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  1. modpack creation

    custom pack issue. This belongs in Platform Pagoda Moved
  2. is this an issue with those packs alone, or does the same happen with Technic packs? Hexxit, Attack of the B-team and Tekkit?
  3. Not an issue with Technic launcher, if other packs worked fine. Take the issue with the developer of the pack
  4. Custom pack issue. Moved to Pagoda
  5. Always get the mods from the site where the dev uploaded it to. or is not that place. Also, OP asked this last summer. He will not give two shits about this post today. This was pointless to reply to
  6. Read the Server Guidelines and edit your title with the necessary information.
  7. This section is not for solving bugs or errors with servers.
  8. In the future, post issues with downloading packs on Bug Reports -Technic Launcher. Unless the issue is specifically a custom pack, then it goes to Platform Pagoda or take it with the modpack dev.
  9. can you launch any modpacks? Tekkit, Hexxit or Attack of the B-team?
  10. Custom pack issue, moving this to Pagoda
  11. without a link to these three packs, I can only conclude that these packs were made by amateurs who can't make packs. Problem solved. Try another pack.
  12. Google pastebin. Put your logs there and post the link to it here. You'd get better support from Discord than here. You just need to be patient Edit. Also, moving this to Pagoda. This is not an issue with the Technic launcher
  13. Moving this to Server OP Swap Shop
  14. you have a block or item that uses the same ID as another item/block from a different mod. This is common. Also, this doesn't belong in potluck. Moved
  15. why are you posting a server ad here?
  16. the forums is mostly dead. You'll get more attention on our Discord, as most of our helpers are active there
  17. don't bump.
  18. As jaari said, bother the owner of said server. Don't make posts like this on the advertising section.
  19. always always - always - provide a link to the pack. No link, no help from anyone
  20. When I say "provide a pastebin of your log", I really mean that. Not pasting the log directly on the forum post
  21. post in our Discord, we got Top Men to grind out issues like this
  22. a 1.7.10 pack? This is Attack of the B-team server section. Edit. Moved to Custom server zone
  23. Platform-related. Moved to platform pagoda