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  1. Thanks for your reply Aether Pirate. I had seen this suggested once but I was confused because it said if you download and run this on a regular Windows computer that is not a server it could cause browser issues. I'll give it a shot but I hope it doesn't screw up my browser
  2. I know there have been quite a few posts about this, I am not trying to be redundant and have done my research. I have a pastebin of my login error below. Basically, I don't know Java and was wondering if anyone could tell from the error what possibly is going on why I cannot connect to the authservers.mojang when trying to log into the technic launcher. This seems to have occurred after the most recent Windows update, but I'm not sure if the two events are connected. Things I've tried: Reinstalling Java, restarting computer, deleting anti-virus program, disabling Windows firewall, running as admin, reinstalling technic launcher, DNS flush, logging in on Mojang and vanilla Minecraft, (which both work.) Heres my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/PW2wv5VC Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated as I host a server and cannot play with my regular crew. Thanks in advance guys, you're the best. PS. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit on a stable internet connection.