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  1. In the middle of a move, but considering starting a TerrafirmaCraft based modpack in the future... Hmm...

  2. I just pushed what will probably be the final update to Hexplore-It other than minor bug-fixing, or the addition of player submitted servers to the IP list.

    Also note that I have ceased development on the 1.7.10 version of Hexplore-It and will not be releasing it as I just do not have sufficient time to take it on. I plan to continue working on some projects you will all enjoy.

    I will still be monitoring all forums etc...  Now go forth and HEXPLORE all of the things!!!

  3. If you get #REKT online, are you #eREKT?

  4. So I wonder If I can start putting my internet bill down when places/agencies ask for my monthly utility amounts excluding "luxuries" now. #NextSupremeCourtCaseLULZ

  5. Posted the newest version of Testplore-It (Hexplore-It 1.7.10 Alpha) for testing, feedback, etc... here---> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/testplore-it.551552/about ***Do not try if you are using a potato***

  6. That unfortunate moment you are finally able to test-play the current version of your modpack in development, and it is rage-quit difficult!

  7. Reddit user /u/GG_MOTHER_F*CKER created a mod for me today. WOOT! Check out RestictZones here ---> https://github.com/PbJBOSS/RestrictZones

    1. ChatFawkes


      Is this like GriefPrevention for Forge?
    2. mine_my_own_bizz


      Sort of I suppose. What I needed was a way to protect the spawn area from block breaking in a configurable size given my plans of incorporating a building at all spawn points in SSP.
  8. Seriously considering giving up on Hexplore-It 1.7.10. These mob spawning crashes with no identifiable info are driving me insane! Ugh.

    1. Phantomaus


      Nooo ! Don't give up
  9. Not even on my radar... ♪♫

  10. Despite 70+ hours at the office last week, having eleventeen children, and mother nature’s clear contempt for mankind… I got quite a lot accomplished as far as Hexplore-It for 1.7.10 goes. I’ll be posting it under Testplore-It for those that are helping with dev-work tonight as long as life cooperates. Peas.

  11. Genuine integrity and superiority speaks in reticence.

    1. Soupa


      What are big words I'm a fish.
  12. YAY! Email verification is FINALLY working again! Woot!

  13. My visions are much too vast for my time... I need a damn team... Hmm...

  14. I REALLY wish Technic could handle weekend traffic. UGH! I can't get anything done.

    1. Munaus


      with christmas coming, the servers might get overloaded with kids playing
    2. Kalbintion


      There's issues over the weekend?