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  1. Server WIPE is Complete! New map seeds and fixes. Read more here:
  2. We just upgraded the dedicated server for our Tekkit server! Better hardware and connection! Read more:
  3. Automation Modded Server Update! Clans and rewards! read more:
  4. Tekkit Server WIPE and more updates done! Read more:
  5. World Automation Modded Server update to latest modpack version 3.0.0! read more:
  6. Tekkit Server Updates! Clans, crates, rewards, read more:
  7. Maintenance complete! RfDimensions cleanup and render of asteroids dimension on live map.
  8. This is the official modpack server, the developer is working close with the community to fix issues on the modpack or listen to suggestions. Also Firday maintenance complete, and the live map is fully rendered!