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  1. Tekkit Classic discussion is for discussing Tekkit Classic modpack. Custom packs have their own section. Locked
  2. your post looks really weird. get your technic log and paste it into pastebin and post the link here In order to get your logs, please go into the Launcher Options (upper-right corner), then on the bottom-left corner of that screen, click "Open Logs". The logs are all called techniclauncher_YYYY-MM-DD.log, with YYYY being the Year, MM being the Month, and DD being the day. We need the Logs from when you were/are having your issues.
  3. funny, I just watched it a few hours ago. It's definitely funnier, grittier and deadpool-ier. He literally kills himself, figurally speaking. there was no traditional Marvel spoiler scene after the credits, just so you know. I loved the movie
  4. checked your username on Discord. You have been banned before. It looks like you broke the rules again with zero concern for respecting our discord. If you want to clean your act up and get unbanned a third time then you better show your good side now and be active here in our forum.
  5. is that your name on Discord? If not, I'm gonna need it to check
  6. 1) it would be good if you told us what many things you already done, so we don't repeat the same solutions you already tried. 2) google that line org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated along with minecraft and you'll find that there are hundreds of others that reported the same issue with Windows 10. It has also been reported here numerous times and responded to. Also, read this line This can usually be fixed by updating the video card drivers. again, I do not know if you done this, because you haven't explained what many things you already done to fix it. 3) bugs and errors with Technic's official packs are posted on Bug Report section. So if you have already updated your video card drivers and the issue persists, make a new topic in Bug Reports. Locked
  7. this is not a discussion about the official Tekkit modpack. Custom packs have their own section Locked
  8. issues with your custom packs are not posted here in off-topic. Read the section titles and descriptions before posting your topic. also please don't copy paste your log text directly on your post, that makes it so hard to follow your post as we need several minutes to scroll down to reply. Use a Pastebin service Locked
  9. Netta has higher dislike than likes on the youtube vid. This is quite interesting. There has been speculation in the past that the contest is rigged. I wonder if this proves it... I have a hard time believing that all of Europe wanted this chicka pow pow to win. She's not a Verda Serduchka.
  11. you most likely got ratelimited by the search, which puts your launcher in a temporary offline mode. Our search on the launcher isn't perfect, as soon as you type the very first letter - let's say Tekkit - it will search ALL modpacks on the Platform that starts with the letter T. Do a lot of searching with different words and you eventually stress the search engine (for lack of a better word) and it locks you down. The only solution is to leave the launcher alone, much like you leave an overheated engine off. Close the launcher and do something else for 60 mins. Come back after that and see if it works, if not and the issue persists, come to our Discord and report the issue in our tech-help channel
  12. that sounds like your file was made into a modpack.jar.jar next time, post custom pack help or discussion on Platform Pagoda, not Modding Central or Cafe Lame. Moved
  13. We don't ask help with custom packs in off topic section. Do a little read before posting
  14. Solder, or TechnicSolder, is what Technic team uses to organise the mods on their modpacks. Look up the latest news from Technic on the website, there is a solder link there. I'm on a phone currently so I can't link it myself
  15. American? really?
  16. Eurovision is the worst trash ever. I take that back. Europe is the worst garbage redneck musical neanderthals that walk this face of Earth.
  17. Netherlands better win Eurovision this time. It's the same trucker guy I loved from before! Close second favourites are UK (amazingly enough, they've matured!), Finland and Denmark
  18. Yes, you are banned. I remember you, Mr. I-don't-care-about-the-rules and posts his server IP where they don't belong. You had your chance then and screwed it. If you want to restore your name you better show some manners by being active here, in our forum.
  19. custom pack issue, not a bug with the launcher. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  20. I've linked this to our Discord. I or another trusted user may come back if we find something Edit. could you link the modpack in question? I'm fairly certain there are plenty of captain sparklez packs on platform
  21. custom pack discussion, not an issue with the launcher. Moved to Platform Pagoda what was the point of downvoting Jaari's post?
  22. we do not ask or promote piracy here. If you want to enjoy Minecraft, then buy the game.
  23. you have to collect poop? ugh... is this and Ark survival getting their inspiration from Better than Wolves?
  24. if it doesn't work then the issue is with the pack itself, not the launcher. Moved to Platform Pagoda posting a link to the pack is better than just posting its name. Nobody wants to do extra work by searching your friend should post here with the dropbox link to the pack, or whichever he chose as a host, so someone can see how he set it up.
  25. a fantasy adventure RPG with no tech, or as little tech as possible. A spawn hub, village, much like servers have, where I can do trade and quest with CustomNPCs (mod). factions that I can join and raise ranks by doing quests or killing monsters for them. factions that allows players access to spells, weapons and armour that marks the faction. Mage, warriors, knights. and let the pack be playable on laptops. Not too resource heavy. and this is for singleplayer. Like Blightfall or Craft & Slash do. preferably 1.7.10