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  1. To clarify, that part hasn't changed: they couldn't be used on a ship before. The difference is that now you can use them to build a fancy dock (which the ship/airship won't pick up) instead of it just crashing (and crashing all players on the server near you) if you tried to get into an airship with carpenters blocks touching.
  2. Oh yeah, there's plenty of ways of fixing it on a server, I was thinking as a more general stopgap for AotBT for people who don't like to fiddle with server economy systems or NBT editors.
  3. Maybe netherrack tinkers stuff could be put on mineBay in mrCrayfishes mod until it's figured out? It'd cost an emerald to buy each part rather than netherrack, but it'd make the items legitimately attainable (or maybe just the netherrack plate for the igniter).
  4. Cobblestone can't be used for tools, that's an old change to TC and is by design - you need to use smooth stone now. The Netherrack thing is a bug, though.
  5. http://www.minecraft.net/haspaid.jsp?user= for checking Minecraft premium status. Don't forget!
    1. Kalbintion


      Indeed, though I prefer to trust people unless they give me reason otherwise.
  6. Sometimes I have this - especially when using blocks rather than ingots. Making ingots into blocks or blocks into ingots seems to fix it (even if you go block->ingot->block that seems to help sometimes).
  7. Village generation isn't identical every time (especially not the bits that cause this kind of problem) so it might take a few goes. Try removing the chunk again, there's a chance that it'll screw up every time it generates, but there's also a chance it'll be fine (the chance will vary depending on the area). If it's a bad chunk anyway there's not a lot of harm in removing it each time you discover that it's bad (once it generates properly you'll never have to do it again).
  8. The modpack version, not the minecraft version (though those should be identical too).
  9. OK, to get dxdiag open you need to either open up your start menu and type dxdiag (it's a little blue circle with a yellow x in it), or open the run window (Windows key + R) type dxdiag and hit enter. Getting a screenshot from a windows app is a little different, go to the display tab, press and hold CTRL + ALT and tap Print Screen - you'll then be able to open up paint and paste (CTRL + V) the picture you took.
  10. Oh, awesome You're going to learn something that lets you show off your minecraft builds to all your buddies. In game, press F2, it'll give you a little message like the one in this picture, then quit back out (or alt-tab, just not in minecraft anymore). Now go to explorer (computer/my computer) and type in the address for the screenshot folder, it should be at %AppData%.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamscreenshots by default if you can't find it yourself. In there you'll find a file which is a picture of what was on your screen in game a minute ago, it'll have the same name that it said in game when you pressed f2. Next, you need to put it somewhere online so we can see it. I like Imgur.com, make a (free) account, then once you're logged in click the images button in the top right. It'll bring up an empty folder looking thing. Simply drag your screenshot file in there, it'll take a minute to upload, then you'll see it on that page. Click it, and it'll give you a bunch of options for links on the right - you want BBCode to post it here probably, but any will do really. Your picture is now on the internet! P.S. Where'd your other post with the question I responded to go - do you still see it? I see myself doubleposting now - the question was about a probable issue with the graphics card, right? (please repeat it anyway when you post on the tracker)
  11. led, that's a strange issue, please post it up on the tracker along with a screenshot of the display tab from dxdiag.
  12. There's not really a recommended processor speed, it's too variable anyway (there's plenty of modern dual core 1.7GHz machines that are faster than older dual core 4.0GHz+ machines so the indication through that is kinda pointless). You can check if you personally have enough by either using /cofh tps in minecraft (to see if minecraft is processing every tick completely, should be 20 per second), or leaving windows task manager open (the performance tab shows your current CPU usage, simply turn the speed of updates on that panel down, play minecraft, quit, then check it to see if it was using all of the CPU power while running). Java needs the 64-bit version to allocate more than 1GB RAM, get the latest one here - it doesn't automatically grab the 64-bit one; https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  13. More RAM (turn up the allocated amount using the cog in the top right of the launcher - it's 1GB by default and needs to be set somewhere from 1.5GB to 3GB for good results).
  14. Awesomebynature, this isn't the tracker, but it is a common fix mentioned in this thread a few times. For other browsers (and you); If the launcher loads when you click play, then immediately drops you out of minecraft back into the launcher, do this first; For Windows: Update Java 64-bit if you have a 64-bit OS, if you're not sure, try it (there's no harm, a 32-bit OS simply won't run it). You can get those downloads here; https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp For MacOS X: You need the JDK rather than the JRE as the JRE only updates Java links for your browser. You can get that download here; http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html Note: If you're on MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or older then neither Apple nor Oracle officially support you for Java 1.7+. It's possible to force an install using a package manager like Pacifist but your best bet is to upgrade to the latest MacOS version if you can - it's free for most MacOS users.
  15. That's a good point - if the launcher has to choose between an up-to-date but 32-bit version of Java and an old version (1.6 or lower) that's 64-bit, it'll take the 64-bit version. As a general rule you should remove the old Java versions when you do an update unless you know you need them for something specific as they're fully backward compatible and it avoids missing simple problems exactly like this one. Updating or installing a new version of java does not remove the old ones.