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  1. did we forget to read the pinned topics.
  2. Issues with Technic packs not working belongs in Bug Reports Issues with custom packs you or others made belongs in Platform Pagoda Issues with things being outdated belongs to Google
  3. As OP stated in his last post in september 8th, he doesn't have the time for this. Locking this
  4. The forum account and the Technic Platform account are indeed seperate. If the username is already taken, then nothing can be done. Someone else named HyperFirez was quicker to create an account there
  5. by all means, don't explain at all which account you mean. Leave that important info out so others can play a guessing game instead of actually helping
  6. if you looked even closer, you'd notice that ALL mods in Technic packs are outdated. As far as I know, and this is not an official response from the Technic team, in my honest opinion, there wont be any updates. Add to that the fact that CanVox, the main pack developer, quit the team to work for Twitch. The Platform is filled with more modpacks by the community with mods that are up-to-date.
  7. this topic belongs here, Jaari it is a bug within the modpack
  8. 1) Learn to use pastebin sites to post logs on. Nobody wants to scroll for a whole day just to get to the bottom of this topic to be able to reply to you 2) as Jaari pointed out; the log is showing that you're missing Forge. 3) when you add other mods onto the Technic packs, it becomes your custom made one. Therefore it does not belong in Tekkit Bug section Moved to Pagoda for custom pack discussions
  9. this belongs in Platform Pagoda Moved
  10. custom pack discussions belong in Pagoda Moved
  11. read the Server Guidelines and edit your title with the missing information
  12. read the Server Guidelines and edit your title with the missing information Edit. 7 days past and no change. That's how little effort and attention OP gives this thread. Locked
  13. Please get an adult that knows english to type for you here. We can't help anyone with foreign language.
  14. issue solved. Report closed
  15. No response, no help. This issue is closed.