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  1. Ign: Caty_Gaming Age: 16 (I'm mature I swear) Why you should be accepted: I am a long-time player, for over 6 years, and I've had plenty of past experience in small communities and AotBT servers. I am prepared to be a nice, kind, and generally pretty good member of the society. I noticed you mention a spawn- I like making spawns. I have a realm I constantly reset to make spawns for. (Not that my 2 friends like that... heh heh heh) Strengths: Building (9/10), Design (8.5/10), Ideas (9/10), Following Instructions (9.5/10) Skype or way of contact: Skype, catyproductionsnate (Please put "6432" in the contact, as I get a lot of spam) Experience with mods 1-10: 7 (Not all mods, but ones I am I'm very well with) How active can you be?: As often as once a day, lots on the weekend. I have no social life, sooo....