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  1. Works for me
  2. 1) Don't spam logs, use pastebin 2) Try removing Fastcraft.
  3. modpack creation Ths guide should help. It sounds like your Bin folder does not have the forge universal, renamed to modpack.jar (or perhaps you don't have "show hidden file extensions" on, and the name is really modpack.jar.jar and you don't know it.)
  4. No, the batch file I provided is from the Technic Discord help forum. You could also disable IP6 on your computer, I read your error after having some coffee and realized your fix makes Java use IP4 instead of IP6 anyway, the thing I provide would not help anyway.
  5. It is worth a shot, it sounds like something is setting Java environment variables that are messing you up.
  6. This is what is inside that batch file @ECHO off ECHO Report any issues related to this script to [email protected] ECHO If you did not download this script from then cease execution of this script immediately! The validity of the script cannot be assured. ECHO( ECHO Description of script: ECHO This script will stop any running javaw processes. This means any programs that are created in Java will be stopped. This includes Minecraft and the Technic launcher. Then it will wipe system & user set Java environment variables. ECHO( ECHO( ECHO Liability: ECHO This script is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. You cannot hold us accountable for any claim, damages, or other liability, under any circumstance. ECHO( ECHO By agreeing to continue the execution of this script. You're agreeing to not hold us accountable for any sort of damages. :choice ECHO( SET /P c=Do you wish to continue executing this script?[Y/N] IF /I "%c%" EQU "Y" GOTO :continue IF /I "%c%" EQU "N" GOTO :exit GOTO :choice :exit cls echo User canceled further execution of script. PAUSE EXIT :continue CLS ::kill any currently running java processes ECHO Killing any running javaw.exe processes(If this errors. That's fine.) TASKKILL /f /im javaw.exe ::override user set java variables messing with launcher ::Clears the system variable _JAVA_OPTIONS ECHO( ECHO Wiping system wide java options SETX _JAVA_OPTIONS "" /m ::Clears the local variable _JAVA_OPTIONS ECHO( ECHO Wiping user account java options SETX _JAVA_OPTIONS "" ::To let you know if it failed or was successful. Just press esc or enter. PAUSE EXIT
  7. You need to get it to open with Java. Try right-clicking, and choose to open it with Java
  8. Try right clicking it and Run As Admin. If that does not work, grab the one for Linux and try that (works on Windows too)
  9. Sorry, old link. Here is a working one:
  10. Try this
  11. Search TekkitMain, click the rocketship.
  12. Search for TekkitMain, and choose the rocketship. That is tekkit 1.6.4
  13. I don't know much about troubleshooting solder, you'd have better luck here
  14. Try disabling your antivirus / firewall and try again
  15. Something is wrong with way it is being hosted. That link gives a 302, when you need a 200. A 302 means a redirect, the zip file needs to be a direct link.