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  1. Hi I am having problems with technic I have tried to join it crashes straight back to the launcher page. I redownloaded the launcher redownloaded Java reclogged went the mudpack and launcher options and I cant find anything so if u could plz help me that would be create thank you.

  2. Im having difficulties with Tekkit Classic, hmu with a message because im stuck and have no clue what to do. Thanks


  3. pode me ajudar sff

  4. nao consigo entrar no tekkit

  5. administrador ta ai?

  6. I'm seeing a lot of renegade points racking up on you...

  7. Agelian was that three-headed puking cow, right?

    I didn't recognize you with that new avatar.

  8. dont be mean

    1. Torezu


      agelian's a site admin, so I think he can defend himself just fine. Nevertheless, I'm happy to drop the banhammer preemptively.

  9. you dont deserve to live

  10. where do you live

  11. hi dick faced asshole