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  1. The Technic Discord server has a community bot (made by @Lord Ptolemy) in place for fixing launcher and modpack issues. Grab an invite, visit the server and read the #rules, move to the #tech-help channel and upload today's launcher log from %appdata%\.technic\logs to the chat. The bot will analyze the log and provide a fix if it knows the issue. here's the bot in action: Remember to read the #rules before you start typing! Here's the invite:
  2. Some of the people on discord (most of them actually) are lost in there and they start typing before reading anything, that's a mistake and I'm a moderator in there also so... Read the #rules on discord before typing or else... Here's a small tutorial for getting help with crashes/launcher not working on Technic's discord:
  3. sigh Read the rules and you didn't give us any info at all to resolve your issue.
  4. 1. You didn't read the forum rules. 2. No logs = no help.
  5. You started downloading a dead pack and then you started downloading a working one but you didn't wait for it to finish and you actually didn't run anything. What are you trying to achieve?
  6. 232 days Topic locked
  7. Visit our discord, read the #rules and then use the #tech-help channel to fix your issue
  8. Google "the 1.7.10 pack"
  9. @CrazyTesla We're analyzing the issue. There are some outdated mods in tekkit that are trying to connect to a site that was a statistic gathering service in the past. The site is now in the wrong hands but the mods are still trying to connect to it. The solution for now is to change the config in config/modstats.cfg Search for the line B:AllowUpdates=true and change it to B:AllowUpdates=false save the config file and restart the game. We're working on a more permanent fix.
  10. A big number of AV programs will warn you if java attempts any outgoing connections. I'm using Kaspersky at home and I see warnings daily. I'll research this specific IP. Is that tekkit you are trying to run?
  11. Adding AE made this a custom modpack. Thread moved.
  12. It's February already? Huh @snakevenomus unbanned
  13. Unbanned. Closing
  14. There's a discord server invite in the solder docs page, use it, ask in there.
  15. You'll have a problem with finding free sites that do this but you will have no problem with finding sites that host files with huge traffic limits and are very cheap, like 1$ per month.
  16. There were 4 of us discord moderators, we sat down, had tea, and we discussed your logs, we dug deep. We figured it out after like 20 minutes: One year temp ban from discord starting the day you were banned. Topic locked. Message me in 11 months and 2 days. Making more topics about this very issue is futile.
  17. We found your activity from back then... It doesn't look good. You are unbanned because it was soooo long ago but.... you will be monitored. Have fun and keep a low profile for now. Topic closed.
  18. The report button is used for reporting users that break the rules, not for questions. The PAINS section was last updated around 2013 and the forums were reorganized since then (probably more than twice). We lost some parts of the forums during one move. Looks like it's gone.
  19. What's your username on Discord? The time you should be banned there will be determined by the moderator that banned you.
  20. @HUNTMAN68 What tutorial did you follow? can you link it? Your forge jar is messed up. Use this one. Rename it to modpack.jar after downloading and put it in the bin directory. Make a new zip like you did before and re-upload. Now you can start debugging the rest of the problems if you find any.
  21. 1. Wrong section. 2. The launcher has a github repository with the issues tab enabled, use it.