    There is no marble, marble is RP2 Use MineFactory Reloaded's Whitestone instead
  7. I replied and pointed you here, the links are for lite so you need to put some effort in instead of having someone hold your hand 24/7, let's break this down Go to the Volts page Copy the server download link Change the ### to the EXACT server version that you want Put the new link in your address bar Now I know this has been hard for you, so please go lie down somewhere until your brain stops overheating
  8. I have the plumbob, ALL shall fall under my long as you are alone...kinda only got 1 plumbob...hmm, might want to rethink this

    1. okamikk


      what the fuck is a plumbob
    2. Maxis010


      DIE HEATHEN! Kidding, my avatar is a Plumbob, go look up/play the sims
  9. He has posted on the internet, his fate is sealed, same as all of us
  10. Maxis010

    Loading Server gets stuck at "Loading NEI:

    Please tell me you guys have tried to connect to your various servers, if not then PLEASE for gods sake make this part of your bug testing routine Sorry if I seem snappy but a lot of posts like this one are unnecessary as [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Loading NEI is the LAST THING the server does, unlike Classic and Vanilla servers Lite does not sound off Done when it's finished
  11. My inner geek has just entered the fetal position from looking at the OP
  12. Maxis010

    Why was the Condenser removed?

    Go back to page 7, or better yet the start of the thread, read the posts of RutibexRut and the replies to them he stopped posting and the burning house went back to a camp fire where we are just talking about the condenser and it's removal, had you made your post before this one Then it wouldn't look like you just charged in with the fire brigade PS How is responding heavily to a post indicative of making something worse, the topic calmed down, Teraku is keeping it going because it's a valid topic even without the constant complaints from OP
  13. Latest and Recommended on right hand side Until those numbers shift or some Red/Blue named person comes to show me the error of my ways I don't know what else to say besides it's been pulled
  14. 0.6.0 has ceased to exist according to the website Recommended: 0.5.7 Latest: 0.5.9