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  1. Please, I need this file. I can't even play on my server because of the TPS. It crashes daily and the lag is so bad you can't even break blocks.
  2. Does anyone have this file? I can't even play on my server, every so often it will crash because it will overload with all the users online. It's normally riding on 5 tps all the time.
  3. Do you have the file or not? This one still seems to let the message print out. I've been testing it on a test server and this one doesn't work either.
  4. It seems the file didn't stop the messages from coming up.
  5. One of the more popular forums. After installing the mod to it's location, it doesn't seem to stop the SlotChanging messages in console. Possibly uploaded the wrong file?
  6. Does anyone have the download? It's lagging my server to hell and back. My server has been riding on 8 tps all day. I really need this fix.
  7. Does anyone have a working link for the Tubestuff mod fix for Tekkit Classic 3.1.2? I'm getting SlotChanging(#) in console like crazy. I've visited many download areas but all the links are no longer working.
  8. I have found a download for EEPatch however, it seems to load a lot of errors in console but for the most part works.
  9. As of late I have joined yet another Tekkit Classic server that just isn't what you would want. Abuse staff, terrible rules, etc. So I want to start my own server, however I've googled for about an hour and I can't seem to find the EEPatch download. I have found the page that's supposed to contain the download but the download links don't work. Does anyone have the working download link? Thanks!