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  1. read that. Same issue
  2. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  3. Potluck is for modpack advertising. Moving this to Pagoda. Can't answer your questions... because I don't know how to
  4. we have a section with modpacks and there are people who post their modpacks there. We also have our Discord server where people advertise their modpacks on #platform-pack-ads channel The least you could do is stop being lazy and go look.
  5. this is an english speaking community. So if you want our help, you better learn how to english. If you don't know how to english then get an adult who can to speak for you
  6. Google it, download it, install it then check with the launcher when it's up at the Launcher Options that you're using java 8u25 this is a Windows 10 + Java + Drivers issue thing. Hard to explain, it's complicated
  7. the Technic Launcher connects to Mojang's authentication server. If you migrated your Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you need to enter the email you gave to Mojang. If you didn't, you shouldn't have to. Just enter your username But if you did migrate your account and forgot what email address you gave them, then you need to contact Mojang about it. Technic cannot do anything about it
  8. why is this on Server OP Swap Shop? Moved to Pagoda
  9. org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated google that line that's the only help you will get, we don't support Pixelmon packs here.
  10. Potluck is for advertising modpacks. finding errors on your custom pack is for Platform Pagoda Moved
  11. this is why we have a Bug Reports section, we post these topics there. Locked
  12. figures they would do this after doing Fallout Shelter. I can't wait to play it and get bored within a month, just like the Fallout one
  13. custom pack issue, not a Technic Launcher bug. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  14. When something doesn't work in the software department, that's what nerds like to call a "bug". These are reported on the Bug Reports board. Usually with as much information as possible to help you solve the issue. Logs, java version and your OS type. Locked
  15. You need to ask help from Pixelmon devs. We don't support that modpack here. If you have an issue with Technic's official packs, do tell