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  1. Whether you do or not, you shouldn't.
  2. Thread locked. Reason: OP failed to perform a very basic search for his issue.
  3. Big Reactors is putting something on the ground (entity, like floating block or some-such) that the game is unable to render, and it's breaking your client. If your fiancee (note the extra e; that means you're engaged to a female) is in a different location, it's likely that's the only problem. Restart your server to remove all floating items, and you may be able to rejoin with no issues. If you've already tried that, I'd suggest opening your world in MCEdit, saving it, then restarting the server and making another attempt. Failing that, there are various repair tools I've had success with after power failures (which have a habit of making MC switch around chunk contents and may corrupt region files). Of course, there's always the option to load the world from backups that were saved before the power failure/crash.
  4. Duplicate Post From Bug Reports. Locking This One.
  5. This is usually caused by something preventing the launcher from downloading anything, or a server that doesn't answer. Check to make sure your AV or firewall software is off or has exceptions added, and that the server you're trying to pull the modpack(s) from is active. Then post the actual logs. Use pastebin or another 3rd-party text site as needed.
  6. You can start with some logs, but that's usually an antivirus, firewall, or other security software preventing the launcher from downloading anything. Need more info.
  7. It appears, from the MD5 error and failure to download anything, that you have an antivirus or firewall blocking the launcher's activities. You also have a Buildcraft pipe blowing up your world, possibly from updating mod or modpack versions on an old world. I suggest an MCEdit solution or world reset.
  8. The launch.bat file needs to specifically call in Tekkit.jar, not just Tekkit.
  9. Certain antivirus software will also block downloads by the launcher.
  10. Error code 403 means forbidden, so it's likely there's a security block in place from one end or the other. I'm guessing it's yours, as in a firewall or AV software noticed that Java was attempting to install things and shut it down. It's also possible you aren't logged into MC correctly, but I'd favor the first option. Check your security software (or hardware if your router is prone to being overzealous).
  11. It needs to be a zip file, not a rar file.
  12. That's not a complete log, but my best guess is that you're missing a critical core mod or other mod file, since that's usually what's going on when Java tells you there's no class definition found. I'd try the Technic Discord, if you can, or wait for someone that knows more about the launcher as it stands. Or PM the mod pack creator, if you're brave.
  13. To be able to even try to help you, we need more distinct information, and crash logs and server logs, if they're both available. If you're saying you're running the client and server each with 4GB of RAM on a machine that has 8GB, that will blow up every time. If you're running them on two different machines, we need to know that. And so on.
  14. Off topic - this is the section for server posts, not posts looking for a server. Just read the threads that are already here.
  15. Other thread available, locking this one.