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  1. this is what we call a "bug" and we post such things in the Bug Report sections, specifically the Technic Launcher Bug Report. Topic locked
  2. Read and follow our Server Guidelines
  3. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Initializing game the game requires more RAM. Check on Launcher Options how much RAM you're giving it. 1 gb is fine for old packs as Tekkit Classic. For something heavier like Attack of the B-team you'd need 2-3 gb. If you can't allocate more than 1 gb RAM then you have a 32-bit java installed. Get a 64-bit java, the same version 8u161 you have now
  4. issue solved. Locked
  5. Try Tekkit Legends or any pack in 1.7.10 MC or newer. It's my understanding that Mojang has dropped support for skins in versions older than 1.7
  6. Server discussion, moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  7. delete that wall of log, use a pastebin site to post that. As Jaari pointed out, nothing in that log suggests that you ran in any error.
  8. this is not a Technic launcher bug, if you made the pack. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  9. You mean Minecraft 1.12.2? You do know that all mods need to be updated to 1.12.2 before any modpacks can be made. And mod updates depends on the individual mod author None of the Technic packs have any planned updates, not since the admins have been away due to real life reasons. CanVox, our main pack developer went to work for Twitch a long time ago
  10. going back to Ylands, I looked up a random yt video and found this interesting at 17:45, it's pitchblack night while they are sailing without any navigation and there is a freezing mechanic. If you don't carry anything warm, like a torch, you will get hurt and possibly die.
  11. If this is the batch file from our Discord that Jaari posted, then Its trustworthy.
  12. constantly bumping someone elses thread does not help us nor you. As far as we know, you don't even have the same issue as the original poster had. this topic is closed.
  13. Custom modpack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda, not Tekkit discussion Moved
  14. Crazy Craft is the property of VoidsWrath Launcher. whatever you're playing on Technic Platform is a rip-off. Go play the original by the people who made it.
  15. this is more of an issue with Mojang's auth servers than with Technic Launcher. Contact Mojang Tech support to ask how your account status is I still run my Minecraft account on the launcher, I never had to migrate. But since you made that move, you need to ask for help through Mojang Support