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  1. there are only 2 people on our Discord that has any power on Platform, with the exception of the admins. But they consider name changing a very low priority, so try asking in Discord and cross your fingers that you'll be noticed
  2. take into account that there are hundreds of thousands of people playing with the launcher, ever since it launched back in 2011. The launcher was open source to the public from day one. There were plenty of programmers back in those days as there are now. If they had seen anything that would seem suspicious, Technic would be under the gigantic magnifying glass of the Internet.
  3. Hey, can you maybe read the title of this section? It says "Discuss Hexxit Gameplay". Custom modpack discussions does not belong here Contact the modpack dev of Tekxit if you want to give him your opinion, he will not be here
  4. we have section for Let's Plays. Moved
  5. moving this to Platform Pagoda
  6. this is not how you make a server advertisement. Fudgekid, read our Server Guidelines thoroughly.
  7. moving this to Platform Pagoda, as this is a custom pack issue
  8. custom packs are not Technic launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  9. since both of you seemed to have joined before our bot started logging the discord chat, which was a long time ago, I've decided to uplift your bans from our discord server. you've been given a second chance. Ignore our rules on the Discord and there wont be a third.
  10. currently I can't get the chat logs from our bot, so I don't know what either of you did. But you are banned from our discord and that is always for a reason.
  11. this is the bug report section. You post here if you experience an issue with downloading modpacks on the launcher. Case closed
  12. Fuck this is giving me the chills when the warlord comes out to make a speech, a theme is played out. Dayum it sounds nice. I want more drums for any legendary fortress lords I mean to kill. I want this game so bad... edit. I should also point out the commentary is only for the first 20 secs, then he shuts up for savouring the gameplay sound. I thank the yt uploader for that.
  13. the red doesn't match your eyes

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      Yeah, it doesn't really.
      There's so much buttons here.. wonder what this one does.. wel5eYU.gif

      There, i switched it to gravatar but I feel it's still not it.

  14. There is a ban for Preatomigold, but no Preatomicgold If you are the one without c, do you remember what you did?
  15. Tekkit Classic, Lite, Main (space), Legends, Hexxit, Attack of the B-team and Blightfall. I count more than 4 Technic packs and that's only by the Technic team, there's also Voltz, TPPI, Big Dig and Hack/Mine that are made by a third party that Technic hosts. Technic hosts all these packs, they pay money so people can download them. They also pay to upkeep the Platform and the forum. In both the forum and mainly now on the Discord we help users to fix many of their issues relating to launcher not working or modpack problems. we also got others jumping the helpwagon, players who enjoy giving time of their day to help others. Yours truly used to be one of them Sum that up together and you'll find that the words "sad" or "demotivating" is not the impression you get from Technic. It's quite the opposite. But you mentioned modpack bugs and why they wont patch them. There's fairly many reasons for this: Mods are either not updated/discontinued like some Hexxit mods or they are not updated for that specific MC version, as the mod dev decided to update to a newer MC version. This breaks many packs as you have to decide whether to ditch some mods that lag behind on updates in favour of a few others that has. There's also the rare occurrence when some mods working together causes such a bug that neither of the mod devs wishes to take responsibility for it. In this example I think of Attack of the B-team and the village crash. A combination of Biomes O'Plenty, Necromancy and vanilla villages caused a crash. Technic could not fix it as the issue lied in the code. But whose code was not up to debate, as the mod devs didn't see it as their problem and Mojang simply doesn't care due to it being a modded client. So Technic disabled vanilla villages as the only solution. You also have to take into consideration that Technic team is not a huge triple A company with hundreds of employers. It's Kakermix, Sct, Genpage, Talonos and Skuli. 5 dudes who has lives outside of Technic where they have to work and pay their bills. There used to be more admins than that, but many have quit to pursue their own careers or studies. Anyone making a pack, be it willy-nilly or carefully picking certain mods that play nicely together will still have some bugs inbetween them at release. It's impossible for one or two players to spot all of them, but it's guaranteed that hundreds, or in this case thousands playing Technic, will find them. It's easy to get stressed out and point fingers at Technic, while forgetting that other packs made by the community probably have the same bugs, or worse. In addition, many of the packs made by the community does not offer as much help and support as we do here. So that just leaves the laziness. They may certainly be that, but seeing as they are still here and Notch, who refused to fix anything and bailed out by selling his game and ran away with the M$ money, Technic is still going strong. That means something. So to sum it all up; Recommended is a playable version. It may not be the most bug-free but it can still be enjoyed by the majority. If you want to prove your point of them being lazy then you are very welcomed to try and fix the bugs and exploits and present your version of their pack to the Technic team. After all, CanVox, the former modpack creator in Technic, used to be a simple player before he got the position as an admin.
  16. no spam today either? You're taking all the work away from me!

    Are you trying to make me look lazy?!

    Because I am! :corsair:

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      Lord Ptolemy

      I'll be rolling this out to the discord later:

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      okay, that's quite cool

  17. I noticed this yesterday How worried should I be? I don't see mobile games as anything positive that and micro transactions on the upcoming game
  18. Hello, I am Munaus the forum and discord moderator and former tech-help guy on the non-existant Tracker for over 6 months. I like having a discussion that concerns constructive criticism. The problem is, I hardly ever find such a person. Let's be honest, because I can pull the chat logs on this, did you tell a moderator on our Discord to go fuck himself?
  19. I haven't played Tekkit, but pictures would be better than words. Someone more experienced might tell then
  20. Moved to Server OP Swap Shop, which is more server related.
  21. If you mean an actual mod mod and not a modpack, the correct place and topics can be viewed here Modding Central is all about programming a mod, or publishing one like Viesis did in Here's a few concepts I've searched on when I tried and failed the modding scene the first two might be outdated. Note that there are few, in rare occurrences, mod devs in this forum. So hoping to get any step-by-step instructions are slim. Technic IRC might be a better spot. Google it Good luck
  22. I've had some shitty days at work, so I did forget this glad you got it sorted out
  23. Platform Potluck is for advertising modpacks Platform Pagoda is for discussing custom packs Moved to correct section
  24. 2 options here: 1) get in contact with the modpack developer. They should provide you with tech help, if they cared for their userbase. 2) try our Technic DIscord tech-help channel. We have a bot that could possible automatically respond to you with a soluton if it knows the issue. This requires your log
  25. what is the name of your Platform account? and can you prove it is yours. Stop signing your name, you are clearly showing how much you ignore our forum rules.