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  1. There is a way to recover your old world if the save file is there. Look up the pinned thread in Attack of the B-team Discussion board called Most Common issues & solutions. I'm at work and on the phone so I can't link it
  2. Do you mean the launcher or website? They are different accounts. The website you login with the credentials you used to create it. The launcher uses the Minecraft/Mojang credentials. There you use the same username/email and password you use on Mojang's launcher.
  3. Server issue. Moved to Server Op Swap shop
  4. Custom pack, moved to Platform Pagoda.
  5. custom modpack creation this belongs in Platform Pagoda, not Technic launcher bugs. Moved
  6. Lukato, post your log from a pastebin website logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link
  7. we need to see your log logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link
  8. Cafe Lame is for general discussions, not tech help. We have a seperate board for that, called Bug Reports and your screen suggests a bad driver and that you should update it. What else are we supposed to say? moved to Bug Reports
  9. all I know is that the ores abundance was done by CanVox with CoFH Core mod. the mod has a config called worldcustomgen.txt can't help much more than that
  10. This is why we have a bug board. Moved to Bug Reports.
  11. the copy pasted text that Jaari provided did answer that. The Technic launcher, or the other launchers like ATlauncher or FTB/Curse/Twitch launcher, do the same thing as Mojang's launcher; it sends a ping to Mojang's authentication server, asking if the account ID exists. The Mojang authentication server will send a ping back to our launcher, either answering Yes or Nope. If the answer is yes, you will get in on our launcher and be able to install our official packs or packs provided by the community through our Platform If the answer is Nope, then you wont get in and the launcher will simply state that your account doesn't exist. You are right to doubt third-party based apps, but please take note that the Technic launcher has been around since 2011 and we have always been transparent on our doings. The link to the github Jaari provided is the full code the launcher is built of that anyone can visit and read. If we did anything with your account, or the thousands of accounts that already uses it, certain people would know of it. There are other developers, those who take interest in security software as you do, they have undoubtly looked at the github site. Feel free to take a look at it yourself, or copy the link and show it to someone who understands it better. also also, there is a term that players keep getting confused. the term Mod and Modpack. Mod is a single modification, that changes or adds to the game however the mod dev made it. This is an example of a mod A Modpack is a portfolio filled with mods, that can either be carefully designed and built to a specific degree. An example of a modpack is here where the mod Tinkers is also in. What our Technic launcher, and other launchers like it, does is launch these prebuilt portfolios of mods with a click of a button. Back in the past 2010-2011, you had to download single mods yourself and alter the minecraft.jar to be able to play. The launcher eases the process so nobody has to be a computer geek to figure it out. As a final note; why does the Technic launcher require your account ID? Why can't it just let you and anyone else download and play the game? Because that would be piracy. Minecraft is a game you pay once to play. If the Technic launcher allowed players to install modpacks and play the game without checking the authenticity of your account, we would allow piracy and that will not fly by with Mojang (or Microsoft that owns Mojang today). I hope this clarifies some points. Feel free to ask more questions or join us in Technic Discord for more direct contact.
  12. this is a permanent link, it should never go off
  13. if nobody responds here, try going to our Discord I can't help, as I have no experience with servers
  14. that's because you zipped a folder called DE and inside DE you have the mods, config and bin folders. That's not how you make it. When you compress the modpack, you compress the 3 folders; mods, config and bin They should be made into the, do not put those 3 folders inside another folder. The launcher is opening your modpack folder and finds this DE but no mods, so that's why it loads vanilla. your config folder is also empty, which tells me you didn't test this modpack. Always test the modpack on a clean client - vanilla modpack on the Technic launcher is perfect for this! and inside bin you have a modpack.jar.jar google "windows shows file extensions" to prevent this from happening. It should be called modpack.jar
  15. we have no member or ban with that name. That means you have never joined us. Can't you join through the launcher? just click the Discord icon/picture there to join our server
  16. Java 10 is incompatible with Forge. Don't use that when you have the Launcher up, click the Launcher Options when you're looking at Modpacks. You should see a Java Tab, click that and check which Java the launcher is referring to. You should be able to click the dropbown arrow to select which java you want the launcher to use The launcher will always use the latest java, so if you have java 10 it will use that. Uninstall it Once you installed a 64-bit, preferable java 8, close the launcher completely, log out, then log back in and check the Launcher Options if the java with 64-bit is available
  17. this doesn't belong in Hexxit Bug board. Moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  18. some do, some may not I've made two packs and hidden them, I don't wish to step on anyones toes. just check the permissions from every mod author. Some are happy if you just leave a link to their site (curse link or link to mod author's own website) on your platform page. Others want you to PM/email them. the time it takes them to reply can vary
  19. Platform Potluck is for advertising your modpack, not to report issues with the launcher. We have a section for issues with the Launcher. It's called Bug Reports Moved
  20. Custom modpack, moved to Platform pagoda
  21. Potluck is for advertising modpacks, not tech help. Bug Reports is for issues with the launcher Moved post your log on a pastebin site and provide the link here. logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link Consider joining us on Discord, where we have a bot that automatically reads logs and provide solutions if it knows the issue
  22. no help with Pixelmon packs here. They have their own forums and discord servers that offer tech help. Google for links
  23. moving this to Platform Pagoda
  24. get in contact with our staff or a moderator on Technic Discord. Only Technic staff - the purple and red names - has the power to IP ban someone and they never do it without reason.
  25. can you increase the RAM for the launcher now?