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  1. IGN: Ultr4max Lots of people, good people, good staff, good stuff and lots of fun! ;D
  2. IGN: Ultr4max One of the best out there.
  3. IGN: Ultr4max I love this server!
  4. IGN: Ultr4max Nice community, great server and staff. Rarely laggy, tons of fun!
  5. IGN: Ultr4max Great server, very fast no lag! Keep up the good work Devco Team!
  6. IGN: Ultr4max Great and perfect servers, no lag! Nice Community!
  7. IGN: Ultr4max Awesome server!
  8. IGN: Ultr4max I've been playing on DeVco for a very long time and I've definitely enjoyed playing on this server. I always enjoy playing on this server I absolutely love it. And best Community ever!
  9. IGN: Ultr4max Super helpful and friendly community! Almost no lags! Best fu**ing one I've found!
  10. IGN: Ultr4maxBest fu**ing Server i ever played on! Its a "must play"!
  11. IGN: Ultr4max Great stable family friendly server!
  12. IGN: Ultr4max Really nice community and people are driven to make sure everyones gameplay is enjoyable
  13. IGN: Ultr4max Great Server! amazing staff and great people
  14. IGN: Ultr4max No lagg,great staff and community.
  15. IGN: Ultr4max Absolutely good stuff. Great developers, beautifully crafted plugins and scripts to keep griefers in check. Community is great, things are stable, very, very very very minuscule lag for modded servers. AND you can earn ranks and kits with playtime and voting! Don't have to pay real money! good stuff. 11/10 would recommend.