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  1. LINK: Modpack Trailer: Hello, Me and my friends just released High Seas modpack. It is a pirate modpack in which you battle with other factions, sail the seas, and explore our beautiful custom world! When you log in, the server is automatically in the multiplayer section. Info Forums: Discord Chat: Boats: If you are going to sail the seas, you will need a boat of course! At spawn, you won’t be able to build your ship, so you will need to use the vanilla boat that you can receive in /kit tools. Once you get to an island where you can build, you can build your first ship out of wood, wool, or anything else that can float. Just remember that there is a size limit to the boats that you make. Factions: We have a uniquely configured factions on High Seas, players can open chests and doors in claimed land, but explosions are not allowed. Raiding is permitted, but you wont be able to blow into an enemies base with TNT. Rules: Report all dupe glitches! Do not add any mods! Do not spam! Dont grief spawn! Bounties: Want a player dead? You can set a bounty on that player's head with /bounty. You pay money to set the bounty, and the player who kills the bountied person receives the money. Navy officials will commonly set bounties on notorious pirates. Do /bounties to see who to kill World Details: The world is unique and custom made by sevdeawesome and lankybob. The world is 85% water, with small islands, usually 100x100 blocks large, however, they vary in sizes. The world is 20000 by 20000 blocks, or 10000 blocks in each direction from spawn. The world border is a square. Navy: If you don’t want to be a loathsome swashbuckler, you can instead decide to join the navy. Besides being a protector of justice, there are other benefits to joining the navy. First off, the navy will provide you with supplies, food, and a safe base, as well as instantly being part of the biggest faction on the server. Joining the navy is easy as well. All you need to do is ask a navy officer to join, and as long as you don’t have a bounty on your head, you are free to join. Staff: You can apply for staff at! Staff members with access to commands like /fly, /gamemode 1 and /invsee are NOT allowed to play as players, these members CANNOT be in factions, they CANNOT raid, etc. Staff ranks include: Mod - can kick or mute players. Is obligated to help newbies out. Jr. Admin - these administrators can tempban and ban and have forum permissions. Admin -basically op You must have a microphone and discord to be staff! You should be at least 15 but it’s not necessarily a requirement.. You can download, and see the rest of the info: