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  1. You could try to add it back. If it crashes again, you'll have to use another minimap. Journeymap being a nice alternative?
  2. Is the forge.jar renamed to modpack? How did you zip the folder? Is it "modpack.zip -> modpack -> bin/config/flan/mods" or "modpack.zip -> bin/config/flan/mods"?
  3. Use either Java8u25 or Java8u60 instead of the latest. You can find the older versions here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html
  4. Ah yes, Java Options. Yes, the following part is badly formatted. I know. Please download this file, then RightClick->Run as Administrator. This should clear Java Settings that are being stored in your OS, which interfere with Technic. This script was written by the main author of this bot, Khio, and can be trusted. http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
  5. Could you retry after (temporarily) removing Mapwriter from the mods folder? In case it doesn't work, new log please. Pastebin rule still stands.
  6. Flan folder needs to be put as a 4th folder, so bin/config/Flan/mods. Journeymap folder? Why would you need that? Lua code thingies?
  7. Yes, use Dropbox instead.
  8. No logs = no help. Logs as attachments = no help either, use pastebin.
  9. No logs = no help. Attached logs = no help either, use pastebin.
  10. launcher

    Because you may have had less other programs open at that time?
  11. You are trying to make a modpack for 1.7.10, right? Please make sure that you have a forge version compatible with 1.7.10, not with 1.11: "Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.11.2 loading" Note: Mediafire will not work for hosting modpacks, just a FYI.
  12. You open your main server folder, it should contain a .jar file called "BTeam". You delete that, and replace it with this Forge version which you rename to "BTeam". It just includes a fix that allows you to use Java8 for your server, so you can install it again.
  13. This is your modpack? Otherwise, someone incorrectly configured their solder.
  14. Which means you either zipped the modpack folder, instead of directly zipping the bin/config/mods folders, OR You have a forge file renamed to modpack.jar in your bin folder, which is now actually named modpack.jar.jar. I can't really tell, without links to a modpack and such...
  15. Yes, this means that there was no 3GB RAM free to allocate when you tried starting that server.
  16. Nope, gives me a Dropboxified 401 error, meaning I cannot download it. Please copypaste the link.
  17. Why not just start using Forge 1345?
  18. No logs = No help. And best try this on the Technic Discord, much easier and (usually) a lot faster to resolve things.
  19. Change this link to https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck0f2nop3yutypf/pochokumon.zip?dl=1
  20. It appears you're running an Intel iGPU that has issues with Java 8 past version 60. You will need to downgrade your current Java install. Please follow the instructions below. 1.) Completely close the Technic launcher DO NOT skip this step. 2.) Download: http://cdn.lemonmc.com/jre-8u25-windows-x64.exe 3.) Run the Java installer called: jre-8u25-windows-x64.exe that you just downloaded 4.) Follow the on screen instructions of the Java installer. Stick with the default settings. Click next or accept for each screen. 5.) After the Java installer has finished installing Java. Start up the Technic launcher again. 6.) Click on the tab called MODPACKS at the top of the window. 7.) Click on the button that says Launcher options in the top right of the window 8.) Click on the tab called Java settings 9.) Click on the dropdown called Minecraft Java Version 10.) Click on the option called 1.8.0_25 64-Bit 11.) Change Memory to a value between 2 GB and 4 GB. DO NOT allocate more than 4gb. 12.) Attempt to launch a modpack. DO NOT update Java 8 again as updates past the one you were just provided will not work with your system and cause crashes.
  21. Do you have a (dedicated) server that can run 24/7, besides restarts, and do you have the time to look into any issues that may arise while there are players online? Besides that, if you want to make any kind of money of it, just make some pay2win pixelmon server. Kids love to steal their parents credit cards to buy more pixelmon... (aka are you able to take chargebacks?)
  22. Ah, sorry, never told ya that we cannot view attachments on here, that's borked. Please use pastebin.com instead.
  23. 5. Actually learn to properly portforward?
  24. In what way is this a problem? The red herring at startup?
  25. Please use Stone instead of Cobblestone. Just an issue between Chisel and Tinkers that was never bothered to fix.