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  1. You have 32 bit java. You need 64 bit java, use java 8.
  2. Make a proper ad for it and post in the correct forum section.
  3. Since the user that posted here is no longer interested in this community I'll just leave some info and close the topic so others can find it and benefit from it. Modpack makers have a modpack policy they agree on when adding a pack to the platform, it's their responsibility to get all the permissions and check mod licenses. If we get a report with a proof that a pack is breaking the modpack policy we simply remove it. Contact us on Discord if you want to talk to us about it. I did read the whole post, I remember reading "the issue indeed lay with the Technic launcher" and sighing. The issue here is using Windows 10 on old hardware with java version past java 8u60. There are also cases of not installed/updated gpu drivers that are very similar. Details here. Vanilla launcher is using the built-in java that it downloads, it's 8u20 or 8u25, I don't remember exactly which one of those 2. It's surely older than 8u60. Technic uses the system's java, in this case 8u144, The log above says that. No, I wasn't bored. This happened when one of the staff members fixed something on the forums so I tested if it works now (yes, Pyker fixed attachments) and looked around Platform Pagoda, my fav section from back when I wasn't staff here. You can probably find my old posts from that time.
  4. Go ahead then, add the info, without it this topic's existence doesn't make sense.
  5. If the launcher is closed by force or other problems occur while writing the "installedPacks" file then this happens. The file gets corrupted and the packs are gone. You can install the launcher in a different location and check the file contents, it's easy to rebuild it with a text editor.
  6. 1. We don't support pixelmon packs. 2. Did you ever check what java version is the regular minecraft launcher using vs. the java version technic is using?
  7. We resolved this issue. We had a bit of downtime. Sorry for that
  8. We don't support Pixelmon in any way, sorry. Try running tekkit legends and then post launcher logs from .technic/logs, use pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com.
  9. help

    Visit our discord server and upload the logs to #tech-help. Looks like some software limited your RAM with a JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable.
  10. Visit our discord server and upload the file with the logs to #tech-help. Looks like old hardware + Windows 10 but I'm not sure.
  11. Looks like a firewall issue, blocking java from accessing the internet.
  12. Visit our discord server and upload the logs to #tech-help
  13. One known issue is having java 9 installed. Use java 8.
  14. If you are the author of this pack you should: - try without optifine, - update Forge, - try without BetterFPS and without Optifine. If you're not the author you should report it to the modpack maker.
  15. Looks like a firewall or an overprotective antivirus software to me.
  16. Remove java 9. Install 64 bit java 8.
  17. http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/org/spongepowered/spongeforge/index_1.12.2.html
  18. You got banned under the name paaka for breaking the rules, then you came back under the name hardrock, you broke some more rules, then you changed the name to praneima and did it again. You behaved like a moderator when not being one on several occasions and there's no way I'm letting you near help channels. Go bug some other server. I banned you on that day because you directly admitted you're paaka confirming your ban evasion. I analysed the conversations on discord, I was going to post them here but I'm not here to embarrass you in a public chat. 5 staff members noticed you are breaking rules repeatedly. So no, we're not letting you come back. Topic closed, making a new one about it is against the forum rules. Ask again in 6 months.
  19. Moved
  20. @TheSIPsycho Read the board rules because you obviously didn't, find the rule you broke
  21. Moved to the correct forum section.
  22. Moved to the correct forum section
  23. iirc the author asked the original team about using the name and got permission, it happened on live stream.
  24. What motherboard do you have in this new PC?
  25. huh, there actually is a modpack with the name Nightmare Invasion. Moving to Platform Pagoda.