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  1. And exactly where should your items go? It is currently stuck inside that grinder (it needs a chest).
  2. English only, thanks.
  3. Version.json means absolutely nothing ;-; It is a literal red herring...
  4. "Same information" being your emailadress and password associated with your Mojang Account, instead of the old username/password that it used to be?
  5. Close the launcher, run this (nothing will come up) and restart the launcher again, and retry to launch the modpack you were trying to play: http://tk.iamtrue.net/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
  6. One: That is not how the bug works. Two: If playing on a server, some servers have it patched. Three: Do I see a ME access terminal there?
  7. We would need the file located in (use windows search and copy the part between the "") "%appdata%\.technic\modpacks\attack-of-the-bteam\" and then you are looking for a file called "ForgeModLoader-client-0". Open that file, it will give you a lot of text. Copy (Ctrl+C) it. Go to a site like www.pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com and paste (Ctrl+V) it there. After that, give us the link to said paste.
  8. Please remove MinecraftDonalds. It appears to be unusable as multiplayer mod, and there is no hope of that being ever fixed.
  9. technic

    How? How is this possible? This is such a rare occurence. Both the logs and the DxDiag pastebin'd without anyone having to ask about it...
  10. Server zip contains a minimap mod. Also contains quite a bit of "downloaded crap". Many "modname-mod" files.
  11. This is exactly why, on the offchance you need it for sorta-reasonable purposes, you should grab an xray texture pack, instead of a mod. A somewhat discontinued one at that... Looks like it needs PlayerAPI for some reason.
  12. [B#349] 2017/02/14 07:54:12 [INFO] Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx256M Close the launcher, run this file (nothing will come up), start the launcher again. http://tk.iamtrue.net/clearJavaEnvVars.bat Nope.
  13. Duplicate enchantment id! class evilcraft.enchantment.EnchantmentUnusing and class net.nevermine.assist.AscensionEnchants$4 Enchantment ID:103
  14. Fehlermodulversion: Guess what that means...