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  1. IT Noob? You are one of those unicorns that IT talks about. Aka IT noobs that find out what they've been doing AND won't blame others for it.
  2. issue

    Funny you got all kinda "copy" mods in there. Also, why you got Tropicraft in your mods folder twice? That's 40 MB I downloaded for nothing.
  3. This obviously did not include updating your NVIDIA graphics card.
  4. Please pastebin that log, we cannot view it on here. Care to explain what your issue is exactly?
  5. So I'm going out on a limb here (because your description is very informative), and say that you re-enabled village generation.
  6. This is caused by blah blah blah because your system blah blah unable blah due to missing blah blah. This can commonly be fixed by blah blah, although blah, and might fully screw blah blah. (hint: You either pastebin that log and put the link here, or you give a link to the technicpack page (and the modpack name) of said modpack. Can't help with you omitting so much information.)
  7. How about not putting Shift on your mouse buttons? Its a small wonder it is not caused by Galacticraft here...
  8. Pretty much not, but atleast we would've seen the Major.Minor minimum version 52.0 error then.
  9. Going to need a link to the technicpack page then. Doesn't show up on the launcher.
  10. Please download this file, then RightClick->Run as Administrator. This should clear Java Settings that are being stored in your OS, which interfere with Technic. This script was written by the main author of this bot, Khio, and can be trusted. http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
  11. ...Can you atleast provide the name of your modpack...?
  12. Either add a log, or come over to the Technic Discord.
  13. I checked your modpack and it loads up fine? As in, mods are actually loaded.
  14. Yes, you got a brand new gaming laptop, and its got 32bit java. Up it to 64bit to play with more than 1 GB RAM (grab the windows offline 64-bit installer off java.com, the online installer only grabs 32-bit).
  15. You said you were using 64bit java now. How much RAM are you allocating now?