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  1. Do you see that new world up ahead? That should be New_Epoc....


  2. Added a new mining planet, added more to spawn and now we have added a global market! Vendors coming soon as well!
  3. Added OresPlus mod for 100% custom ore gen on all planets! We have separate mining planets, and just added a new Spawn!
  4. Added Lore page to website, a few more mod additions including Advanced Genetics and so much more! Frequent updates!
  5. Added and config's Matter Overdrive. Become an Android and automate all the things!
  6. Completed rank/user auth synchronization. Created basic mining world, loads of neat config changes and tech mods!
  7. Major updates! Server is lightning fast! Full integrated website, numerous plugins, and more tech mods than you will know what to do with.
  8. Updated to remove unwanted/needed mods for slower PC's! Other tweaks included. Server update is being pushed out this evening. Come play with us!
  9. Currently seeking staff.. please PM or inquire on the site at https://www.worldautomation.net
  10. Check out our new Mod pack on Technic: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/t0rched or visit our new fully integrated web site: https://www.t0rched.com. Come play with us!

  11. Over 4+ Years Online and in Development, New Mods, New Plugins! Click Here to Visit our Fully MC Integrated Site Custom Mod Pack and Server Community Our mod pack is designed, maintained and even hosted by our community. Constantly updated and perfectly tailored to players tastes. Latest releases of your favorite mods and Spigot/Bukkit plugins. We provide a unique mod pack experience that lets you choose what gets added, removed and even tweaked. Come join our community at https://www.worldautomation.net. We have a dedicated server waiting for you, filled with adventure! DEDICATED, FAST AND RELIABLE SMP Server: 16GB RAM / 16 CPU's / SSD / 1Gbps 200+ MODS / 30+ PLUGINS / PROTECTION / PVP / ECONOMY / LOOT CRATES / COMMUNITY DEVELOPED OPTIONAL QUESTS + DUNGEONS / MULTIPLE WORLDS >> Click Here for our Recent Launch Information! << >> Click Here for Detailed Patch Notes Information! << >> Click Here for the Mod List! << Technic Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/worldautomation >> Custom Launcher Available <<