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  1. It's been over a year since the forum updated and with that we got a dumbed down search function that barely functions at all. So if you meant searching on this forum then yeah, that's the reason. We don't have a proper search on the Platform. On Discord you can search for server packs by looking in our server ads channel or using Discord's proper search that does work
  2. Every modpack ever made has these things. I don't have a name but I do have a term for those kinds of modpacks. It's called kitchensink. A cluster of mashed mods tucked together without thought or prolonged testing. I don't get why some people ask these questions. Are you asking for a modpack running on the latest MC version? Those depend on which mods have actually been updated by their respective mod authors. We are getting less updates on mods with every MC version update. 1.7.10 is the favourite, as some mod authors have left their mods there. Which brings me to the next question; I have made a pack for 1.10.2 about 4-5 months ago, does that make it bad because I made it so long ago? Are modpacks like vegetables? Lastly, this belongs to Platform pagoda, because modpacks. Moved
  3. that face is the exact expression everyone will have when they read the title. "oh, a new modpack? .... ... ... .. how excited I am... . ". it's also the expression of everyone bench-watching on Netflix Oh and this is in the wrong section, moved to Platform Potluck
  4. Tekkit Discussion is for discussing the modpack Tekkit. If you have technical issues with the Launcher you go to the Bug Reports and fill in some proper info. things like; Java version, log, OS type and what specifically the issue is All we got from you now: you can't play (why not??) and you like to play something called attack of the B force (??). How is anyone able to solve this with the information you gave us?
  5. server related, moved to Server OP Swap Shop
  6. Attack of the B-team and I believe Hexxit 2.0.1 that Skuli made had it aswell
  7. they are like vanilla horses. Some places they spawn, some places they don't
  8. you have to punch a tree to get wood, with your bare hands
  9. Custom pack issue, moving it to Platform Pagoda and I've given the answer to this: since you said in Discord that all the official packs of Technic works fine, the issue is solely on this pack. Since it's not your pack you should contact the owner of this pack and report this issue to him. Or better yet, find a pack that isn't broken If anyone else feels to jump in and help, go ahead.
  10. I felt like having dragons in the game, so I made a pack with dragons made by the same mobs creator from Fossils & Archeology.. and magic, plenty of magic and tornadoes and wild dogs and bears now I'm not playing Minecraft anymore. Too busy catching slaying pokemon in Middle Earth edit. hook up on Discord and I'll throw you a link to it, if you're interested. it works on toasters and has no tinkers or thaumcraft
  11. are you asking for friends to play? Because we have this thread for a reason
  12. put two loaf of bread between your ears and you have successfully made an idiot sandwich
  13. beast friends for ever

    I do like yo yo's. Especially the one that summons the blue eyes white dragon
  14. Moving this to Platform Pagoda Staff will remove those packs, so follow Jaari's advice and go download FTB's/Curse-Twitch launcher for FTBs packs
  15. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  16. if you're going to make a pack public and call it Tekkit 2, then no also, why are you posting this in Bug Reports? I see no technical issues here, only a question. Since this Platform related, I'm moving this to Platform Pagoda. Read the Forum Rules
  17. this is a topic about the Platform and we have a whole section devoted for the Platform so why are you posting this on Off Topic. Moved
  18. when you run a modpack you run it with the version of MC that the modpack dev intended. So if a server tells you to run a different version of MC then that server doesn't run the same modpack, or atleast not the same version of the modpack. So no, there is no way to change which version of MC a modpack runs in, not unless YOU made that modpack. That pixelmon server is most likely running a different pixelmon pack altogether, as there are dozens of different pixel packs out there
  19. the log looks short. is that the whole text or did you cut off parts of it? the lines you posted here means nothing. I get those and the launcher runs fine for me if you join our DIscord and drag the whole log file in our tech-help channel a bot can automatically read and might see the issue
  20. join our Discord. you can download the app or join through the website
  21. my favourite - pop - guy got his own trailer to voice no, I can't get enough of these... only thing I don't like is WB making the real life trailer with actors make-uped as orcs. that's just cringey
  22. post the log Error logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Post the error log on and submit the link here. Another alternative is joining our Technic Discord, where a bot can solve most common issues
  23. we are not responsible for other packs that we did not make. we are especially not helpful towards packs that are illegal. Nintendo has declared a cease and desist on Pixemon. Take up the issue with the guy who made Pixelmon dark. Issue closed
  24. Good bye Tom Petty, you handsome man. Your music will always live strong with me