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  1. Said village is to the south-south-south-westish of your current location.
  2. Don't use Java 9, use Java 8.
  3. Sigh. The red herring it is. That error is completely irrelevant.
  4. I moved to 9_13_17, went to the data folder, and moved the Village.dat and villages.dat out of said folder. And whadda ya know, suddenly the world works again. To make it even better: There's a village on the edge of the visible map. And whatever you do, do not walk closer to said village. Interesting: You do have village generation on. It was turned off because of this reason. Something makes villages not work well with biomes o plenty for some (probably stupid) reason.
  5. You tried to allocate 3 GB RAM. You did not have 3 GB RAM available. Close programs/restart pc and try again immediately.
  6. Purely from the viewpoint of TechnicLauncher, why are you sharing a vid about using the native mojang launcher to install mods when you have an easy-to-use TechnicLauncher platform?
  7. Like uhhh... The required dependencies? https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/draconic-evolution/relations/dependencies
  8. Things like mediafire should work too. Google drive potentially too.
  9. Care to zip it up and send it to me using dropbox or something?
  10. Quick question: Why are you using a server for this? Second quick question: What is the size of your world?
  11. I've moved you 300 blocks from your original location. Hopefully you won't find yourself in a mountain or in lava. Can't promise anything. Don't have your world. queenkrule.dat
  12. Could you find your player.dat file please and add it to this thread?
  13. The ID issue is from updating from 1.0.12c to 1.0.13d. Some IDs got changed. You might want to just return to 1.0.12c, updating does absolutely nothing to your world, except making your issues worse. Your issue is either related to a corrupt chunk, or due to you re-enabling villages. If you haven't re-enabled villages, did you experience a power cut when playing on the world?
  14. Did you try to update the modpack from 1.0.12c to .1.0.13d?
  15. Check if you got the correct Forge. The modpack.jar file is half the size is should be.