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  1. Name:Brandon IGN: demon1103 Discord: demon1103#5860 Favorite Mods: Adv. Genetics, necromancy, tinkers construct Age: 23 What are you best at?: mid-tier technology, building "evil" lairs (mad scientist) Time Zone: Eastern Standard time What can you bring to the server?: A fun loving "mad" scientist, abominations(necromancy), and FREE JERKY.....just dont ask where the meat comes from
  2. IGN: demon1103 Age:23 Why I should be accepted: Been wanting to get back in AOTBT, need to reprise my role as Dr frankenpool. Strengths: SCIENCE!!! love using Adv. genetics,and any other mod that aids in acting like a mad scientist (dont go in the basement) Way of contact: currently on discord under name demon1103 Expirience with mods: 6-7, been a bit since i used to do AOTBT, so i need to relearn a couple things How active can you be: dangerously addicted when i begin......probably mellow out to a few times a week after i settle down
  3. Username: demon1103 How did you find the server: Found the server on Why do you want to join: I really want to get back into B-team where there is PvP, but outlawed mindless killing(I enjoy making PvP centered games). What do you plan to do: I plan to revisit my role as the mad Dr. Frankenpool, build an "evil' lair and other crazy mad scientist things.(don't go in the basement) What is your favorite color: Red and Black