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  1. You do not have the 2 GB RAM available which you tried to allocate. This is also likely due to you using 32-bits Java. Download 64-bits instead.
  2. If it is a 1.7.10+ modpack, just add it to the mods folder. If its a lower mc version, well, that's going to be pretty painful to explain.
  3. Y'know, except that one reply where I told not to use Java 10, but java 8. Oh wait, multiple posts over the past few months.
  4. Please try a release version of Constructs Armory, instead of a beta version: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/constructs-armory/files
  5. ...Don't use Java 10, use Java 8.
  6. It is located under Launcher Options -> Java Settings. You are still limited by the amount of RAM in your pc. 1.12 modpacks usually require atleast 4 GB, while the max for a 1.7.10 modpack tends to be 4 GB (as an example for increased RAM costs).
  7. If you want a quicker answer to these things, use the Technic Discord server instead. #tech-help channel, and don't forget to read the #rules channel. As for your issue here, Model Baker issues usually point to running out of RAM during the startup process. It is MC 1.12 after all, and RAM requirement went up considerably for such modpacks. #thanksMojang...
  8. You've got a mix of illegitly obtained mods, 1.7.10 mods and 1.12.2 mods. That's going to be a problem. Your bin folder is empty, which should contain the forge.jar renamed to "modpack". You currently have that file named wrongly in the top folder (sickcoolradpack). Also, remove all the excess folders: asm, blueprints, crash-reports, logs, resourcepacks, saves. And remove the botaniavars and usernamecache files.
  9. You might want to update From the Deep by one version.
  10. Please try using this mod instead of your version of the Statues Mod: http://fileserver.mage-tech.org/1.7.10/mods/statues-1.7.10-2.1.4.jar
  11. Other than this file missing in the mods folder (add to 1.7.10 folder), I do not see anything wrong with the modpack.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/app/219150/discussions/0/522730701434599527/ ^Relevant, it simply that the Intel HD Graphics drivers are too outdated.
  13. Have you updated the modpack recently? Can't help without the actual download. For your info: [FML]: The mod RTG (Realistic Terrain Generation) requires mod versions [Mariculture[1.7.10-,)] to be available This was in the log just above the galacticraft and resourcepack stuff. It should've been visible onscreen?
  14. This issue originates from the Contentspack folder which is located in the Flans folder. I dunno what's wrong exactly, but there's a lot of random character folder names in there, and that usually tends to break unzipping.
  15. Considering that peaceful normally does not have any aggressive monsters, save for slimes, I suppose that's intended. About your skin, Mojang stopped supporting Pre-UUID skins quite a while ago. UUIDs were introduced around MC 1.7.6, and hexxit is 1.5.2. Considering Mojang never backports anything... Oh, and if you lack any sounds, that's too because Mojang disabled that... Music/sounds download server no longer reachable.