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  1. ====================================== Name: Artyum IGN: xSable Discord: xSable#3454 Favorite Mods: I don't have a favorite, I like to balance my gameplay. Age: 25 What are you best at?: Behind the curtain stuff, mod configs, debugging, etc. Time Zone: EST What can you bring to the server?: Almost 8 Years of Experience with Minecraft, decent buildings, and mod knowledge. =========================================
  2. Still no luck here? Anyone?
  3. Alright, so I've done some searching in the past few months, and it has lead me to nothing. So I figured it's finally time to just ask one of the biggest communities in modded minecraft. Does anyone know how you would go about creating a custom map like Blightfall? I mean one in which you start the game and you always have the same map by default? I've looked into this for a long time, and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I even looked through the mods in Blightfall itself, but many of which I do not know what they do, as they are not publicly posted mods for individual download. Anyone who can guide me in the right direction to making one of my custom maps the default?
  4. The server is saying "Server out of date" in the list for the multiplayer menu. It also says 1.3 in red. Even if the server is up, it's not working for any players on the current B-Team client.

    1. xSable


      Sometimes it jumps between 1.3 and 1.7.10