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  1. IGN: Ultr4max Best modded servers out there, Amazing! Also a great and very helpful Community!
  2. IGN: Ultr4max Lots of people, good people, good staff, good stuff and lots of fun! ;D
  3. IGN: Ultr4max One of the best out there.
  4. IGN: Ultr4max I love this server!
  5. IGN: Ultr4max Nice community, great server and staff. Rarely laggy, tons of fun!
  6. IGN: Ultr4max Great server, very fast no lag! Keep up the good work Devco Team!
  7. IGN: Ultr4max Great and perfect servers, no lag! Nice Community!
  8. IGN: Ultr4max Awesome server!
  9. IGN: Ultr4max I've been playing on DeVco for a very long time and I've definitely enjoyed playing on this server. I always enjoy playing on this server I absolutely love it. And best Community ever!
  10. IGN: Ultr4max Super helpful and friendly community! Almost no lags! Best fu**ing one I've found!
  11. IGN: Ultr4maxBest fu**ing Server i ever played on! Its a "must play"!
  12. IGN: Ultr4max Great stable family friendly server!
  13. IGN: Ultr4max Really nice community and people are driven to make sure everyones gameplay is enjoyable
  14. IGN: Ultr4max Great Server! amazing staff and great people
  15. IGN: Ultr4max No lagg,great staff and community.