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  1. User reported the issue to the staff. Closing
  2. EvilOwl


    Go to our discord server, read the #rules and look around, check channel topics so you don't get in trouble. Then upload the latest launcher log from .technic/logs to the #tech-help channel. https://discord.gg/technic
  3. EvilOwl

    Cant load any modpacks

    Tell the modpack author to add CCL to the pack. Moving to Platform Pagoda
  4. EvilOwl

    Error installing file for modpack

  5. EvilOwl

    I cant download some mods

  6. EvilOwl

    Tekkit won't install

  7. EvilOwl

    Download error, macintosh

    The issue are Forge servers dying. Nothing we can do for now.
  8. EvilOwl

    Can't open my own modpack

    9mc? Topic moved to Platform Pagoda
  9. EvilOwl

    Problem with launcher

    Moved to Platform Pagoda
  10. EvilOwl

    won't open past logo?? (mac)

    Java 9 and java10 will not work with forge or our launcher. Install java 8
  11. Hi. I had to check that modpack by myself. Looks like the updates were made by zipping the modpack directory right where it's being stored by the launcher so every new version contains the old version (in the cache directory) and that one has the even older version inside... All the other unnecessary files are also worth mentioning like directories with logs, options.txt and the additional files in the bin directory that simply shouldn't be in there. The pack size is enormous right now (around 2GB), after removing all the unnecessary files it should be around 300MB.
  12. The config file for Wireless Redstone is being held captive by a different program, probably your antivirus. "Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Jeremy\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\tekkitmain\config\WirelessRedstone.cfg (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)" Add an exception for the .technic folder.
  13. EvilOwl

    Fellsbad launcher offline

    64 bit java 8.
  14. EvilOwl

    Fellsbad launcher offline

    Your antivirus or your firewall are blocking your launcher (and probably all java based apps) from accessing the internet. Fix it. I just checked your other post, looks like you need to reinstall your java too. Restart your machine after you do that.