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  1. Is that your name on Discord?
  2. custom modpack issue, belongs in Pagoda Moved
  3. Potluck is for advertising Moved to Pagoda
  4. Server issue, moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  5. This thread is reserved for people looking for one or two other people to play privately with. It's strictly for small scale private games, so no more than 4 people, including the host. Anyone found using this thread to circumvent the posting guidelines for server posts will be humiliated and flamed, then banned. The order of those actions may change. Don't post here a dozen times telling different people you'll play with them. If you're looking for that kind of gameplay, go to the server section and find one. After you have secured your contingent of people to play with, at the mods' discretion your post(s) may be deleted. On that note, people caught bumping this thread because they're "still looking for other people" will be subjected to the same treatment as those attempting to use this for larger server posts. Feel free to edit your post, but don't keep adding more posts. Finally, we recommend stating your basic info in your recruitment thread. That includes especially the following: - Number of people desired - Active time zone and times - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) - Any inactive mods/items you may have
  6. Shadow of War; Orc Bro talk Fuck, you guys at Monolith are amazing! This is how you do a great open world game. *pop* I fucking lost it there!
  7. Moving to Server OP Swap Shop
  8. Server issue Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  9. Server discussion Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  10. The new Tekkit classic is called "Tekkit Legends". It's very hard to find, as it resides just between the Launcher and Blightfall sections You posted this in Tekkit Classic. Since you added an additional mod to the pack, Optifine, it becomes your own issue as you broke the Technic modpack. Custom packs' issues and discussions belong in Platform Pagoda. I'm moving this to Pagoda
  11. Server issue Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  12. custom pack issue. Moved to Pagoda
  13. Does this look remotely close to the place to solve modpack issues?
  14. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  15. read the Server Guidelines and include the information you're missing on the title
  16. custom pack issue Moved to Pagoda
  17. Error occurred during initialization of VM [B#349] 2017/06/03 21:05:15 [INFO] Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size [B#349] 2017/06/03 21:05:15 [INFO] Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512M java memory issue. You must've set the Xmx size yourself, which is causing this. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable with commands knows how to fix this Or you can come to Discord tech-help channel, post the same log there and the bot will give you the solution Since this is a Technic Launcher issue, I'm moving it to Bug Reports
  18. you just described Ancient Warfare 2. it doesn't have siege equipment, nor any vehicles, but it has gates. Iron and wooden gates that can open from the middle or downwards up. the slight difference from minecolony is that you have to spawn in the NPCs by creating a food bundle item, then right-click it on the ground to make the NPC. They are also divided in classes; workers, fighters and priests (resurrects dead NPCs)
  19. new

    well I got some good news, that is indeed a functional IP that users can join with. The problem is, that is a local IP. Only users who are logged in through your modem at your home can access your server. So, are you going to post your home address here now? Seeing as you need strangers in your house for them to play your server. Go google "how to make minecraft server" and try again. When you done it properly, read the Server Guidelines and edit your title to proper standards
  20. new

    Is this a server ad or not? Post the IP and read the Server Guidelines
  21. Since this is specifically a server issue I'm gonna move it to Server OP Swap Shop
  22. custom pack discussion Moved to Pagoda
  23. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  24. normally we would punish laziness like this, but you are clearly punishing yourself with that post. No mention of any specific mods No mention of any theme No mention of MC version No link to your pack <- this being the greatest sin And no mention of what makes your pack so special.
  25. Moved to Server OP Swap Shop