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  1. I was down with the flu around that time, couldn't even sit at my pc. I missed some posts around that time, saw it now.
  2. MinecraftDonalds is a clientside only mod.
  3. Which of the servers are you trying to play? I know that the GTNH official server is running (as of 10th of June) and likely soon.
  4. Now you zipped the folder that contains the all the modpack files. You just need to select all the required folders (bin, config, mods, resourcepacks), and use "add to zip" on those, not the folder holding em. Also, get your mods from Curseforge or Minecraftforum, not from the crappy rehost sites you got them from now.
  5. What were the changes made to the 1.7.10 pack?
  6. Actually get your mods from sites like Curseforge or Minecraftforum, and then we talk.
  7. Platform Pagoda is where custom modpacks are discussed. Your modpack not working is not an issue with the Launcher. Pretty please a new link to your updated modpack?
  8. bin folder has a modpack.jar.jar. Just name the forge file modpack instead of modpack.jar.
  9. Alright. To get you started, redownload Forge 1614, and replace your modpack.jar with Forge 1614 renamed to modpack. I do not know what you added there, but it is broken. After that, remove either Buildcraft or Buildcraft-transport, one of the two is incorrect. Also, remove one version of MagicalCrops, you have two included and it will crash unless you have only one version. You will have to remove FastLeafDecay, as it crashes with Random Things. Random Things already includes a fastleafdecay alternative. Now, add the latest version of Gilded-Games-Util, and add Brandons-core (atleast version I got this far, then reminded myself it is your modpack, so you should be adding missing and restarting the game to check if anymore are missing.
  10. Downgrade java to 8u25.
  11. Will require the launcher log, as this modpack can no longer be downloaded.
  12. Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace You should really get 64-bits java: https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  13. You can no longer use those two in such a way.. Use the Lava Fabricator + Magmatic Dynamo or the Biofuel way.
  14. Very info. Much helpful.