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  1. With wind chill it was -20 when I left school for LA
  2. Hello stranger


    1. Ysharma


      Hey! Long time

  3. How disappointed am I that in all this time the glorious whale box has not grown.
  4. I'm just glad stock is nice and cheaperer
  5. PM me the ip if turtles are allowed?
  6. ​Ah look at all the old people popping back. I think Jorcer was around here some time ago too
  7. What has been going on non-turtles?
  8. 7.0 But it's hard to move the circles with flippers
  9. mcmaster is banned for being coffee, and addicting the youth of the world to caffeine.
  10. This is exactly what all threads need. Hail turtlism!
  11. Hello old friend it has been awhile. How are you doing with turtilism?

  12. Plz more butt arts fish
  13. what grade is fish girl in?
  14. Clever Girl Fish