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  1. Yipe. Thought you said you were gonna "fix" the lycanites spawns. Lobbers and Afrits at ground level? That was scary. I also can't seem to get /gamerule keepInventory to work. I've edited the Project Zulu config to turn off the graves but my stuff still goes flying when I snuff it.
  2. Not sure if it's a bug, or someone's just sadistic, but the Pharaoh boss from ProjectZulu is spawning on its own (without placing the summon). In groups of up to 5 or more. In deserts AND in the nether. Pretty brutal.
  3. Hey Skuli, Is there something we can do to fix Waila locally while we wait for the next update? I never realized how spoiled I was until I had to disable it because of the spawner crashes. Also: A possible alternative to "Flesh to leather" (or whatever the rotten flesh smelting mod was called)
  4. Mine often drop down to 0 (hard lock). It generally only lasts for a few seconds to a minute, but it's pretty often. In my case, I think it's ruins.
  5. Those ore elementals suck to a new miner with stone tools... apparently you can spawn a gold elemental from a block of coal ore. That made me dead very fast. I think it might be bspkrscore having a problem with the client, but the console becomes extremely spammy. Over and over and over and over... I was able to fix it by editing config/bspkrsCore.cfg and editing B:showMainMenuMobs=true to B:showMainMenuMobs=false
  6. *In-game name: Targren *What do you think about the server: For such a populated server, the people seemed pretty pleasant to the newbies and newcomers *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: I know it's a temporary issue, but the sooner you fix the "return to spawn on every join" thing, the better! A resetting Nether-Resource World might not go amiss, IMO. Having to travel nearly 1k to build a handful of redstone comparitors was certainly a new experience!
  7. Forgive my squirrely ignorance, but I'm getting stuck at the gate. I'm trying to make an add-on mod for Hexxit (specifically Project Zulu to start with) and I've been using the MinecraftForge tutorials to some success to date (nothing worth releasing, though). Unfortunately, at this point, I'm getting jammed up since the link to "Decompile the mod" instructions are, of course, missing. A nudge in the right direction should be all I need. Update: So I've found BON, but when I try to use it to decompile the mods as zip/jar, I get a file (when I think I should be getting a directory), and when I decompress the zip/jar ahead of time and try to deob an individual class directly, I'm not getting source code. Update 2: Derp... My insufficiently decaffeinated brain was combining "decompiling" and deobfuscating. Unsurprisingly, the latter doesn't work well without doing the former first.