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  1. Minecraft Username: Endersmens Skype: Endersmens Why do you want to join? Really want a small server that doesn't ban good items like quarries that I can play on with my friends. What aspects will you bring to the server? I have a very in depth knowledge of tekkit lite and all its modpacks, and can offer advice and cool tips to anyone about awesome machines. How often can you play and timezone: Probably 3-6 hours a day, in EST. Anything else? I also request that the following names (my friends) get whitelisted as well so that they don't all have to come here and fill this out. If you could do that I would be very grateful. My friends' minecraft names: like_a_blowck, Starwhip, MrTheChimp, and Xacktar.
  2. I've been the only person on the server for quite some time now. Anyone out there still play on this server? Haven't seen @slish in forever either. :/
  3. MC username: Endersmens How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? Lots. I play regularly and know about most of the modpacks. How often do you plan on playing? Probably 2-4 times a week. Anything else we should know? I want to record for a youtube series on this server with a friend, would that be alright?