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  1. Have you read this @skuli ?
  2. In fact, I havn't been active in the Modding Community since 1.5.2 or so
  3. I think HE will think about it if the Hexxit-makers mail him (;
  4. Hello, I have some Suggestions: Since the 1.7.10 seems to be remade from Scratch, meaning that importing old world saves isn't necessary, I would like to suggest you some awesome Mods to add to the atmosphere: Primitive Mobs: awesome new Mobs, all Vanilla-ish Mo' Creatures: pretty popular, you should know what this does Smeltable Gravel: Makes Gravel give Flints by Smelting Ropes Plus: Should definitely be kept NetherOres: spawns Vanilla Ores in the Nether Mutant Creatures: To add to the Awesomeness of Hexxit epic Bossfights Minions: Evil Slaves that help you mine Mo' Zombies: Mo' Zombies!! HopperDucts: Just random Addition Archimedes Ships: Just epic Farlanders: some more Diversity to the Worl I have tried all this Mods with their 1.5.2 version on a Hexxit Server, and everyone found them an awesome Addition, mostly Primitive Mobs, Mutant Creatures, Minions and Mo' Creatures