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  1. Platform Potluck is for advertising modpacks Platform Pagoda is for discussing custom packs Moved to correct section
  2. 2 options here: 1) get in contact with the modpack developer. They should provide you with tech help, if they cared for their userbase. 2) try our Technic DIscord tech-help channel. We have a bot that could possible automatically respond to you with a soluton if it knows the issue. This requires your log
  3. what is the name of your Platform account? and can you prove it is yours. Stop signing your name, you are clearly showing how much you ignore our forum rules.
  4. just to be clear: you enabled the 2FA on your Technic platform account? Most people just ignore it, as do I If you haven't enabled it you can just check the reCaptcha and login
  5. custom pack issues Moved to Pagoda
  6. This section is not called Platform Pagoda
  7. how could the download of the modpack have been successful if you couldn't log in through the launcher in the first place? It's like saying you drove a car and the driving went well except you couldn't find the car keys?
  8. you got unbanned by one of our mods. you got a second chance. Don't screw it up
  9. attachments to the forum do not work. Use a pastebin site to post the log and post the link here. You can also get help through our Discord, where you can drag and drop your log directly on our #tech-help channel and a bot may instantly give the solution
  10. the one that runs with MC 1.6.4
  11. tekkitclassic

    4 years in our community, you say? but not a second was taken to read our rules or respect the places where these topics are posted. that really hurts my feelings
  12. you will get more attention and response in our Discord server. The forum is quite dead
  13. we have a Bug Report section for a reason. It's the place to post when things don't work with the launcher. Off Topic is not for this.
  14. does the texture pack run with the same version of MC as Hexxit? It should be 1.5.2
  15. Tekkit Main is on MC version 1.6.4, so you can only use Optifine for that version. If it still fails, consider Fastcraft as an alternative. If you're just looking for smooth gameplay