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  1. After adding LLibrary and AnimationAPI, I got to the lovely ID conflicts. Dimension ID conflicts. Those are all yours.
  2. Try looking up the config for EnderIO serverside, and turn "replaceWitherSkeletons=true" to "replaceWitherSkeletons=false".
  3. How'd you even manage to download that? Its a mediafire link, so its not a "direct" link. Heck, looking at the page, there's a captcha. The launcher doesn't have a magical button clicker and automatic captcha solver (hey, that's the whole idea of a captcha)...
  4. Considering that it takes between 5 minutes and one hour to update the link on the launcher...
  5. Well, you are right, its an issue with dependencies, which you would've known if you had not downloaded some of the mods off Rip-off-thirdparty mod-rehost sites. For now, it seems like LostWorlds is causing the issue, which was easy to verify (yes, that's one you downloaded off one of "those sites"), just download that mod + the required API/Lib from here instead: http://slashelite.wixsite.com/mods/lostworld-downloads Edit: You forgot CoroUtil as well. Make sure to grab the one for 1.7.10, not the one for 1.10. http://coros.us/mods/weather2
  6. Downgrade your java to 8u25, and do not use 7 out of your max 8 GB of RAM.
  7. Alright, thanks. That sheds some light on the problems. Problem 1 is you trying to run the modpack on 1 GB RAM. That is simply not going to cut it anymore for minecraft, you could get away with that back till 1.5.2, but after that, you really needed to bump the minimum RAM to 2 GB. You will need 64-bit java for that (select the offline download, the standard download will get you 32-bit). Problem 2 is that the modpack takes an absolutely awful amount of time to start. To get into detail, GraviSuite takes almost 10 minutes to load. You might want to look into adding this rework of it, instead of the actual mod. I can't promise you much about it though, I have not checked actual tool contents. Problem 3 is just that the IGW-mod.jar you downloaded appears to be corrupt.
  8. voltz

    Yet no log provided...
  9. Ah nice, explanation of problem, added pastebin, early troubleshooting on users end... Pretty rare to see that here. Onto business: Considering you are telling us that it is a fairly new laptop, can I assume that it is pretty decent, with a NVIDIA graphics card in it? Can I also assume that you recently updated it? I'm thinking driver version 378.49 currently installed.
  10. Actually, could ya paste the contents of said second file on a site like pastebin.com (or if too big -> paste.ubuntu.com) as for some reason, no one can view attachments. For the matter, latest.log is no help, as it does not show anything useful. We'd require the fml-client-log.(0/1/2).log or something named similar.
  11. launch error

    Update your NVIDIA Graphics driver again.
  12. If you updated your Tekkit server to 1.11.2, you might've added the wrong minecraft server files (and you should still start the server with the launch.bat/start.sh going through the Forge server).
  13. Please ask this question again in Technic's Discord #tech-help channel.
  14. Please ask this question again in Technic's Discord #tech-help channel.
  15. custom modpack

    Your issue is exactly the same as @Phyremaster posted under yours, with exactly the same fix.
  16. Please, anything but the red herring ;-;
  17. Yes, that version.json file is missing. It is a (literally) red herring. It happens with each modpack. Aka, it is "just the usual error".
  18. No, you have Windows 10. Please just head over to the Technic Discord server, and ask again in #tech-help; After reading the rules in #rules that is.
  19. That is indeed correct. I have been informed that said site is no longer available. It has been moved to this site: http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
  20. Works fine on MAC, likely user error.
  21. There is a faulty question mark in one of your configs, likely Railcraft's config. You might want to remove that question mark.
  22. Pixel format error. The point is, its MC1.10, so you'll have to update your Intel Graphics drivers. Simply downgrading your java8u60 supposedly no longer works.
  23. Time to fix: "Everytime I launch this VERY SPECIFIC modpack, it crashes while loading due to either me or the modpack maker 1.) adding a broken version of Voxelmap or 2.) forgot to add Liteloader so Voxelmap actually works. In both cases, the version of Voxelmap used comes from some random shady 3rd party rehost site, as seen by the mod name "Zans-Minimap-No-Radar-Mod-1.7.10.jar" ".
  24. You are playing this modpack? https://www.technicpack.net/profile/3919166/modpacks If so -> https://ajgaming.net/ Also, why exactly did you post this in "Off-topic"?
  25. Yeah, you can fix this by not looking at that stupid literal red herring there. Your actual issue is Java_Options, which limits any java process to (in your case) 256 MB. It does not matter how much you try to allocate, this is just a hard cap and will override anything you do. You can easily fix this issue by running this: http://tk.iamtrue.net/clearJavaEnvVars.bat Note: No confirmation or anything, just start the launcher again and try playing (and move RAM allocation back to 4 GB while you are at it).