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  1. Wizzy's Futurecraft is an epic server and modpack filled with tons of stuff to do. Featuring mods like WarpDrive and Lycanite's, there is an incredible diversity. You can cook food, build epic structures, battle monsters, and just survive. Plus, the server will have fun, faction-based PvP events, to liven up the basic PvE of the server. These events will involve Flans and MCHeli weapons, with tons of NPCs on both sides, fighting to the bitter end. Plus, the staff is always ready to help (If they're online) with a great spawn, with all the rules, and several faction bases out in the open. Soon, Custom Bosses and Raids will be implemented, again, to spice up the generic survival aspect. Log on today to join on in! Just watch out for Spitters and Barbarians! Link to modpack: IP:
  2. Oh, OK
  3. I have the entire folder zipped, so it goes > modpack > bin/config/mods/Flan
  4. Option 1
  5. Ah, OK. But my modpack is still being dumb. It's just loading regular 1.7.10.
  6. Ah, OK, thank you for that answer. Journeymap folder is generated when I launch the mod. Lua code thingies aren't important, as I have found out.
  7. So, I am working on a modpack, following the technic help guide. Currently, I have readied all my mods, but what do I do with non-config generated files, such as the Flans folder where you put content packs, or the Lua coding thingys that pop up with the generating of OpenComputers, or the journeymap folder. Where do I put them? "bin", "config" or "mods" Please help!