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  1. Yay, Thanks it worked xD
  2. - Crash Report in the Mod Pack folder I attempted to play. Which log do you want?
  3. Recently I have installed the Technic launcher after having used it previously and had no issues with it. I have encountered no problems with the installing of mod packs however when it comes to clicking play the launcher closes down and re-opens. I have read many other threads talking about a similar issue and have tried following those. I read there has been an issue with Nvidia however I don't believe I'm running this (Not that I know what I'm talking about). I believe my graphics card is intel. however for some reason I have a folder in my programme files named "Nvidia Corporation". I'm not sure what to post to aid you with helping sort out my problem so further instructions would be helpful xD thanks. I have also recently updated java to allow me to allow more ram which is now on 3gb so I don't believe that would be the issue.