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  1. Can you reach the Mojang screen after you clicked Play on the Launcher?
  2. Hey, your the only staff member thats recently online that i can message. i sent this to kakermix but it looks like hes long gone. i cant be bothered typing this out again so ill just copy paste it.


    Heres a conversation with one of the owners, it was a fun one! these are the first messages i sent marisol, the gyazo links linked to all the modpacks that they "duped"? i guess? ill skip that part, but ill link the gyazo links to the screenshots of the modpacks that have been duped after this. this is her lying to me, saying that they arent doing it, before i showed the original modpack posted by "normundas" and then 2 other duped modpacks posted by normundas as well as shown in the following screenshot.

    she then blocked me after i sent this one, and i made an alternate account to ask why, and told her that i had more proof because of her blockage. she blocked that one as well. and here i am now.

    sorry if i didnt explain it well, i think i have a slight dyslexia or something. tell me if something needs to be simplified.

    1. Munaus


      we have this big red button on each and every modpack on the platform, called "Report Modpack".

      Click it.

      I do not have any power on the Platform, so I can't do anything about it.

  3. people stopped coming to the forums. We got much more traffic on our Discord server. As for the packs, CanVox, our main modpack dev, got a job in Twitch so he left the other admins got busy with real life and so pack development has come to a freeze. We are still moderating, we still have staff. We just don't develop packs much more. To be honest, how can we compete with the millions of packs that we have today? The platform is filled with everything everyone can imagine. The community itself is doing packs now
  4. because neither Forge or Minecraft are compatible with java 9. Get java 8 instead
  5. It’s nice to know you treat your new players so kindly, even if they make one simple error on their first (and now last) post.

    Oh and don’t bother replying to this; I’ll have detached my email by the time you’ve read it.

  6. that looks like something I could get into. I've seen siege machines in there. And sailing boats, which I bet wont lag or explode when they hit water lily's. Made by Bohemia Interactive, the guys who made Operation Flashpoint that I was fond of.
  7. Potluck is for advertising modpacks, not asking for one. Moved to Platform Pagoda you may get help if you ease the workload for the one helping you. Post the links to the mods in question
  8. and we are back in business! Thanks Bochen! So, next meal on the menu is called Total Miner. A rpg, open world voxel game that looks, feels and smells exactly like Minecraft. But this one has skills and ingame-tools for those who want to create an adventure for others. Even dialog trees for NPCs. It's Early Access so look for it whenever you're on Steam to see if it changes to its own thing. It also allows mod support with C# programming. Perhaps something to look out for for those that still don't java. Edit. Someone has made a good yt video of this fairly recently, voiced by Braveheart.
  9. that will do nothing if he still uses java 9, since it's not compatible with Minecraft. Which is why I gave a link to java 8
  10. custom modpack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  11. one of our stat workers crashed late night/morning. We made an announcement about it on Discord. everything should work now Edit. I did not see that you posted this here. Potluck is for advertising modpacks. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  12. Merry Christmas made some lovely glaced ribs for dinner to my family and bought 3 games on Steam. Not too shabby this holiday
  13. you have java 9. That version is not fully compatible with Minecraft Get Java 8 Windows x64 Offline, the 151 version
  14. org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated Driver issue. Update your video card drivers. You said you have Intel so google Intel drivers