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  1. we don't handle issues or bug report's topics on Server advertising section. Warned and locked
  2. Post on Bug Reports
  3. All issues with the Launcher or Technic's modpacks belong in Bug Reports.
  4. Is this a wish-topic? I'd like to have a million euro
  5. Issues with the Technic Launcher goes in Bug Reports. Platform Pagoda is for custom modpack discussions Moved
  6. Issues with the Technic Launcher goes in Bug Reports Technic Launcher Locked
  7. OP reported it solved Locked
  8. Off topic is not for posting bug reports
  9. You can't change the version of Minecraft when the mods depends on that version. Hexxit is run on 1.5.2 and can only be run on that version of Minecraft Tekkit is on 1.6.4 Legends is on 1.7.10 The older packs like Classic and Lite is run on even older versions. If there is a server that claims you need a newer version of minecraft then they are not running the Official modpacks of Technic.
  10. We have a place to discuss Tekkit modpack We call it; Tekkit Discussion Aren't we clever with words? Moved from Off-topic
  11. Hi, if you are reading this then you must be looking for a section called Servers. Have you tried using that scrolling wheel on your mouse?
  12. custom modpack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda. Moved
  13. Hexxit does not have MCA. Do not confuse custom packs with the official Technic packs. Custom packs are discussed in Platform Pagoda. Locked