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  1. Modpack.jar.jar (remove the .jar from the modpack file in the bin folder), and why are your mods down two folders?
  2. See if removing mineshaft.dat and villages.dat helps.
  3. Did you enable Village Generation again?
  4. https://namemc.com/profile/biffa1.1 Your account is not migrated (aka, you have a minecraft account, not a mojang account). Also, the screenshot you put here shows that you do not have a purchased minecraft/mojang account.
  5. Your username is...? (no, not email, your username). Otherwise, post your version of this screen (login to your mojang account):
  6. Which Bteam version are you using?
  7. Simply use Stone instead of Cobblestone. Cobblestone is indeed overriden by Chisel, and that somehow breaks it. Stone doesn't have this problem though.
  8. Cannot check issue if you disable or remove the modpack from the platform.
  9. This is a modpack bug report, and a bloody obvious one too. And its all about a crappy rehost of the FTB LAUNCHER modpack Infinity...
  10. It might have to do with the modpack being no longer available for download...
  11. Then up to 8 GB, if not working still, 12 GB. You are running 1.12, with a x256 texturepack, and you are running pixelmon, so whether it works or not is the pixelmon devs issue, not ours. The /care c(_) is empty.
  12. Up your RAM to 6 GB.
  13. \jdk-9.0.4 You are using Java 9, Forge does not work with Java 9 or Java 10. Move back to Java 8.
  14. And you just gave no actual usable information at all.
  15. More like almost no one comes to these forums anymore, due to using Discord for tech help. You might want to do a malware check though, as this is usually caused by malware.