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  1. Have you read that? custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda, so moving this. If nobody replies here, try our Discord. It will also help if you described in detail what part of making a modpack you don't understand. What have you tried? What is failing?
  2. custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda Moved
  3. use the email you gave Mojang on the username field
  4. Hey there! I was wondering if I could contact you to get some support with user accounts and modpack creation on the Technic Platform site? I've sent an email a few weeks ago but haven't heard back yet - Thanks! :)

    1. Munaus


      Try our Discord

    2. ruxie


      Thanks got it solved over there :) Have a nice day!

  5. Custom pack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda Read this If you have any questions, try to explain what you are doing and/or what you don't understand. Many of us can and have built packs, but none of us can read minds (officially) so "dose not work" is something I or anyone else can not work on Feel free to drop by on Discord if nobody is here, as most of us hang in Technic discord
  6. custom pack server issue Moved to Server OP Swap shop
  7. Moving this to Server OP Swap shop, as this isn't a bug.
  8. kerbal space program

    we already have a thread for this
  9. Request subsection is not, and has never been, the place to ask for modpacks. Moved to Platform Pagoda, where all custom pack discussions take place
  10. I'm confused, did you fix this issue?
  11. Moved to Platform Pagoda, where this is more appropiate
  12. That is the section you post issues on. Great effort with that server advertisement! "Come join my server that crashes!"
  13. This is for the Request subsection, Mod Makers is strictly for talking about your mod work. You clearly pointed out you are not a mod dev
  14. custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda Moved