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  1. 32- bit restricts you to 1gb ram. 64- bit does not. Keep it to 64 and make sure you allow between 2 - 4 ram to the launcher. That's all the help I'm gonna give, as we dont support Pixelmon here. And Off topic is neither for custom pack or technic launcher bug reports.
  2. custom pack issue Moved to Platform Pagoda
  3. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda. late reply to this, Jaari. this was 4th of june
  4. this thread exists for a reason. Use it
  5. Tekkit Discussion is where we discuss the modpack called Tekkit. Not Tekxit Moved to Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussions
  6. a modpack doesn't ask you for a password The Technic Launcher asks for a password and it's the same password you enter when you play Mojang's launcher. They both do the same thing, which is pinging the Mojang's authentication server to check if your Mojang / Minecraft account exist. So yes, you can reset your password. But you need to do that with Mojang, not us. Furthermore, this is not a bug with Tekkit Legends, where you posted this. Infact, this isn't a bug at all. So I'll just move this to Cafe Lame
  7. sounds like modpack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  8. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  9. read that. Same issue
  10. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  11. Potluck is for modpack advertising. Moving this to Pagoda. Can't answer your questions... because I don't know how to
  12. we have a section with modpacks and there are people who post their modpacks there. We also have our Discord server where people advertise their modpacks on #platform-pack-ads channel The least you could do is stop being lazy and go look.
  13. this is an english speaking community. So if you want our help, you better learn how to english. If you don't know how to english then get an adult who can to speak for you
  14. Google it, download it, install it then check with the launcher when it's up at the Launcher Options that you're using java 8u25 this is a Windows 10 + Java + Drivers issue thing. Hard to explain, it's complicated