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  1. Ok thanks for letting me know I'm not sure if the fix I found fixed it or if it fixed itself but it seems to have gone away for now. Thanks for the help and if this problem comes up again I will disable IP6 and see if that works anyways thanks for your time. And just to be 100 percent sure are you completely sure that the setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net in command prompt cant cause a ban or anything bad?
  2. Ok thanks so everything is all good?
  3. Idk why but it seemed to have gone away I haven't downloaded the link you posted yet but I think it fixed itself I'm so confused maybe the setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true in command prompt that a admin posted in a forum fixed it idk but if it all says offline again ill be sure to download that and give it a try. Also for typing things into command prompt and downloading the thing you told me to is it somehow possible to get banned for that? I'm pretty paranoid so I'm just making sure.
  4. So you think by clearing the data in all the files will fix the issue? Idk much about all this.
  5. What is this link supposed to do? Also I'm a bit sketched out to just click a download link from somebody.
  6. When I clicked the link it said page cant be reached what was it supposed to do?
  7. Whenever I download a pack every pack I have says its offline I'm able to fix it temporarily with this command prompt setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true that I found in a forum that a admin posted as a fix but I found out that it was for the older version please help me fix this permanently because everytime I download a mudpack I need to enter that to make all the packs online again.