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  1. Version 0.1 was published, it features a new build selection progress (thanks to Plowman) and got a little more tidier. Also, it copies markdown compatible changelogs to you clipboard.
  2. Solders order is indeed wonky, the packs I tested must have been in the correct order by coincedence I pushed new changes that improve sorting for builds like you mentioned them @plowmanplow and also change the behaviour of the build-select fields. Thanks for the feedback
  3. The Builds actually are sorted as they come from solder, which should be as they where released. Can you provide the pack where that wasn't helpful? I'm not sure what you mean by this @plowmanplow again, a screenshot or the pack wuld be nice so I can see.
  4. I have seen interest in solder auto-generating changelogs and also saw so many poor changelogs on the platform, that's why I wrote a little app. It just takes your existing solder pack and provides you with a full changelog between any two versions you wish. That's where you can try it out. Just paste any platform-api link which you can find here For modpackers: To preload your pack use a link like the following one, stuff in [] is optional, you can also just preload you url.<your api url>[&from=<build that's the changelogs base>&to=<build to compare to>] I'm always open for suggestions and feedback For the better changelog! Changelog 0.1 Better interface for selecting modpack builds (idea by @plowmanplow) 0.2 Modpack-makers: You can now preload a changelog you want (idea by @Jon_) Cheers, Isigiel
  5. Isigiel

    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    I not talented, but I wanted do contribute to this great thread, so... this is my "Art" I did since now Business Elite Logo Launcher bg Infamy Logo Texture Soul shards spawner particle idea Fan Art for BE Hope someone likes it ;)