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  1. 1. Search for "Command Prompt" in the windows search bar. 2. Click on the result that says "Command Prompt 3. Type in java -version 4. Copy and paste(or screenshot) the entire output here.
  2. Skins servers for older Minecraft versions(everything before 1.7.10) were shutdown. Read https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/WEB-985?focusedCommentId=434694&page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel#comment-434694 for more information.
  3. Skins servers for older Minecraft versions were taken offline. You will no longer see custom skins unless you're running on newer versions of Minecraft
  4. For future reference. I own and maintain uskarian.net. The majority of the files and scripts hosted there are usually looked at and tested by other staff before they're used. I do provide alternative manual instructions for some things, but this isn't one of them. Also these are the full instructions: It seems you have Java settings that are being stored in your OS, which are interfering with the Technic launcher. 1.) Close the Technic launcher. Do not leave it running! 2.) Please download this file: http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat You can view the source of this batch script if here: https://paste.lemonmc.com/py1zdgdqj (Only need if you want to verify nothing is dangerous) 3.) Right Click on the file you just downloaded 4.) Click on Run as Administrator 5.) Make sure the script ran successfully 6.) Press any key to close the script 7.) Start the launcher again.
  5. Read the troubleshooting section: https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/979200-minecraft-skins
  6. I want to get Staxel as it looks decent(despite that I hate blocky games) from a farming standpoint (I'm a fan of Stardew Valley). Multiplayer is one of the big selling points for me. I just don't meet the minimum requirements to run it so the $20 price tag isn't worth it. I also do not like to buy Early Access titles especially since I don't particularly have any strong feelings toward Humble Bundle as a game publisher.
  7. Delete C:/Users/khalif mekki/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/config/MapWriter.cfg The config will regenerate on next startup. Mapwriter has issues with a lot of characters. Stick to using English characters when using it.
  8. Moved to Platform Pagoda. Also deleting other user's comments or your own comments? You currently can't delete your own messages. As for other users it should delete them, but it may be delayed quite a bit.
  9. The launcher keeps a file of what modpacks you currently have installed. This can get corrupted for a variety of reasons. From not having enough disk space to you force quitting the launcher. All the modpacks are still downloaded just not being listed. Easiest thing to do is just install all the modpacks again. The launcher will realize they're already installed and just add them to the list again. The alternative way is to give a screenshot of your modpacks folder by browsing to: Windows: %APPDATA%\.technic\modpacks Mac(tell me if not correct): ~/Library/Application Support/.technic/modpacks Linux (tell me if not correct): ~/.technic/modpacks in your file browser. Then upload the screenshot here and I'll give you a fixed file to replace the corrupted one.
  10. This isn't an issue with Tekkit Legends as you've modified it. Delete Optifine and your issue will go away.
  11. Uninstall the Evolve overlay or make sure it isn't running at all.
  12. Delete the file called runData in the bin folder of the modpack you're trying to run.
  13. Moved to Server Op Swap Shop as this isn't an issue related to Tekkit.
  14. As the output states that's not Java 8. That's Java 9. The Technic launcher, Forge, nor Minecraft supports Java 9. 1.) Up a terminal a terminal and enter these one at a time: $ sudo rm -fr /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-9.jdk/ $ sudo rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin $ sudo rm -fr /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefPane 2.) Install JDK 8 http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html 3.) Restart your computer.
  15. Open up a terminal and type: java -version Copy and paste the output here.