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  1. are you asking for friends to play? Because we have this thread for a reason
  2. put two loaf of bread between your ears and you have successfully made an idiot sandwich
  3. beast friends for ever

    I do like yo yo's. Especially the one that summons the blue eyes white dragon
  4. Nintendo declared a Cease and Desist on any Pixelmon packs. Take up the issue with Pixelmon devs.
  5. Moving this to Platform Pagoda Staff will remove those packs, so follow Jaari's advice and go download FTB's/Curse-Twitch launcher for FTBs packs
  6. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  7. if you're going to make a pack public and call it Tekkit 2, then no also, why are you posting this in Bug Reports? I see no technical issues here, only a question. Since this Platform related, I'm moving this to Platform Pagoda. Read the Forum Rules
  8. this is a topic about the Platform and we have a whole section devoted for the Platform so why are you posting this on Off Topic. Moved
  9. when you run a modpack you run it with the version of MC that the modpack dev intended. So if a server tells you to run a different version of MC then that server doesn't run the same modpack, or atleast not the same version of the modpack. So no, there is no way to change which version of MC a modpack runs in, not unless YOU made that modpack. That pixelmon server is most likely running a different pixelmon pack altogether, as there are dozens of different pixel packs out there
  10. the log looks short. is that the whole text or did you cut off parts of it? the lines you posted here means nothing. I get those and the launcher runs fine for me if you join our DIscord and drag the whole log file in our tech-help channel a bot can automatically read and might see the issue
  11. join our Discord. you can download the app or join through the website
  12. my favourite - pop - guy got his own trailer to voice no, I can't get enough of these... only thing I don't like is WB making the real life trailer with actors make-uped as orcs. that's just cringey
  13. post the log Error logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Post the error log on and submit the link here. Another alternative is joining our Technic Discord, where a bot can solve most common issues
  14. we are not responsible for other packs that we did not make. we are especially not helpful towards packs that are illegal. Nintendo has declared a cease and desist on Pixemon. Take up the issue with the guy who made Pixelmon dark. Issue closed