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  1. you can ignore the Staticlogger error. It's common and irrelevant. What are you trying to do, make your own modpack? play someone elses modpack? or Technic's official modpack? posting your log will help logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link If nobody responds for awhile, consider joining us on Discord then, as we have a bot that automatically reads logs
  2. Modpack discussions do NOT belong in Modding Central moved to Platform Pagoda
  3. don't make triple posts of the same topic All modpacks are designed for one, or a few, specific MC version(s) Attack of the B-team is for 1.6.4 and has not been updated since. You can see what version on the Platform
  4. you can see the name of the user who made the pack on the Latest Updates when you're highlighting the modpack on the launcher this guy has his own discord server as well- Contact him there. Click on the modpack description window to get to the modpack page for details/links to contact and getting tech help. Since this is a custom pack it is not a technic launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  5. What is your java version? actual numbers post your log through pastebin logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link
  6. I don't see any error that stands out, it also looks like you cut your log short? this looks more like an issue with the pack and not the launcher. Moved to platform pagoda for custom pack discussions
  7. Hello Munaus I saw an old post by you requesting messages if people where having the download issue, can you possibly help me -- technic launcher

    1. Munaus


      I don't help through user profiles. Post your issue on our Bug board

  8. don't paste the log content directly on your post, use a pastebin service instead. Certain logs can be ridiculously long and it makes reading your post hard when you need to scroll down for several minutes before anyone can get to reply button. post your dropbox link to the pack, so we can see how you set it up Edit. also, this belongs in Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussions, Moved
  9. that's not code, that's the launcher log delete the wall of text, go to and copy-paste the entire log text unto pastebin and post the link here instead and what do you mean by "your mod"? did you create and develop a single mod? Or a modpack? these two are very different.
  10. custom pack issue, moved to Platform pagoda for those discussions post the dropbox link to your pack, so others can see what the issue is
  11. I'm glad to see that our Chinese spam lords have returned to us I'm especially happy today, as I not only caught Articuno some week ago, I also caught this beauty only got Moltres left, but I need to defeat the last gym to reach it.. back to grinding pokemans.
  12. make sure you pick the Mac version of Java I'm not sure if the ones I linked to works, I don't have a Mac to test
  13. Potluck is for advertising modpacks, Pagoda is for discussing how to create one Moved
  14. did it ask you to update when you started it from the launcher? if you clicked yes, it will delete and update to 1.12 if you didn't click yes, then I'm not sure how you managed to get everything deleted... wait, what do you mean by "put all three folders in the mod folder"?? bin folder belongs in bin, config belongs in config and mods in mods folder. You don't put all 3 folders in mods
  15. you made a and inside your bin folder you have a modpack.jar.jar google "windows shows file extensions" to avoid this. you can't have files named jar.jar or and as I stated earlier, the config folder is empty. a modpack without configs is bad. read this comment I made on how to make configs generate