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  1. Why are you "reviewing" this again? It's the same copy and paste post that you made earlier
  2. Did you migrate to a Mojang account? Most users did and have to sign with their email on the username field. The same email you gave to Mojang
  3. busy with work so I didn't have time to respond in time. I will leave these words for any readers in the future: It would be so simple for Technic to just post the minecraft sound files here, in public. I have even been approached by a helpful samaritan who offered to host and share it. But as my friends and staff in Technic informed me, it's not that simple. Mojang removing the files doesn't mean they still don't own it. Distributing Minecraft assets is illegal, copyright and all that. So when I said we can't fix it, I really meant it. We can't Hedgehog and everyone else playing these packs with MC versions 1.6 and older will be without sounds and skins. Your solution is to have a friend who has played the packs or the similar vanilla MC versions 2-3 months prior to Mojang removing them and asking that friend for the resource files. Of course you can do the less recommended way and find the files online from whomever and whatever site. If you like to live in the danger zone. So in short; the link that Jaari provided will not help you fix the problem, no. Because Mojang caused it
  4. what does making a custom pack have to do with Tekkit Discussion board? Moved to Platform Pagoda
  5. If you had bothered to read the link provided thoroughly, you would know that the bug report is labeled as Working as Intended by Mojang moderators. They removed the sound files. We cannot fix that isn't broken
  6. convo was continued at Discord. Closed
  7. The Technic Platform account is not connected to Mojang / Minecraft accounts. Platform account is for the website only. And you did not give the name of your account
  8. moved to Server OP Swap Shop, for server discussions
  9. in the future, post bug reports in Bug Reports Locked
  10. don't bump old bug reports. Locked. If Minecraft805 is still around, message me if you still have an issue.
  11. Old report. Locked
  12. help

    double topic. This is not a Technic launcher error since the issue is with how you set up the pack. Locked
  13. help

    Platform Potluck is for posting working packs Moved to Platform Pagoda
  14. custom pack discussion Moved to Platform Pagoda
  15. Stop posting on others bug reports! You are not helping either one with their issues. Create your own bug report.