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  1. Oh. Thank you! In fact, thanks to the both of you for your time. Edit: Still doesn't work with java 1.8.0-151 or 1.8.0-152 Edit 2: Works! Yay! Well... Let's just hope everything is ok by now so I won't have to add an Edit 3 where I announce my death.
  2. Oh. I found the mysterious reason: I changed the java version to 9.0.1 (64bit), because I had to give technic more RAM. However, changing it to that version of java doesn't let me start any modpack. But, why ç_ç If I select the 32bit version I can't give more than 1GB, which makes the game crash in the loading screen...
  3. I don't know, it just said something about the creative mode inventory. By the way, the pack doesn't work anymore. Wtf?? I think I'm giving up, because there's apparently no reason. I removed all the mods, and it still didn't start...
  4. Oh, well. My bad, there was an error with ItemPhysics so I just removed it. It was not even that hard to find. I guess this topic can be closed? Edit: doesn't work. Again.
  5. I will try and let you know if the situation changes, thank you!
  6. Here it is: I have no idea why it doesn't start, since I followed this guide: Please, I need support. This kind of things is frustrating...