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  1. iirc the author asked the original team about using the name and got permission, it happened on live stream.
  2. What motherboard do you have in this new PC?
  3. huh, there actually is a modpack with the name Nightmare Invasion. Moving to Platform Pagoda.
  4. Moved to the correct forum section.
  5. be this user ^ write an apology on teh forums for breaking discord rules break a forum rule in the process I suggest a discord timeout, 6 months should be enough.
  6. Not enough information for an answer. No logs, no modpack name. Nothing
  7. Probably here: Topic moved to the correct forum section.
  8. 1. This is not the correct forum section for this. 2. Forum attachments don't work atm, use pastebin.
  9. Topic moved to the correct forum section.
  10. It should really be "modpack.jar" but this specific user has file extensions hidden (why?) so by naming it "modpack.jar" in file explorer they really named it "modpack.jar.jar"
  11. > I have the exact same version in the mods folder Forge goes into the bin directory, not mods.
  12. Ptolemy told you to update java to 8u144 x64, the log you posted shows you didn't.
  13. No Pixelmon underground here. Topic closed.
  14. Topic moved to the correct forum section.
  15. https://github.com/TechnicPack/LauncherV3/blob/master/src/main/resources/lang/UIText_cs.properties#L72 People that spot translation issues can fork the launcher's repository, change/fix/add translations, and make a pull requests with the changes.
  16. Moved to the correct forum section.
  17. You're probably talking about beta 1.3_01. The platform only supports major mc versions, not beta versions. 1.3_01 is more than 6 years old, the launcher wasn't coded to deal with historical versions.
  18. The mc 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 jsons were added to the platform. Your pack is now crashing instead of yelling about the missing files. No idea why, this mc version is beyond my time.
  19. @rambo1218 the script is ok, you could check that by yourself by visiting the Discord server
  20. The Technic Discord server has a community bot (made by @Lord Ptolemy) in place for fixing launcher and modpack issues. Grab an invite, visit the server and read the #rules, move to the #tech-help channel and upload today's launcher log from %appdata%\.technic\logs to the chat. The bot will analyze the log and provide a fix if it knows the issue. here's the bot in action: Remember to read the #rules before you start typing! Here's the invite: https://discord.gg/technic
  21. Some of the people on discord (most of them actually) are lost in there and they start typing before reading anything, that's a mistake and I'm a moderator in there also so... Read the #rules on discord before typing or else... Here's a small tutorial for getting help with crashes/launcher not working on Technic's discord:
  22. sigh Read the rules and you didn't give us any info at all to resolve your issue.
  23. 1. You didn't read the forum rules. 2. No logs = no help.