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  1. Hi, I'm having problems with using morph and starminer mod together causing my game to crash. What happens is when you first start a world and kill a mob when you try to morph it will crash then after that trying to go in the world at all will crash it. I looked at the crash report but all I know is which mod is causing it but not how to fix it, that's why I need someone on here to help me with this. I will add a pastebin link for the crash report, Thanks
  2. thanks for the replies there were three mods that were causing it to crash and they were dynamic lights, custom lan, and MicraftDonalds... thanks
  3. Hi i'm having problems starting my server it will load up just fine but after a little bit before it is fully done loading it will crash and I don't know if its a mod crashing it or something else if you have the time and know how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated if you can help, thanks! Here is a pastebin link:
  4. Thanks it worked sorry it took so long i tried this back when you told me but never replied sorry but thanks!
  5. I took out all the client side mods at least i believe but i'm still getting crash reports.
  6. They are over a year old from when i first made the modpack but thanks for letting me know theres a client only mod
  7. Would you suggust any websites that dont have this problom that i can use?
  8. I have made a modpack called The Ultimate Adventures Pack but I keep getting messages from people saying they cant download my pack but the link is copied and everything until i found out about some traffic thing and it keeps hapening here is what it says on dropbox... Bandwidth usage We've banned your shared and Public folder links due to bandwidth limits or abuse. Learn moreTo help avoid bandwidth bans in the future, you should remove any links that you suspect are accessed and downloaded most frequently or are large in size. You can also upgrade your Dropbox for a larger bandwidth limit. If anyone knows how to fix this so it never happens or if there is another website besides dropbox that i can use so i never get this problem please let me know thanks!
  9. I recently made a modpack Called the Ultimate adventures pack but when i tried to use my server it doesnt work and i wanted to know if anyone knew how to fix it so i have a crash report and some log files incase from the server here, and the website to the pack : =crash report =fml server latest =latest
  10. Yay It worked I just changed the two biomes to 88 and 98 and it didn't crash thanks so much for your help this is great!
  11. it said there was a biome conflict not a dimension conflict tho and there are two biomes and one dimension but the biomes are both originally over 127
  12. I installed it and put it in the mods folder like the website said and went into configs file but when it crashed and i looked for the files that should have been included in the biomes folder were not there so i can't fix the id conflict how do i fix this?
  13. Ok thanks Ill try it out!
  14. it worked fine for me but then i added dimensional doors to it and it started crashing i tried to read the crash file but the only thing i saw was dimensional doors had a biome id conflict but everything else was just gibberish, I don't know which file is conflicting or how to fix it so i removed it but i'll pastebin my crash
  15. Hi I have been having trouble with my modpack the version before this wasn't crashing then once i added dimensional doors mod to it and updated my pack and launched it, it just started crashing randomly at initializing mods phase 3. Can anyone help me fix this? Modpack Site: i also added my latest crash report just in case crash-2017-01-12_19.42.47-client.txt