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  1. Is that your name on Discord?
  2. custom modpack issue, belongs in Pagoda Moved
  3. Potluck is for advertising Moved to Pagoda
  4. Server issue, moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  5. Shadow of War; Orc Bro talk Fuck, you guys at Monolith are amazing! This is how you do a great open world game. *pop* I fucking lost it there!
  6. Moving to Server OP Swap Shop
  7. Server issue Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  8. Server discussion Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  9. The new Tekkit classic is called "Tekkit Legends". It's very hard to find, as it resides just between the Launcher and Blightfall sections You posted this in Tekkit Classic. Since you added an additional mod to the pack, Optifine, it becomes your own issue as you broke the Technic modpack. Custom packs' issues and discussions belong in Platform Pagoda. I'm moving this to Pagoda
  10. Server issue Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  11. custom pack issue. Moved to Pagoda
  12. Does this look remotely close to the place to solve modpack issues?
  13. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  14. read the Server Guidelines and include the information you're missing on the title
  15. custom pack issue Moved to Pagoda