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  1. Try again with Java 8u60.
  2. I will explain this in a very simple way: You have two choices: 1. You try more stuff yourself 2. You play a non-pixelmon modpack, as we no longer support pixelmon modpacks.
  3. Download attack of the Bteam, locate the mods folder, and copypaste the "legacyjavafixer" mod over to your modpack, then try again.
  4. See if this helps: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/1-7-10-binnie-patcher.143722/
  5. Well, tell him to get legit minecraft (and thus allowing a legit techniclauncher) or tell him to sod off. No support for crached launchers.
  6. All of those crashreports show things that won't get you that error. Add an actual log or something.
  7. Remove Java 9. Install Java 8.
  8. Please change the 0 at the end of your download link to a 1 and try again. I quite wonder how you ever managed to run this modpack. There are quite a lot of doubles in your mods folder. You should also remove the following folders: asm, assets, backpacks, blueprints, coremods, MineMenu, mystcraft and qcraft.
  9. Which just means that you didn't follow the how-to-make guide. Nor did you include any actual and usable information.
  10. You are using Java9. Don't. Keep using Java8.
  11. Tell them to update it again.
  12. Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Lite, TekkitMain or Tekkit Legends?
  13. Nope, you didn't follow any of the modpack creation instructions. Not even going to bother with all the Modname-Mod files either.
  14. mac

    Both of you should remove Java 9. It is too new, and doesn't work with the launcher (and especially not with Forge) yet.
  15. Ask your friend what their videocard is, and what version the driver of said videocard is. The second part is the red herring, seen often. It has nothing to do with any crashes, and can be safely ignored.