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  1. New Year Bump, we gonna see some Hexxit 3 action soon?
  3. It's from Extra Utilities... they are really cool... it's too bad about the issue. Not entirely sure what it was, but it was killing clients with complete freeze-ups for 2-3 seconds. Really nice looking... the windows here had a cross pattern made out of those panels: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/pDBbKjYBFizfkr_QMbtOcnUTrR5UrIQgndeCGyrQHQ=w1598-h829-no
  4. One area on our server was getting serious lag spikes, like 2-3 second freezes... We finally tracked it down to Glowstone Glass Covers... it may be anything related to the Glowstone Glass block, we're not sure, but it's definitely caused by the Glowstone Glass Covers... ID: 25131:1 Unfortunately, MCEdit sees all Extra Utilities blocks as block ID 1281, so mass removal isn't going to work long term, but I did a mass replace on a backup, and the lag was gone.
  5. Ahhh... I am running this particular SMP instance on Windows, I wonder if that is why there is a difference. However, the Nether is almost 100% Lycanites even on my server...
  6. I'm seeing tons of skeletons (specifically ones with exploding arrows... which I think should drop those arrows on death, imho) Definitely spiders and zombies, but not quite as often. Creepers are aplenty as well.
  7. I installed the newest version of Ruins and generated a ton of new terrain with 0 missing buildings thus far. http://atomicstryker.net/ruins.php
  8. Is there any way to get the amazing Hexxit music (title screen) to play in place of the stock MC stuff? Love the MC music and all, but I've heard it 10,000 times. (Edit: I've moved my game from a single-player instance to a localhost server, and the music is all the new stuff! Is it something with SP that runs the classic music maybe?) Also, it would appear that while both named "battletowers-1.7.10.jar" the one that ships with 3.0.0c is 1KB smaller than the one from the Battletowers page. I'm running the larger one, and the loot is still borked, fwiw.
  9. First off, thanks to those of you working on this kickass mod! I've been hooked on MC since I first played it back in like 2010, played a ton of mods, have run a low-pop server forever... and Hexxit is my favorite! Anyway, been doing 3.0.0c in SP to see if I can't help with the issues. Sorry if any of this has already been listed/confirmed, I read this thread, but I may have missed something. I also wanted to list things out in case it's not a bug or missing mod, and just something I am doing wrong. Structures: Right now, I am seeing a lot of buildings that aren't spawning the walls. Battle Towers (especially underground towers), some kind of square building in woodland biomes (?) and also a large cube I found in the desert... it covered a large area, but only had one zombie spawner, one skeleton spawner, and 2 double chests, offset from one another (odd for how large the cube was, I can't identify which mod it's from.) Mobs: Some peaceful mobs seem to be going crazy and attacking when you get close... Ostriches, some elephants... mobs that I believe were peaceful the last time I played Hexxit anyway. The game IS extremely challenging, I personally like that though... (my wife tires of the cussing).... it'd be nice if we could radiate difficulty higher the further you went from spawn... maybe increment every kilometer? That would be awesome! Items: Only thing I have had a problem with so far is the "Traveller's" Belt from Tinker's Construct (Item 5251) when you put it on and hit B to swap bars, it shows you a blank bar, then kind of wigs out... definitely not working as intended.