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  1. It would be better if you used the technic Discord server for this.
  2. OutOfMemoryError. Do I have to spell it out for you?
  3. Tell the staff of whatever server you are playing on that they need to edit your playerdata (NBTexplorer) so you aren't riding a dino anymore.
  4. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Ticking screen...
  5. Fully remove Java 9, then install Java 8.
  6. And both of you are running the incompatible Java 9?
  7. Read the first few lines.
  8. Which is why it won't work, downgrade back to Java 8.
  9. Those are always red and don't have anything to do with the issue. Probably Java 9 again.
  10. Hey There We Are Missing Your Logs And We Cannot Do Anything Without Those. Also, stop capitalizing the first letter of each word, its annoying to read.
  11. You are using Java 9. Use Java 8 instead, Java 9 will not work, and will not ever work.
  12. Post logs. Otherwise, try Java 8.
  13. Pixelmon not supported, however, you are using Java 9, which won't work in any way with minecraft, forge, or techniclauncher for that sake. Downgrade back to Java 8.
  14. That specific config was become corrupted. Easiest is reinstall of the modpack. DO NOT DELETE the modpack and install it again, press modpack options and reinstall it that way. Make sure to remove the offending config file first.
  15. You are using Java 9, this won't work in any way. Downgrade back to Java 8.
  16. crash

    That's because of clientside-only mods on your server.
  17. Could be related to any of the Modname-Mod files you have in there. Due to these being from illegit sites, they could be so outdated or just plain broken and practically nothing will be able to tell you if that's the case or not.
  18. Your mapwriter config is toast. This usually happens when the world is suddenly closed, like on computer crash.
  19. Lets see: - Not all mods are from CurseForge/Minecraftforum. That's a problem. - Your download link is already broken. Use Dropbox instead. - You used the coremods folder. Don't do that, just put everything in mods.
  20. Not your processor, your GPU.
  21. Is that a FTB crashlog?
  22. ah, a classic case of modpack.jar.jar in the bin folder. Remove the trailing .jar (it should be just "modpack").
  23. Go back to Java8u25 or Java8u60.
  24. crashed

    Your game ran out of RAM during the texture stitching, due to you allocating too much RAM to the game.