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  1. Hmm, turned on villages per chance?
  2. Are you certain that it is the whole log? There's nothing about a crash in there. Please add the techniclauncher_2017-(recent date here) found in .technic/logs. If too big for pastebin, try paste.ubuntu.com instead.
  3. That's because you did not try hard enough, nor told us what you did, nor gave us a log to see for ourselves what you did.
  4. The person that made this modpack did not include legacyjavafixer. Therefore, it will crash. Get the mod from a modpack like Attack of the Bteam (just copypaste it from the mods folder) and add it to the mods folder of magicraft 2.
  5. Care to upload the fml-client-latest log instead of the latest.log? latest.log doesn't give enough information for this issue.
  6. Like uh, zip it and use WeTransfer for example?
  7. You mentioned pixelmon. Abandon hope.
  8. This particular error is usually a disguised Out.of.Memory error. Considering you are running 64-bit java, please look if it still crashes with, say, 2 GB of RAM, instead of your current 1 GB.
  9. [main/INFO] [FML/]: Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.7.10 loading [FML/]: The mod aobd (Another One Bites The Dust) requires mod versions [[email protected][,)] to be available
  10. Hoo boy, that's going to be an issue. Easiest way to fix this should just be using NBTexploror on your player.dat file and then changing the coordinates.
  11. Because he is on a cracked version, we won't even bother to look into the issue. Either he gets a real account, or he (and you in extension) can sod off.
  12. As in "Download these from either CurseForge or from the modmakers own website, and not from crappy thirdparty rehost sites." This would've prevented the agricraft issue, for example.
  13. Please check if you are really using your NVIDIA card for minecraft, instead of the stock IntelHD graphics.
  14. 4 issues here: 1.) Your modpack needs more RAM. To run this modpack, you need atleast 128 GB RAM, it will run very slowly without that. 2.) Pack loads fine after kicking SAPManPak out of your modpack. Dunno what it was in there for. However: 3.) Now, it crashes due to the version of agricraft you included. Oh look at the name, that's a name commonly found on thirdparty crap rehost sites that steal downloads. Its so outdated that you can't even find that version anymore on the ACTUAL DOWNLOAD PAGE. 4.) Now it crashes due to Forestry being awfully outdated, people have moved on to Forestry 4. After these updates, the pack finally fully loads again. Cleanup: Remove legacyjavafixer, that fix has been included in Forge since around v1345. You are running 1614. Remove IGW, as it is empty. Fix the origin of BetterStorage, EyeMod, Grim3212 Core, his Pokeball mod, Morph and the Uncrafting Table.
  15. https://forum.industrial-craft.net/thread/9989-strange-ic2-error-in-1-4-7/?postID=136034#post136034
  16. And texture errors are absolutely unimportant. I'd rather see your dxdiag.txt file.
  17. Were there any carpenterblocks included in that ship?
  18. issue

    Could you please put the updated version on the launcher?
  19. Because you are now responding to old threads, you probably forgot that you have Java 9 by now, and THAT VERSION OF JAVA DOESN'T WORK.
  20. Oh cool, just play it on FTB launcher / Curse-Twitch app. As it a FTB pack.
  21. issue

    You included ZettaIndustries for 1.12. You included some Modname-Mod files, meaning you used crappy thirdparty sites. That chickenchunks one was especially painful to find. Why is your forge for 1.10? Also, dunno what you did to it, but you broke it as well.
  22. You'd best join the technic discord for this issue.
  23. The normal height is "at their feet". Grinders may work at head level as well. Just use the rule of thumb "does it touch the animal/mob?".
  24. You aren't really doing anything wrong, but could you try downloading your own modpack zip, and then try to open it? Seems to me that those zips are corrupt.
  25. Yes, yes, its obviously the error shown, and not the actual error above this that you managed to not add...