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  1. FAQ

    I understand your predicament, and hope that you get this resolved as you are planning to. But you should really start doing proper announcements when you are planning big things like a forum software change. I know that your communication is spread across a number of channels, much of which are so-called social media. Being an old-fashioned guy, I would vastly prefer if you could get (back?) into the habit of using your website to publish relevant news items. For many people over the age of 30 (and some below that), an official website is still the main, and sometimes only source we scan for substantial information. We don't want to scrape it off Twitter or Facebook or Reddit or whatever else is cool right now. You could use it to explain your stance on "official" modpacks, which is very different from what people expect it to be. You could post a roadmap there about what you are working on and plan to do next. And even a brief "by the way, forum software will change in x days, for these reasons" will go a long way. I appreciate many things the Technic team is doing, but your project communication is all over the place. An undertaking as big as Technic (in terms of scope and user count) really needs to establish a news reference. is a good domain that users can remember, so why not use it? I will close Slowfox now and continue to just read the forums. Wake me when something interesting happens.
  2. FAQ

    After all the forum troubles, I guess it is fair that I at least drop this notice, in case anybody has been wondering where I was. Ever since the Technic team dropped this unannounced and poorly managed forum software change on us, I have been unable to post. It turns out that with my browser of choice, the new software fails to open any edit boxes. I would rather stop using the Internet than stop using my browser of choice, so this is not acceptable for me. I have little hope that anybody is willing to fix this mess, because my browser of choice is Presto-Opera (12.14, without the bugs introduced in the hack jobs up to 12.17). I will stick with it, because it is perfect and I refuse to use anything that is not perfect. Any website that fails to support this is a website I will not use any longer. That means no more guides. Sorry, folks.
  3. FAQ

    Universal Cables are Mekanism, which is notably absent from 1.6.4-based Tekkit. There is no regular means to convert MJ to RF, although the other way around is trivial (=Conduits).
  4. FAQ

    Right, you can of course browse for modpacks on the (shiny new) Technic Launcher as well. I just mentioned FTB Infinity because it's the only current kitchen-sink style pack that I know by name. You probably don't want to take your existing world save with you into other packs, or at least only take a copy each time. Mod items will be deleted by the (internal) server when that mod is not present any more, so you can and will lose some stuff on each change. New pack usually means new start, although you could of course take your world save across each time to speed up the start phase. Keep in mind, though, that worldgen (= mod ores and other things spawning) from new mods will usually only happen in newly-generated chunks, so be prepared to travel. By the way, I am tolerating your quiz in the sticky thread so far because most of these questions may have appeal for new players. If you want to know more specific things about Tekkit or have other questions, please make your own thread for that.
  5. FAQ

    As I said, the how-to-modpack section of the forum is Platform Pagoda. All the script-fu ninjas gather there, and I am notably not one of them. I can only offer gameplay help and some basic advice. You should probably start by looking at >this. As for the next Tekkit, the rules around here explicitly forbid to ask for ETAs. The Technic team has recruited IskanDar to make the next Hexxit and Tekkit, and he is currently busy with that. Hexxit will be first. If you just want to discover mods via other packs, that will of course work. Maybe you want a kitchen-sink style pack for this, like the new FTB Infinity on the Feed The Beast Launcher. I recommend not starting anything on 1.6.4-based packs any more. You may find mods you like, only to learn that they have been abandoned and won't work on 1.7.10.
  6. FAQ

    If you modify your Tekkit, you cannot get support here, because the tracker is exclusively for support on featured packs like Tekkit, not for custom packs. That means if you encounter problems with a modified pack, you will need to solve them yourself. Custom modpacks are discussed on Platform Pagoda, where you can get some help and advice around "rolling your own". It's not rocket science, but not trivial, either. To go beyond temporary dabbling with files, you need an account on the Technic Platform, where you then can create your own (ideally private) modpack. You can make your own pack in two ways. You either take an existing one, like Tekkit, and change it the way you prefer, or you build your own pack from the ground up. The latter is more flexible, but also requires more knowledge and work. If you base your custom pack on Tekkit, you are locked into Minecraft 1.6.4 still. You could choose some other pack to start that is already built on 1.7.10, or wait for the 1.7.10-based Tekkit to arrive. The Technic Launcher has all sorts of packs from all sorts of people, with featured packs like Tekkit making up just a small fraction. However, featured packs are held to higher standards and receive some limited support, which is not true for the rest of the packs. Some of those are great, some may yet become great.
  7. FAQ

    I have heard about the RF/MJ conversion mod, but can't remember the name either. In any case, the place to find and discover mods is Minecraftforum. You need to keep a few things in mind when customizing your Tekkit: Your custom pack is not a Tekkit installation any more and will not receive any support on the tracker (possible exception if you just fixed the Simply Jetpacks issue to stop the crashes). You still need 1.6.4-based versions of mods for this pack, which may be getting scarce and/or hard to find. Minecraft 1.6.4 still had block ID conflicts, so adding mods that add placeable blocks may require tediously reassigning IDs by hand (Simply Jetpacks is not affected by this, some other mods will be). You will not be able to connect to any servers with your custom pack, unless the server receives the exact same modifications. Much of your work will be in vain once you decide to move to the 1.7.10 world. A shiny new 1.7.10-based Tekkit appears to be in the works, but will only be released after new Hexxit stabilizes. That being said, have fun and good luck.
  8. FAQ

    About the Machinists Workbench crashing the game: This is an unresolved bug that Skuli never fixed before he quit Tekkit. It is a recipe parsing bug that strangely only happens in singleplayer mode. You can fix it by updating the mod Simply Jetpacks to a patched version. Of course, if you make this update, you will technically be running a custom modpack, so only do this if you are strictly in singleplayer. You update by deleting the file [...]modpackstekkitmainmodsSimplyJetpacks-0.1.4.jar and replacing it with a version downloaded here. You need at least, but can opt to use up to (the last that was compatible with Minecraft 1.6.4 and thus current Tekkit). The latter version comes with more jetpack variants for your pleasure, even some armoured ones. About Combustion Engines not connecting to your RF network: Of course they won't. Combustion Engines are Buildcraft power devices and only produce MJ. An RF network can convert to MJ output for machines, but not take MJ input. You need to use Dynamos or Big Reactors, or the Atomic Science stuff.
  9. FAQ

    It's a bit fiddly, but you can put your reply outside the quote. Click behind the quote box, or cut and paste the entire quote to where you want it. Should keep its formattings. This also works when editing your post.
  10. FAQ

    The inventory controls are reassigned in... inventory. Click the little "three-dot" icon in the top right corner. Don't memorize that, though. In Minecraft 1.7, Mojang did a major overhaul of key bindings, putting them all in one central menu. I should also have mentioned that there is another useful NEI key. While R shows you how to obtain an item, U will show you what it is used for. In regular NEI mode, which is active when you are not OP or switched to recipe mode, you can also simply click the left and right mouse buttons for these. In (default) cheat mode, clicking will give you a stack (left click) or a single item (right click) of whatever you are clicking at. P.S.: It appears somebody pinned my thread. Guess I'll have to redo it when Tekkit 2 comes around.
  11. The beta discussion thread is the last place to ask for such things. Your first clue should always be Mojang support, and it looks like right now their service is indeed shaky.
  12. If that is your agenda, consider my comment void. Looking at the (probably vastly outdated) GC build used in Tekkit, I noticed quite a few quirks and issues that mostly prohibited automation (see for reference the extreme measures >some users took to get it automated at all). This gave the overall impression that GC authors don't care overly much if their stuff works together with anybody else's mods or not. This was probably a false impression, given your statement. With the growing number of intricate tech mods accumulating in modpacks, it's essential that these mods work together to a certain degree and integrate into the greater whole. If you are committed to that, I have nothing to criticise.
  13. If you love Galacticraft to be in modpacks, you should look into making your machines cooperate better with other mods. They cannot be automated properly, and I think your ore processing chain doesn't fit into the usual modpack gameplay at all. Take a look at CoFH Core and other essential factory mods, and try to be more of a teamplayer. Of course these are not issues that can be addressed quickly, but you might take note of them going forward. I applaud the fixes in build 1096, though, and I'm sure it will be included once anybody finds time to actually work on Tekkit again.
  14. If Tekkit wants to stay relevant, the pack needs to make a case for itself. In the still-current iteration, it was the focus on Galacticraft, which I personally found not that brilliant - mostly because I dislike Galacticraft a lot. A renewed Tekkit would first need to adapt the must-have newer tech mods like Mekanism. Then take a good look at non-tech stuff and decide which of these mods actually add fun gameplay and should be kept or expanded on, and which should be dropped. For example, I think that Mystcraft is a non-tech mod that adds much to the game, while DimensionalDoors is essentially useless and tends to corrupt world saves. And so on. That is much work, and I wonder if the project has the manpower to even start it.
  15. The time spent on such a blog is time not spent working on Tekkit, so this seems a bit counterproductive. But a rough roadmap would be nice, which could be done completely without giving any fixed dates. More generally, a project like Tekkit needs to do a bare minimum of communication and - dare I say it - community management to keep its users. Which has not been happening in my view. To put it bluntly, right now it looks like Tekkit is largely an abandoned project. No news for half a year, only very small fixes that were apparently done by poor Skuli alone, and no information whatsoever if anybody even plans on making a 1.7 version. The TPPI launch would have been an excellent opportunity to drop a one-liner on what you intend to do next. Just a short "next up: Tekkit goes to 1.7 - and don't you dare ask for an ETA" would have been infinitely better than silence.