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  1. Great Server i do have to say very active great community and staff best tekkit server ive found been a member of craftersland for awhile now i do have to say the staff is top notch haha xD get it top notch... anyway love the market makes it easy to get and buy what you need a bit of a learning curve for the mytown plug in but nothing google cant handle if you play and need help come find me IGN: Toddishere
  2. Great Galacticraft Server I have tried many but Craftersland is always the best No Lag, Quick Restarts, and the new server additions with the keys is great very active community and helpful community the market is great helps get those hard to get items and generally you can find a bit of everything and if not dosnt hurt to ask in chat 10/10 will keep playing for a long time thanks Brunyman for making Galacticraft fun come join the fun - IGN Toddishere