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  1. Download 64bit java and up your RAM usage to 3-4 GB. Your issue is the game running out of resources when it is processing the textures. The reason I asked for the age of your pc is because this happens more often to old pcs. Just verifying it isn't a XP to Win10 computer (yes we get those).
  2. ore

    Just for your information, no one can access that attachment.
  3. Could be me, but that modpack is an absolute mess...
  4. Update your version of Additional Pipes. While you are at it, update Logistics Pipes itself as well. Btw, why is there Rei's minimap for 1.6.4 included? https://github.com/tcooc/AdditionalPipesBC/releases https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/logistics-pipes/files/2427862
  5. No, it is much more likely an issue with your pc. Care to provide some specs?: 1. 32bit or 64bit OS? 2. Total RAM in pc? 3. Age of pc?
  6. Yes. Use FTB Launcher or the newish Twitch App for modpacks like that. We do not support reposts of FTB modpacks. Likewise, they do not support ours.
  7. Yes, that's you still using Java 6.
  8. How much RAM do you have? And how much was in use while you tried starting hexxit?
  9. Ah, so you took the client modpack, and made it into a server huh? Why didn't you take the server pack instead? (You are crashing on the server trying to load clientsided-only mods.)
  10. It is solved already?
  11. So you got a pack link that isn't working, and the dropbox link to said modpack isn't working either? If not, well, then you got a different problem. Modpack A not working for person A usually isn't the same issue as Modpack B not working for person B.
  12. Pack Link isn't working anymore, and neither does the dropbox link work.
  13. Nope, Pixelmon is officially out of the question now that The Pokemon Company shut down pixelmon.
  14. Your two issues are the amount of mods you downloaded from crap rehost sites, and the fact that you named the forge jar in bin "modpack.jar" while it should be "modpack".
  15. This modpack has baubles, except that it tries to download it from a dropbox location that no longer exists. Therefore, you'll have to manually download it off Curseforge. It seems to depend, however, on where you place that file afterwards.
  16. Yes, because the error I am looking for should be beyond the part where you stopped.
  17. Are you sure you put the whole log in there? Logs don't end with: "[B#349] 2017/09/04 19:31:54 [INFO] Starting download of http://resources.download.minecraft.net/e1/e1187646b6256b92a1384f26ef2a7e56efcbe00d, with 3 tri"
  18. PLEASE use pastebin.
  19. Well, actually using 64-bit java would be a good start, no?
  20. Did you place the baubles.jar in the mods folder or in the mods -> 1.7.10 folder?
  21. And trying your emailadress, like how you would do when using the vanilla launcher, did not pop up as one of the things to try?
  22. You need to bump (update) the version number for the launcher to recognize the new link.
  23. Dropbox, since it works fine.
  24. Well, you are adding that URL somewhere, right? Easy enough to change it to a 1 instead of a 0. And you didn't just rename your .rar to a .zip right?
  25. This is caused by using the wrong launcher. (Really? You coming here for support for MultiMC?)