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  1. It's fucking amazing watching the gaming media eat itself.

    1. Soupa


      Is this because there are games that let you make burgers?
  2. So, I'm sick again. 38ºC of fever, body hurts all over, head feels like it's about to implode, oh and I also have pink this rate I'll be dead before 30...

    1. Lethosos


      Can I have your stuff, then? :D

    2. Nitus


      "Dead diary, today I died. I leave all that I own to my cat, Lethosos. Goodbye cruel world! xoxo"
    3. skylord_goopes49


      "Thanks, and have fun." -Gabe Newell
  3. You're right, he doesn't need permissions to post a modpack, but he does have them, with links to the exact words of the mod makers. I do like how you insult the work of the modpack creator, insult his character and how you finish this bundle of joy with the oh so passive-aggressive "You're welcome to refute this." Pro-tip: if you're trying to look better than someone else, avoid insulting him, it really just makes you look like the asshole. Permissions shouldn't even be a thing when talking about mods, but I guess this is already so deeply rooted in the modding community that it's too late to change anything.
  4. Is it just me, or does editing your posts remove some of the content in them?

    1. Melfice


      Probably you?
      Any specific examples?
    2. Nitus


      Two, both on separate posts, in places where I didn't even edit anything. In one of the posts only one word was missing, in the other 5 words were gone.
    3. Kalbintion


      hm, i havent noticed missing words, tho i have seen & and ' get turned into their HTML character equivalent. That along with breaks (<br>)
  5. Some modders don't like it when people don't suck up to them so they already have lackeys going around and dropping the guillotine on people they think deserve it. For a lot of them, the mods they make grant them the 15 minutes of fame they have always wanted, and they will fight for them with all they have. When someone comes out of the wood works, that doesn't ask them for their permission to use their mod, then either one of two things will happen: A - They shut you down faster than you can blink; B - In comes the White Knights protecting the "poor, bullied modders" by throwing feces at you and the people that are with you; C - The modders themselves take action against you. This is why I wouldn't be that depressed if Microsoft made up some house rules for modding. There are a lot of them that need to be knocked down a peg and taught a lesson on humility.
  6. Hey, Satan also left at the same time. ...again, sounds about right considering some of the stuff I've read in those forums are worse than something Satan could come up with. I swear, after 5 minutes of reading some of those threads, I feel the need to go to the church and confess my sins.
  7. Fun fact: there already is. And apparently Satan is also that I think about it, this explains a lot of things...
  8. So, basically part of the tree is rotting so let's cut it all down? And the rotten part wasn't even truly rotten, it just had a small amount of moss growing on it. Can that "pseudo-discussion" even be considered a flame war? I mean, the guy we were talking to "thanked us" for our posts (also love the use of "thank x for this post" instead of Like, not hipster at all).
  9. ...did they delete your thread? What the shit? Did it seriously break a rule? Because I've seen threads with modpacks that also don't have permission and they weren't deleted. I've heard of the Minecraft Forums being bad, but I honestly didn't expect this.
  10. 10th Google Crash in a day. Good job Chrome!

    1. Kalbintion


      Funny. I haven't had issues with chrome or firefox with crashing unless it was the webpages fault (never ending scripts for example)
    2. holymage!


      same, it hasn't crashed for me in a long long time
  11. Absolutely love the small, cute, yellow dog. I want one now... ...soon, I'll make my own small, cute, yellow dog...soon...
  12. Oh great, the bots showed up!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nitus


      Yeah, that's a common problem. One time my pet midget ran away and I found him 2 months later disguised as a walrus. Did you check the area around the cage for walruses?
    3. Lethosos


      That's why I spay & neuter my midgets. Keeps the potential for a Great Midget Rebellion down.
    4. Nitus


      Let me get my midget, the bots returned! Should I equip him with a Pogo stick + a rubber chicken, or a mono-cycle + Mr. T's life sized action figure?
  13. Mr. Phil Fish, why don't you have a seat right over there.

  14. Industrial Miner should be banned for using an image of a Marvel Hero as his avatar. You didn't get them permitions to use it did you now...
  15. I'm playing tekkit, IN SPACE!