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  1. Snow doesn't exist in the area I live in. We get one five minute hailstorm per year at best.
  2. Oh, definitely. CraftersBuild is fantastic, much better than that Craftersland place. I hear they still haven't figured out how to deal with the Kitten War.
  3. Exactly as I stated; the Kitten War! Since the dawn of time, the two ancient cat clans - the Kittens and the Kitties - have fought for dominance in the universe. Countless worlds throughout the cosmos have fallen in their battles, and Earth is but their latest battlefield. Alas, some believe that we can stop the war for good, finally bringing peace to this desecrated planet, but their efforts are fruitless; already our kind is divided between which side of the war to support, and history shall yet again repeat itself - and with it, humanity lost in the crossfire - before the endless chaos moves on to take another world. Even with my capabilities as a moderator, I am utterly powerless before the vast scope of this conflict.
  4. I would gladly do so, but alas, the ancient flames of the Kitten War burn eternally; it is beyond even our powers to put them out.
  5. wow you are the only staff member that actually came on in a while jesus #whatthehell#whereiseveryone#technicdead?

  6. What a shame.
  7. Changes made to skins aren't reflected in Minecraft version 1.3 or older. Tekkit Classic runs on Minecraft 1.2.5. In other words, you can't change your skin if you're playing Tekkit Classic.
  8. Please get in contact with me.

  9. Not sure about the temperature, but from what I saw of the gameplay video weapons and such seemed plentiful enough that gear breaking wouldn't really be a problem.
  10. hi i have a problem i cant download my modpack(naturemagic+) from technic launcher.

    the Dropbox link dosen`t work(

  11. And so began the writing of the modern epic, Dreams of the Byte Master: A Technic Forums Space Opera.
  12. I've been interested in trying out Factorio multiplayer. If you put up a server, I'll probably join in.
  13. Ah, yes. Unofficial server listings. Clearly a more reliable source of information to judge this off of than the people who have direct access to all the actual statistics. I hope they enjoy waiting.
  14. magical girl Valkon theme: video game motif: heart weapon: grimoire magic: decay colors: rose + lilac Given my interest in Lovecraftian lore, parts of this seem somewhat appropriate.
  15. I've always been of the opinion that Yandere Simulator would be a better game if it had the same kind of mechanics... but you weren't a yandere. Maybe an assassin or something, I dunno.