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  1. Your bin, mods, and config folders are inside another folder, they should not be. Zip then up, and name that
  2. Your modpack.jar is named modpack.jar.jar.
  3. You have two Zerocore mods, and this pack is quite large, and is probably an absolute RAM hog. Allocate more ram, fix your duplicate mods issues.
  4. That buildcraft check is a red herring, ignore. Pastebin a link to your pasted crashlog or fml-server log
  5. 1.11.2 is more demanding than 1.2.5, especially RAM, and your PC is a bit of a potato. This may help: Turn down all your in-game video settings But you will have to lower your expectations a bit I think.
  6. Sounds like a crappy server, cut your losses. Substitute money for time in these articles.
  7. They are using Solder, it updates differently.
  8. Your changelog won't display on the launcher window, just that it was updated to version x.x. Players will need to click onto your technic modpack page, and click Changelog to see the text you entered.
  9. Tekkit logs are at: %AppData%\Roaming\.technic\logs use pastebin, don't spill the logs into a forum post. It is also worth checking this:
  10. Go to their respective mod author or Curseforge sites and get them.
  11. Try removing / reinstalling 64 bit Java, if that does not work, use this tool: to fix your SSL certs. Make sure the day / date / year is correct on your PC as well.
  12. See this you are affected by this issue:
  13. Send him to the Technic Discord, easier to troubleshoot there
  14. Step One for you is to get your mods from a legit source. Nothing else can happen until that is done.
  15. Change java -Xmx2G -Xms512Mb -jar Tekkit.jar nogui to java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui
  16. get this Java
  17. I downloaded your pack, here are the issues: 1) Your zip file should contain only the Mods, Config, and Bin folder. You have that, but they are in a sub-folder, and they are all empty. Bin should contain the forge universal renamed to modpack.jar. (I found a modpack.jar elsewhere in your zip, but it was named modpack.jar.jar, google how to turn on view file extensions for your version of windows) 2) There was another folder called Kell's Tech which seems to contain your mods. Judging by the filenames, it looks like you obtained nearly all of them from illegitimate sources. Only get mods from Curse, Curseforge, Author's website, or Anywhere else is a content-scraping garbage website. Re-download your mods. You should remove that phone number from your post, don't put personal information here. We can communicate through this forum.
  18. Can't skype, but describe where you are stuck exactly. If you have a dropbox link to your partially made pack, post the link
  19. Try disabling your antivirus / firewall
  20. Try this older java
  21. Works for me
  22. 1) Don't spam logs, use pastebin 2) Try removing Fastcraft.
  23. modpack creation Ths guide should help. It sounds like your Bin folder does not have the forge universal, renamed to modpack.jar (or perhaps you don't have "show hidden file extensions" on, and the name is really modpack.jar.jar and you don't know it.)
  24. No, the batch file I provided is from the Technic Discord help forum. You could also disable IP6 on your computer, I read your error after having some coffee and realized your fix makes Java use IP4 instead of IP6 anyway, the thing I provide would not help anyway.
  25. It is worth a shot, it sounds like something is setting Java environment variables that are messing you up.