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  1. Custom pack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda Read this If you have any questions, try to explain what you are doing and/or what you don't understand. Many of us can and have built packs, but none of us can read minds (officially) so "dose not work" is something I or anyone else can not work on Feel free to drop by on Discord if nobody is here, as most of us hang in Technic discord
  2. custom pack server issue Moved to Server OP Swap shop
  3. Moving this to Server OP Swap shop, as this isn't a bug.
  4. kerbal space program

    we already have a thread for this
  5. Request subsection is not, and has never been, the place to ask for modpacks. Moved to Platform Pagoda, where all custom pack discussions take place
  6. I'm confused, did you fix this issue?
  7. Moved to Platform Pagoda, where this is more appropiate
  8. That is the section you post issues on. Great effort with that server advertisement! "Come join my server that crashes!"
  9. This is for the Request subsection, Mod Makers is strictly for talking about your mod work. You clearly pointed out you are not a mod dev
  10. custom pack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda Moved
  11. Tekkit Legends Discussion is just that, discussing Tekkit Legends. Server advertisement goes in Tekkit Legends Server section. I can see how that is very confusing, one having the word discussion and the other server.... Moved to correct section
  12. did you buy the game Minecraft? If you did, you use the same credentials on the launcher as you use on Mojang's launcher. Tyoe your email on the username field, the same email you gave to Mojang
  13. I'd like to hear from OP before I lock any bug reports
  14. you can't delete. That's moderator only. It prevents users from shit-posting and hiding their tracks
  15. First, don't make multiple threads of the same topic. Second, we have a thread for beginners in the Modding Central none of the people in that thread are present anymore, so asking them there is pointless. The very little I learned is to learn through java tutorial videos, if you don't know how java works. fair warning, there is very little to no mod devs left in this forum. I can only point out one, but he's busy. Good luck!
  16. Moved to Bug Reports
  17. Moved to correct section
  18. Which fuckng part of Attack of the B-team servers on the title do you guys not understand? This section, and ALL sections beneath the word SERVERS, is for advertising only. For issues and discussions about servers outside of advertising, go there ->
  19. we don't handle issues or bug report's topics on Server advertising section. Warned and locked
  20. Post on Bug Reports
  21. All issues with the Launcher or Technic's modpacks belong in Bug Reports.
  22. Is this a wish-topic? I'd like to have a million euro
  23. Issues with the Technic Launcher goes in Bug Reports. Platform Pagoda is for custom modpack discussions Moved
  24. Issues with the Technic Launcher goes in Bug Reports Technic Launcher Locked